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In Memory Of Leila M. Mangiante 

We, the Class of 2000, dedicate this yearbook to the memory of 

Leila Mangiante. 

Leila had friends from many different places. She was a caring, loving, and 

thoughtful person. Her constant smile and cheerful personality touched many 

hearts. She left her mark wherever she went. 

Leila was, and always will be missed greatly. She will remain in our hearts and 

memories forever. 

I won't be afraid 

I'll be alright if you help me 

I know you're looking down from heaven 

And I won't let you down 

I'll be everything you taught me 

And all that I know is I'll wait 

Patiently to see you in heaven 

Sorry I never told you 

All I wanted to say 

Now it's too late to hold you 

'Cause you've flown away so far away 

Never had I imagined 

Living without your smile 

Feeling and knowing you hear me 

It keeps me alive 

And I know you're shining down on me from heaven 

Like so many friends I've lost along the way 

And I know eventually we'll be together 

One sweet day 

Darling I never showed you 

Assumed you'd always be there 

Took your presence for granted 

But I always cared 

And I miss the love we shared 

Although the sun will shine the same 

I'll always look to a brighter day 

Lord I know when I lay me down to sleep 

You will always listen as I pray 

Sorry I never told you 

All I wanted to say 

"One Sweet Day" Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men 

Washington D. C 






In August of 1999, We, The class of 2000 entered Wilmington High School for the first time. We 
met Mr. Patulea, our new principal, who promised to stick with us for our four years. After trying to 
enforce new ideas and rules on WHS, he left midyear and Mr. Woods was named our new principal. 
We elected Colleen Campbell; president, Megan Sullivan; vice president, Shannon Cunningham; secre- 
tary, and Jessica Garbarti; treasurer. We took part in the first ever spirit week, and proved ourselves to 
be quite a spirited and exciting class especially on our freshman "mismatched clothes day." In sports, 
we welcomed Coach Almeida to WHS as the new head football coach. The football team had an excel- 
lent year, but suffered a dissapointing loss to North Andover costing both the Cape Ann League title and 
a chance in theSuperbowl. Our hockey team won the league title for the second year in a row. Our 
girls' softball team won the league title. In the news, we cheered on the Patriots at the Superbowl, and 
mourned the death of 2Pac (is he really dead)? We ended the year on a fun note with our Freshman Fling 
on April 1 1th, 1997 in the school cafeteria. 

Sophomore year came with the election of new class officers Adam Mutchler; president, Stefanie 
Sordillo; vice president, Shannon Cunningham; secretary, and Jessica Garbarti; treasurer. Mr. Lucia 
was appointed our new vice principal, and came with the idea of the ever-so-popular "hallway pass- 
ports." We also admired the changes to the Wildcat Cafe a.k.a. the cafeteria. Blue awnings and paint- 
ings on the walls were added to give it more wildcat spirit! Our sophomore semi was held at the 
Wilmington Knights of Columbus in April, and was quite a success. In sports, the boys' soccer team 
dominated the Cape Ann League, and successfully played five games in the state tournament. We 
cheered on the field hockey team who won its league championship for the second year in a row, and 
cheered on the girls' volleyball team when they won the tri-championship. Also, the girls' softball team 
earned a consecutive league championship. In the news, we mourned the deaths of Princess Diana, 
Sonny Bono, Michael Kennedy, and Chris Farley. We also watched The United States in the Olympics 
at Nagano, where snowboarding made its debut. 

Junior year brought on great excitement and disappointment to our lives. After getting settled, we 
elected our new class officers who would also remain in office through senior year: Mark Rappoli; 
president, Jarrod MacKenzie; vice president, Shannon Cunningham; secretary, and Colleen Murphy, 
treasurer. We watched the building and naming of everybody's favorite snack stand "Munchie Mania." 
The football team had an exciting win over Tewksbury at the Thanksgiving Day game. Perhaps the 
greatest display of Wildcat pride and spirit occured at the Thanksgiving Day game when a crowd of 
students, parents, and teachers ran onto the field to sing the school song and congratulate the team. The 
Junior Prom was held at the Hill View Country Club in North Reading on May 7th, 1999. After enjoy- 
ing a buffet dinner, we danced the night away. John Timulty was named King, and Alexa Stone was 
named Queen. The court included Stefanie Sordillo, Mark Rappoli, Lauren Allaby, Eric Banda, 
Chrystie Ross, Adam Dipasquale, Colleen Murphy, and Paul DeGennaro. In the news, the Columbine 
High School shooting shocked and upset us. 

Senior year was the most exciting year of our high school career. The Strings worked very hard for a 
new sign for Wilmington High School that was revealed but unfortunately was destroyed by a group of 
unknown idiots. In sports, we cheered on our football team, which was co-champion of the Cape Ann 
League. The captains were Eric Banda, Russ Hubby, and Matt Minghella. We also congratulated our 
other sports teams who had outstanding seasons. Spirit Week was great, and led up to an even more 
exciting Homecoming Dance. Jim Rourke was named King, and Arlene Moscufo was named Queen. 
The court included Maura Lynch, Mark Rappoli, Lauren Allaby, Dan Keating, Chrystie Ross, Darren 
Arciero, Colleen Campbell, Eric Banda, Lindsay Bruno, Jeff Coughlin, Kara Langone, and Sean 
Quigley. We had a great time at the 2000 Day Party on February 4th. We also had a great time at the 
Senior Lock In held in the gym with lots of food and entertainment. Our senior Prom was held on May 
19th, 2000 at the Westin Hotel. Our high schoool careers ended with our graduation on June 4th, 2000. 

Lauren M. Allaby 

Activities: FH1-4 Chrldg2-4 SB 1. 2 Brd&Roses3 DECA4 Remember: Mom Dad Robin 
Renae Kyra Nolan Briantloveya) BFF: CC KL AM KH ML KO KH KL TF JC EB JH FL 
DT BM AC BK JO SQ class of 00. LEO Jcprlys Mo's99 JuniorProm-smknLiz-BiH's the 
markislar whlbrrlw/KL Tina'sfroshyr seniorprom98 chrldg RH MR pwdrpff99 7/4/97 
lechies Frank-dentist BigSlam jzoliw/CC smkngroovesw/girls Yee Acprtys MT English w I 
toolandJA-kristonathauren reebandbums cookies-AM DD BT Jimsprtys JP prkglotw/ 
ML BT hmcmng 1-4 Jodisprtys pla/aprkglot97 stdyngatmy house/JCCCDJ (hahahai 
Josprtys Forget: Mo'sbed-sorry! Liars threats97 2faccdpeople deceit 10/99 10/13/98 

Rebecca Allen 

Becca, Bee 

remember: all dances. prom99, drama, Colorguard. band, camp. MASH. Fresh. yr. hooo! 
Inside jokes, strings, Italy98, England96. 9-3-989-22-99. Maine99. summer97. Disney96. 
D.C.99. The Dave Concert, Barenaked Ladies. KissConcert 19, H.P.S . 
ForeignLanguageClub, US History "Hello?!", Mommyjones, BrownieBites, Chris, 
Pennies, Jenlaflor. Dick, Joanne. Shannon, Lex. Lecsh. Justin. Scott. Collie-Cue, Vicks. 
Rie-Sweets. Dusty. MOM. DAD, SARAH. I LOVE YOU. Forget: Sat. Morns , 
EarthScience. Soph & Jr yr. Summer98, Math. USHistory "Hello?!" 20 pg papers, bad 
memories & broken hearts 

Jennifer Anderson 

Remember: Greg. Chnssy, Jon. Bee, Mel. Chris, Brad, Dave, KN, LB, MC. AC. JC, CH. 
EV, JS. MR, JJ. AD, MP, EG. DL, video store boy. Bill the human canvas. Radiohead. 
DMB. Page/Plant, Ouster, pulsating crowd at MxPx, Blink, Silverehair, Acoustic cafes, 
singing @BC99, Washington DC. Summers of 98 and '99 w/LB. GCR. CC, TS, SG, 
SC, MS, A I .. KL TB, VF. SS. LI, JM. ZP, Jr. Prom '98, Sr. Prom '99, Homecoming '99. 
Ames. Bicks, Wakefield Lake, tattoos. Jon's moment of glory. Strawberry Shortcake, car 
vandals, UNH, Harvard Square and the man singing outside of Bertuccis. Boston. Wild 
Horses, and Bobby McGee. Forget: Fall Sal morns, CO uniforms. SC. EG, fights. Woburn 
while trash. All nighters and 1 1/23/99. uo,e: "Don't you know when you're loving 
anybody babe, you're taking a gamble on a little sorrow, but then who cares baby cause 
we may not be here tomorrow." -Janis 

Danielle E. Bailot 

Bayo, Mufasa 

Remember: Mom Dad Jim Amy Julie Hembree Kris Barb Kim Pai Laura Katie 
ChrystieLayna Noy Dave Berry Grover Jamie Jack AL KK CG MO AC JK Beach Crew 
Lucas crew 1989 NKOTB Rocky IV KC/Do/a parties New Years 99 shl in the dark 
Earring DAB SAB Clam Box Green Squall Michaels Gadget arm Laurais rap Swimmin 
in Mikes The Bucket I ■"unkvtown Wrong way down High St. Homecoming Queen 
FkinFreezing man Mario Kuc Longo Hey how u doing? 1WPD 99Vhall KS JC NS LB 
Ski lion 90210 parties Tues party Dam bag British accent RRI Skyhauk Canobie traffic 
AeTdsmith DMBFIying shoes Hey Mickey! Football IS L0ccis& w/cop Firedrill parly @ 
Lowell Videocassette BBC TRex Wlk to Osco Skunk @MB PPPrincess ketchup Harriet 
hit thedog Like a Prayer Hembrees tileburn Julies reunion/banana Toystory Hats 
Boutwell talks w/JT Nintendo JU Ya Don't gotta go home Forgets 7/2/96 4/23/97 

Eric Banda 

"Pauls" "Baby Bull" "Maverick" 

Remember: Family. Kepe, Junior. Rat, Quigs, Dirt. G-Funk. Papa Burg. Rizourke, 
Rappoli. Arciero, Pic. Mingy. Hubby. Mallon. Jep. Sid. Dre. French, Howie, German. 
Bigkat, MG. JC. Cat. All the girls. Kepe's Benders, Tewks Brawl, Hard Knock, Tewks 
'98, Masco-98, TopGun. Dilarious. Canada, G-Fox. Moondog, Chip. All memories with 
Cat, Vegas. 50 yrd line. Jeps house. Fart Game. Fling. Bronco at the West, Camp D— K, 
1 st Blaze with J.C.&C.T. Tempo 4/24/97 "He's thick, he's got big paws" Forgets: Liars, 
fights, breakup, college chumps, 10/23/99 one point from Super Bowl. Ball in my hands 
on 4th and 3 

Katie K. Beaudin 

Beau Beau 

To all my friends, I'll never forget you-MR LM KP EG KS JT LD AK JG JL CM DL KK 
JR MP MW SL ND JS and the tech boys JT EM MO DM KM DC MC & EG again. MR- 
I' 11 never forget our SCW record, leaving school to go shopping, JT's ticket, cheering 
soph. yr. And Amesbury. MR thanks for always being a great friend. LM and KP- 
remember our Hampton House party-camping & Chris hitting a deer- Tech SR.Prom- 
KP's obsession with JG-our party nights with our boys, we've had a great summer. LM 
and KP-FF. And Mom & Dad-thanks for everything you've done for me throughout the 
yrs, I love you. Erik Gray, I'll always love you and hope to always be with you. you've 
been a great boyfriend and best friend, I'll love you always. CM, you're a good friend- 
never change. 

Laura K. Bradbury 

Gregg Brewer 

Thank you Mom Richard Jon Sheila Remember CB MCP MC J A AK Chew Chew Gnaw 
Gnaw Forever young Chomp She gets around Hair Sweep Cootie The velocity of my fist 
Reach out and touch someone LD/JP Ayudarme That dress does nothing for you (MCP) 
10/30/98 Bermuda 2000 You Wish 

Never Forget: CT. EC. DL. BM, BG. .IS, CC, EV. GM. JT. JF. PD. The Pen is Mightier. 
S-Words. WWF Section 316, WWF Raw 12/6/99, Getting lost in AIMon. Gelling Lost 
in Mansfield. Summer of '99. Trip to PA. Lasi weekend of summer 8/27-8/29, Home- 
coming 99, 7/12/99. 5/1/99. Fishing Trip 98. The Missed Song. 9 How Phone Convos. 
Parking Lot Com os. Baz CJ- 1 Class, Cassandra-5/31/99, BNL Concert, Playing Baseball 
in the Dark Room. The Lake. Sals Pi //a Runs. WWF Trips. Goo Goo Dolls. Beach Boss. 
Glow Bowling, Mini-golf, 5/29/99 Molting Hill. 5/31/03. God Musi Have Spent. 

Christine Brown 

Chrissy, Brownie 

REMEMBER: Mom, Dad. Linds. Chris-Love ya. Jen, Bee, Mel. Mac. LB, JC, MF, RS, 
AS, JP, MD. 5-30-98, 9-3-98, 10-30-98. 3-14-99, 6-5-99, 9-22-99, 1 1-25-99, BB, BC, 
Car Rides w/Jen&Jon, ChewChewGnawGnaw, Chomp. Dance. FirstAid-tree, Gum, Hair 
Sweep. Ice. Libertine, MD, MmmHmm. MommyJones. OlherHalf. Owl. Penelopee, 
Pinky. Rifle&Cyber, Smarties, SmellyMan. Snowboarding, Sparkle. Springfield. Veloc- 
ity. Washington DC, KTBPA. FORGET: Cruella. 10-22-99. Fights, 2-19-99, "friends" 
with big mouths 

Lindsay Bruno 

Bruisa, Slow 

Remember: Mom, Mafia, PaulKristen & Eggs. ArleneJimDarrenMarkMickey. all my 
friends. Activities: Soccer Bball Track Memories: ThurNPhonecall Who Took the 
Money? Key. PM, BB, Wake-up-call, mailbox, soc sleeps, moaning, 1 7, JC House, ffling, 
HP, EC, $30, Mike C. Valenti. D tree JEANS DAY, ET, ants, Spanvideo, circles, veinte, 
Deli-barb, eggs. JR's Fire. Kendel SC, Slake. 60 sec. shorts w/AM, BBC, I knew it! 
Sept.4, redsp. pennies. Where's MC? Soccer JrYr, tp boys. 18:shoot it! Mathe's H, 6-4- 
99, Rec, sloth, trackslack: Deige& Matt Forget: NYE 97, psychos, Clancy's H. sneaking 
out, Mr. Cripps, track, JG, injuries, NR & Masco SrYr, prom 99, basketball shorts, fake 
friends. My answer to life : "whatever" 

Erica Bukowski 

To: all of my friends. Remember: Quebec '99- More info than I needed to know! Co-leen 
& Maya, sweet breath, "Jerry" Spice, Notebooks 1 & 2, chemistry and AP Bio. the 
Simpson Trial dragons, Maya's science projects. "Kim, where's the other box'.' Oops!" 
Reeses help you cheat!, "It's like Christmas morning'" "It's N!" "You rock!" "It's all 
about the band." "Sucre, sucre. Oh, miel, meil!" "Don't ask!" "I don't want to know." 
"Fuzzy, is that a technical term'" "Superior species? I think now 1 ' Smile!, and all of the 
other inside jokes. Remember all of the fun things we've done, there've been lots of 

Dawn Burke 

D or Baby for some 

These last four years have been rough. I've made and lost many friends and I have grown 
into someone different. I've had a few hardships over the last four years, the soplicated 
pattella in my knee, the medal plates in my ankle and all my back trouble I spent more 
time out of school than in and some teachers worked with me and other didn't even give 
me a chance. I hope just because we're graduating friends don't lose contact 1 hope lo 
remain close to all my old and new friends. It's been a long four years, but it's been worth 
it. All the hard work has made me into a person who I can 
appreciate and I realize life has just started. -D~ 


Melody Cabral-Pini 


Remember; Mom, Dad, Lani, JA, CB, LB, CC, JC, JC, MC, VC, MD, MF, VG, AK, KK, 

DL, AM, DN, AS, Backbender 1 0-2-98 Urban Legends 1 0-30-98 4- 1 -99 9-22-99 Behind 
The Shed (JC) Otherhalf Garage Incident Hitting Poles CHOMP M2 Dedications (JC) 
Picking Up Hot Guys In The AudgeMobile (VC) Harvard Men (VC) Harvard Men (VC) 
3EB Limo Driver (KK) Libertine Forever Young (CB, LB) Hair Sweep Chew Chew 
Gnaw Gnaw Tweezers Jr. Prom Pinky Sparkle Penelopee Snowboarding and the First Aid 
Guy Bus Talks Homecoming '99 Powder Puff '99 She Gets Around Springfield 44 
Smelly Man MmmHmm Scooby PUFF BALL Seanz Ayudarme Forget: ABCruellaThe 
Semi and RR To All The Fake People-Y/S 

Meghan Cahill 

Be yourself. Because the only people who are worth being friends with are the people 
who like you as you are. 

Adam Campbell 

"So, Are we having fun yet?" "Una Pasticheria?""Real Orchestras don't have guilars.""You 
expect me to remember what 1 did for the past four years? I barely remember what I did 
yesterday! Must have been fun though!""60's day? Yeah 1760's"Important questions. 
"Adam, which way lo the bus?""Ring, Ring Do you have extra copy of The Water is 
Wide?. ""Are you impressed?"GiiTs track team. Remember those that can't do MAN- 
AGE! Pep talk for runners "Run, Run Fast, Have Fun. "Indiana Clipboard, chocolate 
lollipops. The Best Things in Life Have Strings Attached. McDonalds in Italy? The Bass 
Line. Little Boxes, wooden turtles. "A rose is a rose, unless you carve it out of pine""And 
you thought 1 was kidding about 10/31" A.P History? you gotta be kiddin'. "The plane. 
The plane" That was a brief four years, and the best is siil! to come. 

Colleen Campbell 


Remember- Dad in my heart forver Mom Thanks for everything Jamie Andrew Gerald 
Nancy Shayna Jocelyn Kelly Jacklyn and the Fam BFF KO KH LA ML AM KKL CT LF 
RS ML TF KH Iain for the good memories JC DT BK EB AC BM JO SQ MT JP FL JA 
New Years FroshFling Semi w/IE FOF@TFS skippm school SJ w/RS AC JC RC l.R 
Parties Mems q/LouCrew Techie Sleepover crew w/KO+ML JC's cottage u/KO+ML 
Mem W/DAD Prom98w/IE Prom99w/MS + Latenight Homecomings 99RT we got them 
ML sessions after Chase by cops w/ML+ KO Ms/KH w/E Rouxs Airport Peed JH cottage 
w/ML+KH many nights not getting caught Sneaking out Sinking w/The captain Frosh yr 
w/DT Reeb Late night w/KH Saying- Girls just want to have fun Forgets: 5/8/96 Rumors 
Cheaters 10/4/98 Liars Wasted Tears Stupid Mistakes Freshman Fool Jealous girls 


Jill Cauldwell 

Remember: Mom. Dad, Paul. Stiner. Sambo. Alicia. Poopy. Sarah, Muff, Kue, Jackaroo. 
( ouri. Chiz, Sul. Jen. KT. LM. MT, AM. DK. MO. KO. JG. Quitters Club, Burp. Strppr. 
Sal Night. Triple-shotter, campouts, trips to Hampton, 3rd & 4th July. Jr.Prom. Sixth 
Sense. Marshmellow. Chisholms, speaking the truth. Christina panlsing Marty. Rage, the 
Bump. Depas fires, Parties in Woods. Leaving Muff at DM, zip it. Flippin at Sam. 
Krazyanskys. Homecoming 99, Fr. Softball Live Situations, Hieves. Wood w/JI, Flash- 
light tag. Dead Bals. Mumbling. Pew. Pew, tanin at Muffs. Oprah, coastin in Beagle. 
Getting caught at Stuarts, stickin Chi/ head in the fish lank, following BK, Drivin around. 
North. Dunkins. 90 parlies. Pubes. Senarians Forget: Water Country 99. Noihing to do. 
Vball camp, slamin Alicias finger. Fights, M/M Thanks: Mom, Dad, Paul, and all my 
friends for always being there. 

Kelly Cavanaugh 


cheering, volleyball, mom. Billy. Joe, Kev, Auntie, Col, Lynch. Allaby. Scoof, Holloway, 
Hickey. Kristie, Kara, O'Toole. Tina. Robbie #16 luv yaall WEI, SSSlutlering, powderpuff 
and coaches. '00 boys, Coughlin's parties. Lou's parties. Airport, pattywagon. Roux's. 
Depas Fires, Renee's Parties. Sophomore year w/the crew. Freshman Fling, Semi, 
Homecoming '99. JC fam. Nina, N.R.Boys. RGQX4. Kimmi. Techies. RT, IAIN Ik 
DM. BC. DO Chisholm's. foolhall games, cheering team. CAL #1. Frosh '99 Thanks- 
giving '98, Weekends w/CC & KO. Homecoming weekend '99. RRTD, Senior Prom, JC 
thanks for memories, Holloway's w/ML. LA. the Jeep, the Cape, Vermont, Aldrich class 
w/Mr. STTUB, Have you ever. Hick? Forgets: lies, mistakes, cheats, putting up w/BS. 
fights. KH-Tewks. jealous girls. Demoulas, gossip 

Christopher Censullo 

"Chris ", " Puertoeuropian " 

Remember: 3-14-99, Mom, Nate. Chrissy. Richie. Becca. Larry. Jim. Dan, Jen. Jon, B. 
Puttie. Thanksgiving break. G.T.I, Ice. smarlies, gum. Smuggs. Spain, unfinished 
m.H Ks-Chnssy. Family values at I 15, Washington '99, Band, Junior Prom, Cops with 
Larry. Jim. Blake, and Eric Taco Bell afterwards, (hussy's kitchen-Richie oh my god. 
4x4-CJ. K2, BsB wannabe. Forget: Wilmington and alius uncool kids ! ! ! ! Redsox games. 
Homecoming '99, 11-21-99, fights with Chrissy. grades. I love ya Chica. Thanks 
Mom. you are appreciated. 

Kathryn Elizabeth Chalmers 


Remember trip to Montreal 96, ti ip to France 97. and trip to Quebec98. Hard Rock Cafe 
Paris 1 Homecoming 9S. Senior Prom 99. with my sweetie pie.Joe! Cathy and Mike, my 
besi friends forever Kelly and Dawn. |usi like sisters to me. Beach with Nick C. in 98. 
Laser tag with the guys. Playing pool with Nick and Joe. Hot, white sports cars. Trips to 
the mall. Dancing in the snow. Laser show on Beth' s birthday. Art classes in Boston. Half 
da) s of school w ith Joe. March 10. 1 999 Walks to Market Basket in the rain. Cruising with 
the radio blasting Good puppy! AOL all day. Dean rules forever! Renting videos with 
friends. Caffeine and Chocolate in Paris all night. Valentine' s Day in Paris with Richie 
Gym class with Chris Cino. Jen' s greal \ oice. Chorus 99 Michael Jackson' s Billy Jean. 
Track 96. Nick S; watch out for shot putters' Kiwi lip-gloss Miss you all. Meow Smile 
for me. 


Kathryn Chisholm 

Andrea Cochran 

Rem: Family-Mom Dad Sieve Ken Scott Jill Friends: CG MH AC JI LM CD SP JC KK 
AL MS SJ KH KG CR LH JS JM MR DM AY DT Brendan/Everyone else Field hockey 
team The prayer Powderpuff Proms Dances The bender Hafners Bills Cauldwells 
McCarthy gatherings Coughlins cottage/drive home w/MR Voyager trips Mazda Teddy 
Bear Hampton memorial day Smkn Grooves Riverside w/Skip "Dave" Amesbury Masks 
Bladers Wendys Swirl "Hello there Gilligans island" The malibu Mentos Kitty 3+2=6 
Sat. nights w/Muff Almost A's Broken wipers "Paybacks a btch. A—" The burp "Came 
in @3:30 last night" Voyager campoul w/SJ and DT Depas Cleanup crew Free wood SYB 
Pulled over @2am Moonies Jills campout Blue noon Fishhead Dodo Thag and Nug songs 
Roily farts 1 1/27/99 Forget: AC, Pointless north nights Two faced people Stupid fights 
The Bender Cops Hysterics Woods Butch Boys who weren't worth the time or effort. WE 
MADE IT!! 00 

Remember- The Sped teachers and good luck to them. Missy M. Kristen H, Laura. Dawn 
B, Kelly J, Derek T. Josh H, John C, Kelly C. the preschool, pep rallys, my desk, the 
cubby. Activities- bread and rose, chorus, preschool, nurs add, vollyball. My likes: 
talking in the hall way with my friends. My favorite period of the day was lunch. Blowing 
off the day with the sped cooking. My dislike- was that school started at 7: 15.1 had a 
friend in school that I felt so bad for her because everything went wrong that could have 
gone wrong like car accident, fire to her room, boy friend problems. 

Jennifer Collier 

"Jennie " 

Thanks to Mom Dad and everyone AM SS IT VC HC DL SL MCP KK ER JG AS JP SC 
and everyone who's been there these past four years"Whal a long, strange trip it's 
been"~JG I love you all. ARNF: big al and steffie and bad habits, pmp & hmpmobiles, 
Crazy Dave and Yabba, Lazy Eyed SD, Jun and Sen Proms 99, the geo. DMB(5th row. 
"say goodbye")5/6 7/31 5/30 5/31 dancing to Santana Creed 3EB BNL PMBdst row, 
meeting the band). M2, behind the shed, radio dedications, BB, trips with the farmers, 9/ 
28/97 (you'll always be my best friend), "job shadow" w/ SS, bday cakes@closing lime, 
the history book, cobday party99. scary cast party, coffee runs. JC's parking space, being 
pulled over with HC, accessory to stalking, punishing daisy, popping tires on Tday. Bert's 
in the Benz, slacking in gym w/JP all my fanners. Hemp Leaf, smoke detector, weekly 
bdaysat Friday's, stars "So on and on I go. Seconds tick the time out. There's so much left 
to know. And I'm on the road to find out." -CS 

Eric E. Collins 

"Mad Dog", "Fatty" 

1 guess that's it, no more high school. Thanks to all the students and teachers for making 
these last four years as enjoyable as they could have been, a lot of memories have come 
out of the last four years, "that's joke joke", halftime incident. Family Values, "Get on 
the line". Pep rallies (good ones). Collins Fam (Mom, Dad. Malt. Brittany, S.immcr). 
Brian. Dave. Jim, Blake. Gregg. Elia. Thresh, Adam, Maroney, Burleson. Blanca. Dan 
Fur.. A. P. P.E.. J Parker. Alicia K , French 4. Nicole. Slop and Shop. The Simpsons. 
Victory shall be mine. Eh. come here you. I donit know, the present now will later be pasl , 
Are You Experienced? GOOD LUCK TO EVERYBODY 


Jamie Colton 

Sally Hanson 

Nick I luv u! Karen Jess Sarah Michelle Alicia John-you guys are the best! Remember: 
Pow- Wows on Sal night Tent parties Jr prom STOP P-T-N- The list rules Laughing=Crying 
Apply juice Incoming! 1-800-I-WANT-YOU unperro 'Fight scene Halloween98 Caring 
is sharing Chunkys Sarah-Bite your thumb FUSAH Lady red finger Jess-Don't forget 
your boys Sink Whatever Eric I'm pure Karen-Chicken dance Cotton eyed Joe Trays 
Witness Protection Program Powder-puff Original Simards Crew Alicia- We have our 
own book Homecoming96 007 John-Blue babies M&M's Ice queen Tastes like butter 
Michel le-Amesbury Sports Park Lazer tag Mama z Nick- 1 1/2/98 Mohawk trail 50yd line 
1 2/12/98 July 4th 99 Matt- You'll always be my couch boy 10/14/96 Linda Rich kicked 
the pumpkin Stooky Nuti Dori Itos& Butthead-Never stare & always beware Beware of 
the Bird! Everyone else just remember the good times & EAT EM UP! YUM!!! 

Jennifer Conners 

Angel Sativa 

I finally made it, stuggling the whole way through and only poetry can express how I've 
felt through the years; Twisted perception due to my undying obsession Building 
confusion from my distilled Illusions My Mind is clincking as the clock are ticking Tic 
tic tic as time drifts by and Children fly Tomorrow lies decades away as my gentle soul 
decays Hence all will be well come graduation day. I'll never forget Dilmore. Scanlon. 
Symonds, Durso. Barry. Mary or Beth. I'll never forget spending most of my time in the 
office. Grillo in ISS. Crackers from Norma, Smoke filled Bathrooms, fights with Barry, 
TAP ventures, pan handling at lunch. The Morning Turn around trips, and never 
admitting I LOVE THIS SCHOOL! I'll miss everyone and everything. Yes even the Preps 
but mostly the rebels, so good-bye everyone I'm moving on ! 

Jonathan Contrada 


Justin Robert Corrigan 

Vermin Supreme. Tony. Evan. Ryland. SkSting. Maximus.cutingmy hair, river rave '95, 
snack cakes, RATM. ugly, Paul&Karen, salvation is futile, Birm, Whats ODD'ohmvg 
they sing this'.' ev-er-clear, bubble girls.Q. Potato Balls, Drivers ed. Blink, "help with 
chem," Stelios, '86 celica, Brigantine. Chesty Mcgraw. NROP. Lil Peach, red purchase. 
Hampton. Limp Bi/, Riverside, Negative Feedback. The Waterboy. oh wait I missed, 
Nashoba. Bradford, Forum. Warped tour '98, Old Orchard beach. RPM. Dave, Kevin. 
Gian, and my bro Pat. ski club. MxPx. Jen&Jon,wild horses. Acoustic CafE. Washington. 
Guitar Center. Quinni. my 15 min. Mptf Mptf!! Give a shout out to Eric Meghan Munch 
Nick Chrissay Gordy Becca Chris Kristen Lisa Moreno Mike John Joe Tom Alison 
Roman Dave and my boy Matt. Thanks 

Always remember: November 19, 1996. Me and Alicia. Concerts, Football Games. 
Disney World. St. Pat's Day parade in DC. gold madam?, oompa loompas. Band Camp, 
Pops Concerts, watch out for those prabbits (or ruppys), ski trips. 7 years in Jazz Band. 
Family Values!, whip it out. BEDPOST 1 !, beast and ogre and such, many other RAN- 
DOM things. Backstreet Boys (ouch), and my great friends, schmutz 


Nicole Costa 


Jeffery Coughlin 

Kepe Nah Nah 

I dedicate my graduation to my Mom, Doug, Nana, and especially to my Dad. Mom. who 
is always there for me when I need her with her love and support. Doug, my best friend 
and my brother, who has always believed in me and told me that I can do anything I try 
to do. Nana, for her kindness and caring. Special love for my Dad, who I know is 
watching over me and is so proud of me. 

Remember: Dad Mom Jon & Eli Banda Torpey Junior Burga Rat Quigs G Pic Justice & 
FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP Jepsons House after Ipswich Clipboards Shaving Ev- 
erything Stories Foreheads 50 yd In (all the other fun things during football) Freshman 
Benders at My Crip Juniors Pirats Parties at Cottages Camp Junior Prom Parties 30-Racks 
Collecting Empties Diddle Time Rafting w/Chip Moondiggity Bull Horn Gregory Foxx 
SMCAIBTSOOY Ski Trips Running/Owning My Own Business Sessions Freshman 
Girls My First Time Everytime Driving Around Chillin Rollin Buzzin Strip 21 Brawl In 
T-bury KO Branley Being Real Sneaking Out To See Younger Girls Colorado Friendly 
to a Neighbor All the Pretty Girls (there is too many to mention) Forget: Pentucket 

Aimee Coutu 

Mamey, Poopy 

Remember: Family; BFF Muff Katie Sam Stine Parsh Lupe Alicia Kuc Jack Lau Sully 
Ann KT AW Rory BH Rightous JS JM MR Mickey MJ Allstar LM Muscles Fuji LH .IT 
RH GG ER MC KH; SCS2K, Big A's, FACLUB, 7/3/99, The Burp, FL/CC w/Miff. 
campout, strppr, MALIBU, Depas. MC, SMKNBUTSRM, Voyager. Mentos, BBC w/ 
OBFAM, The Bump, Dunkins, ALLSTAR CHGGR, swims, worst enemy, DON FIRE, 
dances, rileyballs. 3:00 van. QUITTERS CLUB. Softball, allergic reaction, clowns, THE 
USUAL, Uncle Tim?, eggs, SHE LOCKED ME OUT. nips/brownies, CC w/Stine. pew- 
pew, sensational, men in boxers, SPRAY ME! Forget: soph yr. semi, perfect girl. CUTS, 
being late, boring nights. Jill puking 

Alicia Ryan Cranford 

Nov. 19. 1996. Justin and me. Alexa Stone. CM BA CB JA CC SN JC RS JM. Camp was 
great! Luv U. Diving for Oompaloompas. Gold Madame. Everything wc do begin-, with 
you Cabin 9 Rub. HooHoooohHoo. I / 2 point. Jen are u ok? Joshua Kd Pete, my dancing 
inch worm. Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls. Carry on. Disney Washington Drowned 
Rat. Crutches. Pony! Appendixes. Don't throw potatoes Gome/ Seniorlable. Gruggles, 
The Song That Doesn't End Crunchy Pillowcase Underwear. HeSheSheHe Rodeo Bo) 
Nair Legs. Sucre oh miel miel! Bryan's Undies. My friends VG so European MD older 
men MP Bee AS Zebra EB Kindergarten to Senior Year. My forgets are parades and 
reveille. More good stuff Quebec France. Shopping. Thank you my friends for being 
there. Lex 1 luv u, always be my best friend Justin you made my high school career 
complete I will love you always Schumtz! Your Baby. 


Shannon J. Cunningham 

Shan, Shannie, Shananigans 

VII mj friends-1 love you guys. Special thank* to Nowak. Aldrich. Joyce. Peters. Beckw uli 
Remember: Homecomrag99 hike it up baby-Marie. Studying for finak06/99. I have a 
tingly feeling in my arm-Kim. Where's Uconn?. Chicos vamos a nuestro cuarto-Becca. 
Spain99passed out on the plane. Cheinfieldtrip. La Juez Diana. DMB05/99oh god fat 
drunk ladies-Vie+Becca, Tennis. gymwalks99gossip, 777 trigfunctions find the origin. 
notes last day WC Silver Lake at midnight-Di. FroshEnglish creation. Juniorproni 
HotGuy. Another *** prob-Kim. Concentracion+LaTarea. Where's the kitty?, 
("leavagegirl/Bahsonboy-Maya, APF.nglish. DECA98+99, lolhbdayparty thanks guys 
(Karen 1 ), ya score, ya strut-Maya Forget: rumors, fall sophyear. "The strongest man in 
the world is he who stands most alone." Henrik Ibsen. We finally made it guvs, I'll miss 
you all. Don't lose touch. 

Valerie K. Cwiekowski 

Val-Val, Valerino, Gimpy 

Thanks to all my friends: *And if nothing can be done We'll make the best of what's 
around* You guys are the greatest ARNF: 1 1.5 years. A+P class -Mr. Fardy. Mayflower. 
TGIFriday's. Meshing, "Harvard'' men. pi//a fire, picking up men in the Audgemobile. 
Jr. Prom '99-Do a little what'.'!?. Nature's Classroom, psych magic#-22, Kreymistery. 
talks w/Meldog, PEACE. Bobs with AM, NHS. SADD. TT. surprise bday parties, 
calculus "clean-up" with Miss Peters, Canobie Lake Trips. 3699-"I think I dreamed you 
into life" The Vibes: Pat McGee Band- 10/7/44. Front Row and hug from Pat, Jonathan's 
sellist: DMB-Hartford 98 (sg 1st time); DMB 5-29+30-99-7m Row; Santana; 3eh(oh 
what a night). Mb20-have 5 but can do it in 3; Kiss Concerts Forget: hypocrites, right 
ankle, hospital visits. 4 surgeries "And maybe I'm Crazy, but laughing out loud makes the 
pain pass by '-DMB Words to live by: "Our lives are better left to chance, I could have 
missed the pain. But I'd of had to miss the dance" "Waiting for the time when I can finally 
say That this has all been wonderful. But now I'm on my way." 

Layna Dakin 

( hrv -tie Barb Katie Bailot PM LW LG AM KM JS LM AM BG KK LB MO GRIMACE; 
kids place. Do/a parlys Kcpartys. Town Tour, BroadSquad & the ReckingCrew. White 
Water Rafting. Colorado bungle's BBC 2000 Puff concert. CapeCod & Riek "no. but I 
have i kul kat "90210, Barbin February. Bernies, Silverl.ake. MC=where>. the yule log 1 
Bonnie! SNUFFY MARY-SUE AND THE BEATER forget; TB Viper. Homecoming 98. 

Marie Davis 

Rie, Bunnie 

"I'm. so great, I'm jealous of myself Remembers: Hampton, straps. J. A. P. fencing 
losers, the break room, football, Eric Banda Captain of the Football Team #44. BSB. 
Madonna, popping out, 6th period study-iced tea, Quebec. Montreal. Harleys. Bunnie. 
Jake, the probes, the stone, Mackie-the good times, my flowers, leather, Senior prom, 
breaking down, emergency break. zzlez.Jen, Bees. Mel. Maya, Chrissy, Chris, AI, Diana, 
Val, Richie. Lauren, and Vic. Arthur's class, the phase. Anatomy. Mario, the stainer, 
Cody, Max, Tommy, Mom-I love you, Lauren H, Petra, Thank-yous: DAG, my friends. 
Auntie. Scott, and everyone that helped me. you rock. And. the foolish fool all all fools, 
my daddy. Forgets: Christmas '90, fights, freshman, power struggles, not bein me. 
conformity. Brian, no freedom. Regrets: turning down Eric, never admitting my love to 
him. He wanted me. Future Plans: own a Harley. bike week-everywhere, every year, 
wear leather, and be happy. 


Martin DeAngelo 

G, G-money 

RemembenMy fam.friends&my girl Jenessa luv ya. Frank. Jeff. Kyle. Pierre, Hansen. 
Bill. Eric, Dan. Kane. Mac. Clancy. Mikey, Mallon. Marty, Marlene.Quigs, Darren, etc. 
All the girls Lauren. Arlene. Maura. Kara, Kristie. Katie. Colleen. Parties. Bills. Jeffs. 
Johns. MineTHE DANKS Rage&Wu, Smkn Grooves. Puff Daddy Fatty. New Years98. 
FrFling97. Homecoming98&9 All the crazy times in Andover, Macs. Kyles. 
Birms(room)Floyd laser show, up in Jenessas toft. All night getting caught. NLG. The 
couches. Burgs room! iron lung) RAH RAH RAH. Rats dad taking him home at 2AM 
from my house, Regal in front of Kyles 3AM. Gas hookup. Snakies. Swindles by 
MACswindle&everyone else"Everytime I roll w/the burg!" Dro. Widow. Pi/zans. For- 
get: FrFling98&99. B-ball, WPD niteshift. Chip interupting me.Jr.&Kristie.Fights w/ 
Jenessa but I remember all the good times. Jill Ms.SunriseFrYr.Jill Cs. Breaking down in 
Danvers, Hansen. My closing words FYMIFear of a Black Hat 

Nicole DeBlois 

Katie, Evan, Jason T, Adam, Jason L, Donna. Chris. Heather, Slephani. Michelle, Allison 
we'll Always Love you 1 1-1-99 R.I. P. Jeff S, Jay B. Sarah. Dauns. Homecoming 97-99. 
Hanging with the guys this summer at my house. 1 2-30-98 Rob I Love You! K.W. 
Football Cheerleading 98-99. Basketball 97. Cheering. And Basketball cheering 99. 
Hope to beat N.R. and Tech. Beating Tewksbury Jr. year, that was great. Jr. Prom Both 
Tech and WHS, Adam thanks for making high school the best time. J.O and J. C with all 
those great math classes. This only high school never look by back and regret one thing 
you did wrong. Regret the things you didn't do 

Nancy DeCristoforo 

Paul W. DeGennaro 

DB & Ben 

I love you Mom and Dad. Mom I would never get through this without you. To my sister 
Lucia thanks for keeping me in line. Never foget L.Q. N.G. K.L. A.K. I..D. L.F. J.B, P.B. 
D.S. S.B. J.S, K.R, from Wilmington. Never forget hanging out in Somerville: .IL, EM, 
JD, TD, MW, WP, "420". Good times with TED (61) (Royal Dynasty) Wild times in 
Miami with family and Laura. "Rollin" at the BBC. having fun. Staying in SaugUS for the 
weekend. Forget the boring times in Wilmington. Thanks Mrs. Bcaudel. I'm happy to he 
out of this school and! hope to have a good life 

thankvou everyone: mom dad hen all my pals Jay Andy Mont\ VI (-$300) Jim Peeeyal 
Jasons Mike Darren Stick and everyone else Remember: 12 seasons ol track 2000+ 
miles. Teammates from \c & track Running-getting lost in the woods & on the highwaj . 
"hairy b.s." "you s.d." Pingiee! Xc in the mud. The 2-mile. Battles w/soccer iSulh's 
house/car), Coaches:Thom (Pauwl, get some wouwter), Hoffman (wow! New I'Ri and 
CrippS (nycl. diittkolf) West field: football, fighting, running, baseball, golf, apple fight. 
and the dummy. Being the undisputed master of all US Irack I'Rs Megyesj s class, "it's 
okmrs Bel I -that's my name" Silver Lake. Raw, Dracul visit &Sox games. Famous malh 
quotes Drawings in history book "Why do thej call > on DB?" (it was Mark, I think), Cj 
I. Bring Back Trehor! Ail hose & handsaw. Big Dome Spanish pics on wall MB 1 am 
Forget: getting burnt out. hill @ haw wen. short shorts, scags, acdmc dcthln. produce 
codes, and 


Adam DiPasquale 

Depa, Psycho 

Remember: My family. Football: Oline Dline wilh cslauffer Viking stories. HOG 
HEAVEN ebarry the sausage cjones do it again H.B.A. BABY CAL CHAMPS choppa 
hubby J cam jimmy fivehead randy T DAY 1998. 1999 NEWBURYPORT paybacks a 
B!?!H NA98 doubles all 4 years nana all parties the moroneys the hiltzcs bobf babybull 
jet. fire frosh football parties banda shooting me. the minghellas 5:30. Wrestling: varsitx 
soph year fifth in section 98-99 team, captain 99-00 class of 98-99 birdman grilo spankky 
the moes toe cpimmantel cMitchell. JM LF LM SP SJ THE HUSSY CV THE DEPA 
FIRES coughlins falling out the window the fling junrprom making court HOMECOM- 
INGS all the geek and freaks the sneaks the cheats even the teachers APPE wild dogs 
YORK with kimpa 1 point tobowlgame I WILL MISS YOU ALL haveAniceLife 

Christina Downs 

S finer, Stine 

Remember: Mom Dad Joey; BBF-Parsh Fuji; Poopy Muff Tiller Bummer Sambo Court 
Blackbean, SAT nights, Dunkins. Jr. Prom 99. THEY LOCKED ME OUT, Good times 
w/chris, Softball 99. Quitters Club. Cape Cod. Hampton. Depa's, Bonfire, Clowns, turts, 
Spirit Day 99. Wildnights. Pew Pew, Men in underwear, woods. Forget: GHETTO- 
BOOTY, driving around. 5/16/99. Semi 98. Getting blown off by friends, fights, parties 
in woods, watercountry. tudes 

Lauren Duffy 

La la, Lau, Audrey 

Good times w/ Aliciatmy bf for life)-buttercup. got beef.'. It's the police. Belly. Karen- 
baseball playa/, chicken fight. Nancy-RouRou. bologna & Cheese, Leila-onion. Oh look 
a stop sign. Kim-driving on Rt.l . Kristcn- food class. John-mydad. BG. MP. LG, DP. MR. 
KB. NL, MAS, JA, JB, SL. JG, JC, NS. MH, SH-you all made my last 2 yrs. Wonderful. 
Remember: backing up the off ramp w/linda. gym class w/marie. Fun times w/matt. 
Michael-my love .To my friends (" Austin; Never foget fun times w/Dani- Dave Concert, 
running away. Halloween. Jaclyn- Prom 98, St. Pats. Mr.Moorcs class. Lacey-BBC, 
beachday. JG-lasertag, KA-lake w. Chris. HB, K.I, AK. CI- I Love you always, we had 
great limes together & we'll continue to. Linda I miss you. Special thanks to Mom and 
Dad, I li \ e you. Good luck Thomas & Taylor. To anyone I forgot, blame my head & not 
my heart 

Jon Elia 

Hobbies: Skiing, Snow mobiling. My Cars, Mountain Biking, Memories: Mikey Mike's 
fires, Mexicans T-Tops. Paul's theories. Nick. Jamie, and the Blazer. Evan's Jeep axles, 
rides in Billy Bob. cruising inthedunebuggy. Billy Bob, Mexian's explanations of things. 
Future Plans- Work. Go to Colorado to ski 


Christina Falanga 


Mom. Andy + fam-Thanks for everything Dad-In my heart forever Marlene. Arlene, 
Matt. Candie, Sharpie. Megm Wolfpack:Damian Shirl. Lou. Jimmie. Otoole.Beef! 
Colleen. Allaby, Kristin. Kristie. Kara, Hickey, Katie. Maura-Plaza PI 96. Allaby's 
camper. Dunkies. smkn grooves, almond bros. Pows.Puff99. brawl in Tewks. Homecom- 
ing 99. the Jeep. Kerr's room I wish I was BNB. I won't SoD wit you. Junior Prom, my 
way or the highway DVD. good trips, the jellies made me do it. trip to Westfield99, prty's 
at Santini's. SUohn's Crew, FOF, Jamaicax2. NIZ Forget: MH, Snake brs esp. WC. trip 
to Hapmton w/SJ,Pced in Reading Squear. Lowell, sophomore year. Dam's games, bad 
decisions, stupid mistakes, liars, cheaters, critics, cynics, snobs, everybody who ever had 
something to say to about me. Wilmington High School 

Michael C. Firicano 

Miguel, Cano, Firicano 

Activities: SADD Pres 2yr Student Council 2yr Yearbook lyr DECA lyr Crosscountry 
2yr JV Varsity Winter Track 2yr Math League 2yr. Also the stuff I do this year. 
Remember: BBC 1 1/25/99 U Ugly What was 1 gonna say? Daily trips to Boston Driving 
with Cathy Roomservice Marian Afuntes White shirt eggs East Boston Snowtubing 8th 
grade dances proms Baseball 94 Rap music Homecoming 96 99 The long talks with 
Cathy. Rally 96 99 Friends: BF4E CATHY M KC JL LA MD KK MP LG CC CB MCP 
RS CM KS KJ SK DH JH MPER KG KR SUKI My hometown friends from East Boston: 
BF4E Alfred C Angelo R Nick C RIP AT MT FR CM My family & everyone else. Forget: 
Nick's Death 1/6/97 10/28/99 stupid mistakes fights hanging out at the City yards. 
Getting jumped See-Ya-Later! 

Daniel Fogg 

Jason Frongillo 


TO REMEMBER: Friends: DB Jthresher Monty NickM Cheerio Mexican Numniy Evan 
Jgillis Doug JRourke Darren Pat Amyers AJMiuan Dkeating and all my other friends 
Rafting-trips- The West- The Corolla-Shop class (BBDl Monlrcal -Quebec SoCCei 
dinners- Last soccer game vs Tewksbury- MBFAM- Jason's T-trop-cruising the ghetto 
w/Munch-John's 180-Juanca- Indoor soccer- Pat's parlies- Going to Raw- Amcshuiy 
Sports Park- Limp bi/kii concert- Basketball- Winter and spring track-Four-wheeling- 
Depa's fires- MB heist- Sideline spoils and class of '99- Trip lo hockey game at BU- 
Rourkc's fires- Driving Chipfs truck- Basketball at North Concerts w/Quest- Paul's 
theories- Sap's toy-Watching the soccer stale final Ride lo Dracut- and watching the 
wrestling pay-per-Views. To Forget : The accident on Nassau- (idling losl in Lowell 
Ipswilch soph yr and coach Slu-Senior write-ups Going lo Nilio and anything thai has 
lo do w ith school. 


Daniel Furbush 

Stu Jenkins 

Remember: family; All my Friends; Being tailed .Stu. Football Gamed. JV Baseball The 

panics especially O'Neil's parly Dances. The lower classmen, having Kona\is as a 
neighbor Forget: Always being clumsy. Always injuring myself and All those dumb 
school rules that made this place feel like a prison. 

Jessica Garbati 

Don Itos 

Mom + Dad-I lov u! Thanks for everything. Mike- I lov u too! Karen. Sarah. Jamie- 
V oil re the best. Always remember: Slooky Null Savy Hanson Bullhead' All my other 
friends- I'll never forgel u guys' Pow-wow's on Sat. nighl incoming I -800-1- want -u! tent 
parlies p*t*n* caring is sharing' apple juice sarah + lynn- track 4x4 "Jessica Breath" 
"Read what #'.'!" Soph semi junior prom- STOP Paul Jon Beth Jen Mike V. Hung Cat Sue 
Phil-thanks for being there- 1 lov u all! Never forget- Halloween '99 Parents Day weekend 
Thanksgiving '99 "Gym Talks" JR YR Skips The Rules- Never use pen The Lisi Wh.n 
Jim? Jim Jim wicked cool ! Kristen- « ho said that?! Jennie-f Jon- Thanks for all ihe maih 
help. Kenny- [hanks for being a great Incnd. Forgets- Spophyr fights north station- Jamie 
I'm going lo kill u! Mike's birthday The Steps Beware often Bird Blank Bays Hampton and 
of course eat em up- Yum! 

Blake Genetti 

Courtney E. Gilligan 


Remember Goodtimesw/KCJl AC Muff ALLMKK CD SPJC MS S J ER MCDBAM 

Russ 1 43 FieldHockey Team & evreryone else frosh & jv sftbl "Live Situations" Fling 

Km. RoccosCatnippers Nut brownies Semi ROY Trans pty 12/18/98 Vblues&BKw/ 

MH&.IR 1/17/99 hghh 1/18/99 Span. Vid '99 Red Rover Gym Group Em&Rage Swirlz 

Hello there Gilligan \ Island" Muff movin in Mazda BBC Inps SB BBCw/Obfam 
Powder Puff Chisholm's pty the Burp Dave Camping Depa tires Jill's 4th July Malibll 
Hampton trips Lucci's crew Ruggiero s Micheal 's Place IB games Dances Homecom- 
ings JrProm Dinners Toilet papering Art buddies Grabamball Simards Lale nights Skag 
pi\ smkn grooves MC Dances SYB coasting inlhe Beagle DonnieBrasco 18th b-day The 
Bump Sin. who. inline w/chiz "The Usual" Thanks Mom&Dfid Good Luck Shannon 
Forgets: Fights Lies Rumors Cliques Soph year 


John J. Gillis 

Jay, Gillis, Muscles 

Remember: Juanca-Red Sox. Indoor Soccer. MB Fam, Shop-Bring hack Trehor. North 
Finals at BU. All of X-C. West Intermediate, TP at Pat's. The Boat, Jr.Prom, Sr.Prom, 
Rafting with Chip. Quebec with Pat. Frong and Mac. Shops. Montreal freshman yr. 
Murph's class. Beckwith 3yrs. Physics with MegDog. the Scavenger hunt at Mitzans. 
Parties, Bonfires. X-C dinners. Hockey dinners. Spring Track. "Water", "Get on your 
Beavers and go", "SPRINT". "Run For Fun" Football Games, Helloooo. Run FASTER. 
Friends: PauKDBl. Myers. Mitzan. Dan(Stick). Fogg. Pat. Frong, Bird. Monty. Spike, 
Mike, Coma, Di, Del, Caitlyn. Jen. Layna, Barbs, Nick. Peck. Cheerio. Jimmy, Darren. 
Chopper, Lindsay. Langones. Quigs, Coughlin. Torp, Banda, O'Neil, Crescenzo. Carr, 
Thorn. RHC, OB. Mickey. Rappoli. and all the rest. You S.D. < Ro-B ). Hairy BS (All You 
Can Eat). Forget: Trebor's pistol. AD instead of Powder Puff. LeCourt. MB 

Victoria Glazomitsky 

Vic, Vix 

"Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger." Always remember: storms® hampton, 
Scotlie, do you have allergies? Window washing (gayJoe).chicadee, B-Line. elephants© 
aubonpain. Phone lists, stopping on ramps, MFA. U-Mass. rolling J's. do you wanna go 
on that ride. Aerosmith99, DMB99. Canobe. straps, jr.prom99, channel, sushi, home- 
coming99 (jerk). Buzz, psychos in blkcougars, yes maam- you passed it. Top of Hub, 
Harry, Quebec99, Morrocans! US History (she's getting ugly). Pet Shop, perfected 
method, cosco Love Forever: MD (duk). DS. MC. MEL. AK, JC. JON. AS, MP. SS. SL, 
AM. JG, SC, RM, AC. LEX, MAYA, RS, CC. BA. ML. JP, MF. KN. Family. Micky. 
Cody, Forgets: rumors, BS. car accidents, the Terrio Bros. 

Lynda Guy 

Lynda Lou, Lynda is a guy, Lynn 

MP. DP, BG, JM, KL. KR, KS, JP. SAAD, ML, RATCL1FF.CP, AL, GA. North Andovcr 
guys, and my brothers friends who were always there HOAGIE. CM. JG. GH. DC. and 
my bro JASON. Also like to thank my family, mom and dad. and lee lee. And the whole 
other part of my family there are loo many to name Hey girls remember the Mall trips, 
green markers. D/S 3/16/99 10/29/99. All of BG party's and the truck. MONIFA junior 
prom, sophmorc semi, freshman fling, the homecomings, limo. McDonald's, ('anohic 
Lake, sunglasses 99. 2PAC, party with Chrissy. MP and D remember BERTUCCI'S. All 
the rolls. Jimmy's Garage, and all the guys we meet. BFF-MP and DP, thanks lor being 
there everyone. 

Melissa Hanrahan 

"Muff, Oprah, Miff, Booty, Fred, Bee" 

Remember: Softball. Vball;Georgie(I.UVU4EVA)4/l 2/99; Mcrl Mik-K Miguel Aimcc 
Katie Kelly-BFF Sam Longo Downs Court Jack Jill Kuc Parsh Lauren AM Mickcv CM 
LH HR MS MT RH LM JR: Dances. Depas, 7/4/99 Jills. Kegstand Q. Hampton, finger, 
Fl/CC/w/poopy, Big A"s, Joltday, FA, 3:00. van, Mohawk. Pits. NO COKE AFTER 12, 
WHAT THE CRAP'.' Scouts. Rage. ROY. Gym group-JO. Smkn Grooves, B-day, Girls 
Night. Teddy. The Bug. Biff-Wwf, hockey cheei w/Jack. DD. BBC-SB. MC, Si John's. 
Livin@lupes, Cam. rollifart, SMKNBl'TSRM. masks tp mink i.iiin. \ A ( huggei. 
memos. Jacuzzi, G, Murph. lights w/Pat, laser, doogers, rockaid, jrskip, 1120 Vball. 
Torp's cig. calzone w/KC pbraclets, poopmaster, chiz's, quitters club, civic, jrprom, 
swirls, kneepads, funnels. Bakers, I'eu Pew. North, Nps/browtlies, Pwdrpf, Fr.Fling/ 
DcmonBird.SPDAY99.RS/Skip. 1593? Georgie Lunch FORG1 I soph spies, semi, 
braces, getting caught, report cards, cuts, whipped cream, N't 'S99, \\ I MADE IT '00'"' 


Steve Hansen 

Peace to: Leprechaun, Bury. Marlene, Mac, Mahoney, Dan, Martin mot with J.T.), Tina, 
Kyle. Marty, Bum and his bubb. Rappoli. Mac. Manns. Quest, Rugierio. Bink. Bill and 
most special thanks to: ADOLPHUS Things to Rcincmbci Best car ride ever with 
Manus-Rappoli-MacNeil-Dave and Adolphus. session with Nina, having the jeep on the 
road, schooling Martin in B-ball. 4- wheeling. 40 in the jeep, trip to the cape, tube sessions 
at Kerr's. Spanish class. THE DANKS Things to forget: all the Macswmdles. the party 
over Birm's. Axlrod. Stafrd. Chuck driving my jeep, mother coming home on Wednes- 
day. 10/27/99-losing mv jeep 

Michael Heffernan 

Tough Guy, Muchisimo 

What up to all mv pals C ( . JB. JC. Bl.. JC. MC. BR. MJ. DA. NM, CK. KT, JB.Ck 1 I). 
Jl. LB. JC. SF. Remember: Nana and shower, lownline. almost Fenw ay, Sw i/a. Dick, my 
bros PJ and Pat. 5 times. 1/1 7/99. 2/ 1 4/49 2/20/9'). 5/ 1 7/')'). Canobie Lake beach accident 
broken hand mono BBC on V-day surrounded by candles to think it's a hundred stayin 
over people's houses til 3AM Patch Adams pool Disturbing Behavior i got you where i 
want you Don't wanna miss a thing Stars in the room Everything I do. I do it for You 4th 
of July 99, KofC before school ISOfavorite places SuperBowl 99 Shut up you! It's a 
Wonderful Life Limbizkil SS Walmarl ( kco.shcrman \\ illiams Paint Howard Stern 
photo class Ferguson Woods Grecoe-Hi there! I LOVE YOU KATIE! KGMH4EVR 
Bravehearl. every man dies. Not every man really lives. Summer of 99 Mr Riley: thank 
you, WWF summer baseball Eield of Dreams roses and carnations cvendav Ben' 
Backyard Baseball. Now and 4ever I will be your man 

Patrick Heffernan 

Heff, Hugh, "Fire-Fire" 

(i(i. AC. JR. Jl . K . AH. RG I 1-25-99. NM. PS. JC, DT, DB 4yrs ftball, 4 yrs! 

Nbypi 10 29-99 "l ITS'' #1 l"GrMP" S3 hours straight, Christmas, "I hate goodbyes". 

always be remembered, hba. 99CAL CHAMP, bhall sec champs JrProm. Sr Prom. m\ 
lam (PJ. Mike. Mom. Dad. Katln I Coach P. Coach A, DScanlon. Suiniiici 99, bonfires. 
1 1 jii n Bch. DL: tortile good times is what I'll remember you by. High school was the best 
years of my hie 

Katie Hickey 

Hick Dog, Snickey, Wicka 

To mv family and friends thanks fol being there; Remember: BT LDCR KH CC CO KC 
AL MS And everyone else Heaven!) walk ( Ireenshifl Snots Broad squad GUane Beeta 
Snuffle Marysue Secrets IB w/cop 90 parties Cliff FHteam SYB Barb naked in Feb 
Campouts DAB HC9X Skilton I anc Carlisle SAB PP Kitkat Bernies Mondo condo 
Mailboxes Harriot hit the dog Doming w/Sam DD2003 Hotcoffie Have you ever 
Highway drills Jr. Prom RP house Hooch ie mama Show ercapsOToole on hammock Deet 
meetings Rugburn thanks Carl Wild wood Foodfights Bonfires Grimmas Log Parlies 
Perfume fights Florida and Maine Booger Harry and Lloyd Bonnie The dove TP w at i Ml 
find your sock yet'.' Poop cookies Kidsplacc Grounded w/ red cars Bow ling Malwn fight 
I A I ooks Cum is good Phy challenge Like a prayer WE MADE IT GIRI S!!l 


Katie Holloway 

Activities:fieldhockey 1-4. basketball 1-3. Softball 2-4 Remember: family CC Leo LA 
JG JB MD KB JA, road trips vil ML&AM KH ML CC We found it ( JH )! Jeffs parties mo's 
parties 5am w/maura pitts talks w/anlhony revere golias parties, ealifomi vcgas new 
york bars late night w/CC barattas parties stairs w/ML West parking lot w/MLJGRC sorry 
maura rides w/kara Clancys parties york w/CC parties at renees DD rescue w/DO KL CC 
sunrise cups w/kara New Years w/gary & jarod sleeping in the wagon depas fires tp ing 
Forget: 7/5/97. Lisas party dodges parties golf cours w/Colleen Jr prom thanks ryan! 
fights drnk friends hs parkinglot rumors lies Saying: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Future: 
move to California w/Colleen & stay single! 

Russell C. Hubby 

Bacon, Dumpy, Hubb 

Rmbr: Ftball 1-4 capt. Gennetti, Depa, Banda, Minghella, Choppa. Heft", Coughlin. 
Quigley, Moloney, Munch, O/v, JH/JH/JF/JC/JR/RG/BF/MJ/AC/GG. Courtney, fb 
coaches, CAL champs, hogheaven, Nbypt 21-0, Thnksg-98, Masco'97, frosh ftbll, 
530am wghtlftg. capt pract'99. 16-100-20sec, bg grns, pwdpf. Ivg all on fid, vkng stors. 
fbdnrs. gaw gaw goo, trans prty, vrsly blus, kittys prklot. Top Gun, Rcky. depa&shea 
fires, schlrshp.grtdys.brkclpbdrs. NF&NDhats, NFshrl.hba, wht nght.math w/Allaby, 
hndshake. luv w/SQ, it nghts, Simards, church wood, tube drill, oki drill, catmint shrt. 
tap the rockies...Crs Lie. ACE, BKing, 1/17/99. 1/1 8/99. 3/ 1 8/99, Donny Basco. Forgets: 
Thnksg'99, Pentucket'99, ruff nghts, fryr. rumors. 7/ 14/98. Quotes:"Do your better best, 
never let it rest "til your better's best,' "Do it again." "1.2,3 Wildcats." Goals: leave 
Wilmington, be athletic trainer. 

Lynn A. Hurley 

ACTIVITIES: Soccer (V 1 234 ) W+S Track I V 1 234) FRIENDS: Jim Jen Christie Jackie 
Alicia Andy MC MH AC SL MickeyDK Teddy/jm/Mom Dad Lisa Danny I love u thanks 
for the memories. REMEMBER: Jim: roosters Turtle Angel LitlleMan Russ Susie VT 
WierdBcard JrProm Tighly Whities TheList 5/21/99 Jen: Midget Abort the Steak 
Cabbage Maine JMLD WeLoveDick/CR: Classics MarySue ThePhone LingerieDay 
Hud ChainReactJon PVers FaimedSqurile/AP: Cousins Duck Outkast/JL JackALynn 
wwjd JeepersCreepers HendeesHollers/Soccer: Senior girls + boys #13 Deeds 
ShavingCreamAM Mask Tl'ing Dinners Senioil'racl SunimerSoceet Sleepovers GOD 
HELP YOU! parties FL Hampton. Ouote: "I always knew that I would look back cm the 
bad times and laugh, but I never though) I'd look back on the good nines and cry." 

Jaclyn Ingram 

Jack, Jackaroo, Spike 

Remember: Mom Dad Den Pop Grover Bril KK AL.ICCG KCACCDMH I II SI' MS 
DB SJ LB DS AM NM KT MD thekids classoKOOO girls+boyssoccei smpractice 
salemstate summer rnnchstrgame shutup whatarocket sleepovees deets mouthguard tp 
dinners JOHNI437 us maine naples ihekiss slide goo oops pillou canobie babysitting 
Jrprom spike scruffy jun daw sons ohwell teddybear cute frame 2d bondingtalks picnics 
sleepovers walks blading HB Ml AuglO WWJD WHSE godhelpyou bird HH 
jeeperscreepers thebel the list LY1 AS thecup Francesbean hives SS SB hockeycheering 
gunrack grimace hoochie shedevils li iendl) slricmls SBR dances SA swnl Honda 
coasting homecoming geometry poolhopping themask pew coolbeans chinablossom 
rugburn doesshespcakii froshyeal INcredihlc thefingei Oct27 Jl DAVE King I ion Juan 
whatihecrap forgets: Octl liars carrots lights sophyear the date-sorryhun York Hoogie 

Kelly M. James 

1 want lu say this year is going to be the best I can't wail lor the Prom and Graduation It 
is coming so fast People to Remember : mom dad karen kimbei l\ summer pi \iedixie I lo\ e 
you all lhanx 4 everything To my b/f Carl 1434 torn pally Cathy mike kalieC danielleM 
KatieN Beeca Alexa Maya Kim Richie Farmer Joe Vietori Andrea JenA JennC Scot! 
Brian Good Luck I will miss you all Tom remember: strings Mil) beamish Ahby Italy 
gondolas clubbing hotel Hoods balcony* spaghetti & clams gelling lost llalian friends 
being late MsMglnnes Mrs Ross concerts Spanish Drama rally s fling linos b4 Jr Prom 
2PAC's changes iruhmadlydeeply Johnson lake lilypond TacoBell Salisbury gocarts 
playing pool Wendys Plumlsland AcademyLanes To Forget: homecoming jr. year, 
exams math passports tardy policy. I've had my good and bad limes at WHS. I'm going 

io miss it next year 

Matthew Jones 


Remember my peeps: Manus Smooth Halner Swiz Bink Mahoney O-Dog Swi/ Burg 
R.ii Junior/Intrepid Mallon Torp Clancy Rappa Hansen G-Funk Fogg Mcswindle/Slug 
McCarthy Yee Dynasty Chuckles Hendrix Quigs BossHog75 and brothers 1 forgot also Chicas: Mariene KH KC JC KD AC LM LD LC LA JM JM KD RL AG Prosh booty 
creeps The WRBL Fam:LaVita Murph Tuss Heigham Sly Oaf Kuc Jackie BigMac and 
my boy Maz/a.Can'i forget BK Stafford Lucci's Wildwood Dunkins Woods Atop Yee 
Mountain with ral o'neil clancy.Sleepin in Bill's kitchen peters grams pukin rally in sink 
burga2K wars chew n screw Beijing style... YZNZ PLE-AZ"cu/. that* the way the slang 
goes and I'm a never stop speakin it" Big L intrepid* Quest makin music losin money 
having fun O'Ncil bender Rat Bender Not driving ho hansen home Crops/look more like 
6ft beanstocks G-Funk with the braids and Perm Hendrix and Jordan being black 
Definitelj Forget: High School Sports iust a waste of time vvorkin at McD's Definitely be 
back lor B-Ball at the North till 12 

Samantha Jordan 

"Sam," "Sambo," "Slam" 

Remember: Andrea Jiller Maimey Bootey Feashy Kuc Sas Jackaroo Sliner Sul Chiz Nort 
Jenny Kara Snickey Barb Beaudin Jules the Crew The Guys and anyonclsc I missed, h- 
ball cheering 1-4 Proms Dances Pailics-Caldwells Rcnces Qwcrs O'Neils Dcpas etc- 
campouts fires Techies '1 HE WALK'' food-fignt GI Jane The train Deals Singing The 
James Mummbles The Bird The Slrpr-S-B room Pwdr puff The Deseil PC'd The Locket 
BT's Basement Astro w/Kara Star Ability Dec. 7thBarnsIead "Heart to Hearts" -BM inl\. 
lovers Late Night's I ran he sexy" The Cape DD200/1 Hey lis Senior Year" "Saturday 
Night's Fever" and "OK Good one.' Forget: Snobs Cliques The In Crowd" Popularity 
Contests Curfews Fights Rumors Tears Comments and Gossip. Quote: "Nature has a 
funny of breaking what does not hend"--I love you. Mom Dad A: the Boys Thanks for 
everything! THIS is IT. wi \l \l)l IT GIRLS. I'M OUT! 

Kristen Kacamburas 

Kuc, Kuca, Kucaface 

Thanks:Mom&Dad Chuck Kev Man BFFAlicia Jack Sul Sban Jil Mul Mine Ann 
Parsh Sam Cort Chiz Le Bug Josh DT DH MM JR LB AM MP LM NM 2KL LV B&G 
soccer learn evry lelseActivities .Soccei I 4 Bball l-4Track 1-4 Remember: YiaYiaFF 
Sq. Thniles w/LM&MP IDONGIVAFA Partz@JC Achokcs Zoob/oo phracc I hand in 
my pockt Whal the crap Skunks hue nile wks w/AI NY 99(JA JH DT RP MS AD LS 
RSi torps con wetdooger uglyshoes BBC Hcomings SpWeelt old livinroom SBRiJC 
AL JO)Heyhowudoin(MODB)C'lamhox Deepas ppul ShwanaaronroSSC02 AL@SLw/ 
EB Salmles smells cat JLennon(KLl Forget: 1 1/7/97 cliques druts skulks fights w/ 
friends RS 1st parly fr.year JH house Green Squall lights w/joshlim sorrj I coll caring 
whal people though! of me 4 3 yrs MC dancctJAl I regret nothm True friends slab ya in 
the front This Was Cool .Now lets Go 


Daniel J. Keating 

Dan, Mickey 

REMEMBER: Mom, Dad, Katie. Marty. Darren. Rob. Rourke. AJ, Myers, Pat. Tabor. 
Lindsay. Arlene. Quigs. Gillis. Rappoli, Juanca. Frong. DB. JO. KC. KO. KL, SP, LH. 
KK. KH. NM, AC. CR. LM. MH. AL. JC. BT. ML. LA. DT. MS, JI. JK. JM. JS. & 
everyone else. '99 Soccer Teams. Dick S.. Stu-Ipswich 97, T+T: JV Superstars. TP-ing 
Papa-Barrels. JR+RC. ACC, NU w/Nick M., Depa's Fires, SheenDog's, Gram's House- 
GWO. KC's Party. AM's House-Hair-Dye. S.W.; JR's fires, BK's House-JM, New Years 
98-Bickfords-JC,MT. MD, Burga: 4th of July 99'. JO-3K, Dances. WW. rafting w/Chip- 
Raccoon; Subway Experiences-"Would You Like to Sit Down?". Cecil; PS-36 eggs. 
Wrestle Mania 98'. XC-Busted. Coyotes. Bo Sox: MT-Tattoo. Tramp-wrestling. North. 
Prancing Unicorns-DA; FORGET: Braces. License, Drive Arounds, The Picture-DM, 
Stupid Fights, Half-time Speeches B-ball, "On the line!". Newburyport-29 sec. 

Alicia Kilgore 

Alic, Collette 

Always Remember: g.t. with La: Hey Slipp! Its SO, got beef CPR Madori Coolatta. John: 
My pops. Jr Prom. Celtics game, jigga. Jamie: 3d period frosh yr, we got our own book- 
Nicole: psycho wx. Vermont. Jimmys. babysitting Mel: Hey lil cuz, tweezers. Buffy and 
Zoey J.hnny: We'll seyourCK billboard in NYC! Jen: S+S, training class, the boyz. Kim: 
Shawn Michaels: Marriot Hotels. Mike! I'll always remember you. We've been through 
everything. Kristin: kids place, bathrooms. Good Luck to Karen, Jess. Sarah. Nick. 
Michelle. Katie. Matt. Laura. Doug. Allison, Tim, and Alan. Tool Time boys 1 day you'll 
graduate. Try to 4get: Sophmore yr. beef, heartbrakes. gossib. mono, stalkers. Linda: 
come home soon. We miss you. Thank you mama dukes and Mark- you've done 
everything 4 me. I love you both very much. I'm out! 

William J. Konaxis 

Po Pie, Pirate, Ironlung 

Remember: Mom and Dad, Dirt. Kepe, Junior. Pick. Banda, G-Funk. Papa Burg. 
Kris, Babe. Kara. Tool. Mo. Quigs. Mallon. Mark R„ Ri/ourke. Shephard. Dre. Howie. 
MJ. BF, DA. KH, CC, AM. LA. MC. DM. LB. MT. KK. AL. and everyonelse. Picks 
parties. Kepe benders. G-Funk parties. Oneil parlies. Junior prom weekend. Canada w/ 
Chip & Moondog. Old Gregory Fox. WBCN. Freshman fling, $54,292-Jackpot-Aruba99, 
Nighls in ihe Blazer. Towed in Boston. Old Golf course, Depa's fires. Back of library, 
Burgs house, Jepson's, McCarthy's "See you lata Quigs", Born lo be 40-Torpey, Spartan, 
Sunk at airport, running from cops, having fun w/Axelrod, "Niz" "Hardcore" "b***h*ss" 
"Wallet out here" Right, Burg. Blazer rides with Kris. The Ultimate Pleaz. Torpeys 
bacon. Banda losing 30s, bike rides. Knstics house. The fail game, brawl in tewks, and 
nights I don't remember the next day. 

Kristen Konieczka 

Kris, Lil K, Shorty 

Remember: Dad Mom Pat Todd Seoti andresl ol lam IGJC KS SI. PR MCJC.WI 111 
SI. KS MCP MC KB VC MD JP LD KM BM MR Cracks (carol ) Sam I pinpl J.ison Derek 
Jay Jen Coco Coral. 3eb(limo driver) Bushdio vents) hmpmohile w/JC to MOD 
TGIF(birthdays) II. lalk w/MC & MCdn the comer) Psych w/Big Al & Bcaudin 
A& Pi pigs) Gym gossip Sox game W/C racks pole-vaults remedial gym smokers. Forgets: 
Woodbriar Halloween 99 Freshman Fling Rob( big ears) frosh in the halls Quotes "IfyOU 
cani beat them, join ihem ." "I always wanted lo procrastinate, but 1 never got around to 
it." "Fabulous" "We can only hope lo take with us, everything we've learned these p.isi 
four years, and toss it out the window to go part) ing Latei Wilmington!!! 


Stephanie A. Lane 


To all my family and friends- 1 love you all unci thanks tor your support througl 

everything. Remember: Bdays; A+P; APBio: Cookies; Quebec99: Shoulders; Sdances: 

JRprom99; Hmcmng99; Cape99; Riverside; GGDolls; KiasConcet; Polevault: Tennis; 
Mnply; Yrhk; ThriesandPreninlns, Twins. Thnvsnian. Noprobdude; NKOTB; Hopeln; 
BI82; Lit; EXCEPT; Novelidea; mamalane; ClwBwling; PopTarts; Client; Vanillaiee; 
Boston. Plk; Ser\iees; Mbtfs. rcmgyni: Chicago; Stargarland: Umdboy: Uma; 
Wildiasmine; Stonehill; Mash; Happy I all vail ; Voodoroom; Babyw ipes; Irags; Drivebys; 
BF9X99; Tootsierolls; Rossiender, Snhltighls; psudostrbrst; accred; Fatmopielala; MC; 
GW; Magicaleuc; Wib; Wantons, Crmlaplpops; John Lennon's song; "It's something 
unpredictable and in the end is right. I hope you had the time of your life*These are the 
days to remember be they won't last forever, these are the days to hold on to because we 
won't even though we want to* 

Jason Langone 


I'll Always Remember: Paul's Theories and 2 Day relationship. The West Intermediate 
Field. Mummy Al Walroba's Party. SaporitO and his Macaroni and Cheese. My trop to 
Maine with E\ an. Thresher and Cheerio. Billy Boh and his Four Whi ditions, 

Niek-Janiieandthe Blazer, I'van's Jeep and his many stories. Dick Scanlon's class. Karate 
Chick and Katie. Niehole's Driveway. Threshers ChairBreaking. Maselli's fence climb 
ing.The endless nights me andevan worked on our cars And the day Tom chased us out 
of the school's parking lot. 

Kara E. Langone 


Remember: my everything: krigs, dad mom joe jen Justin, AM ML KO LA Kll CC FLO 

li I li MTBKBM JGDF Ktl RE&FRIENDS, DBB. sums NH. buckthru ticld. 12/27/ 
WSQ.hcresJNY.pknupbumw/tool.treehoy.whosiolcV \CJCML BK JO parties, lull 
unions w/ML, pootruck. LAeamp. w lhningboro. leel. will smell what 4 food, pi 
langone penitentiary, HULL. R&K. I)D i est ue KO Kll CC. sinkn grvs, 3eb, nan. max, 
disney, suff, kegs. reeb. 4AM, tilling. dingdilch.ll&H movies, car thieves, hcklrbiiui. 
hball fid. sumlhtr. muys. Garrets, innocence, hckdr snc.ik. Vance, genuine heartS-JO 
I Z27/99, 4/22/99, semi, shattered tseal. emails, threats, insincerity, the unfaithful, 
resilcsshcs. decieving smiles, wasted tears, misleading love, manipulations, hypocrites, 
ignorance. Let Your Heart Guide U 

Kris tie A. Langone 


Remember: My partner: Welsley. Janas Dad Joey Jen Walsh FRY JR MO CC ML AM 
PS RH JB Mcegs Rckls Reegs Sim PJ BT RM JG DF Res MS KH Clunk AM Mrs A 
nighllksw/joe hucklteld DBB treeboy REVERF clippnbandts pennies Sloth towed 
rmsties snakies moo-shi/chip stolen SSumtheal willsmelI*4food capers hamp ton slvrplal 
daffodils corndogs truckpoo ghostrm 258 WBCN tmaspeech food-fight 50yrd DEATS 
zaki&hicharn Pigs&Dogs What ii Oh romeo no\ 28 Fn I? Jon Jones langone Peniten- 
^Bgonzo&elmoHonkdidsBookolifemarkisl081ardingdongdtch infestation NH 
cheesing Pierre toxic gllcoursc I ennon Shlcka Ricnla jellied grapes angry Mi I MUYS 
luinadc stand cheater JEWE1 Peach MACS' Whcclbnl Here's Jhnny Wilmingboro 
Forget: N1M Dave Mathws babsbrealh TB jnr yr tegrets&ignorance Quote: "A dreamer 
lives tor eternity.'' "Play like a champion." JL 


David C. Leccese 


Remember: Four great years. Eric, Jim, Blake, Gregg, Jon Con. NickS., Nick ML JonE.. 
Brian M„ Giant Munch, Ryan M.. Eric V., Mike and Pal H„ Scott N„ Brian L.. W.H.S. 
Basketball J.V . V.. 31. B-SQUAD 4-Life Marty, John, and me (Caesar), David, 
Somebody swiped em, M2BD. LMOH, Nice HP pal,-56ouch. 3-threat, Art with R.B. and 
Stew Jenkins. "Get the hell outta here"-D.P.. Quest, WRBL playa. DCL HOOPS. Living 
the summer life on Peaks Island. Hoopin it up with Nate and Stephan. "The World has 
turned and left me here"-=w=, Blink 1 1/12/99 Loser Kids Tour, Dammit (Growing Up). 
Brandy and Taffy (2X man's best friend), (Mom. Dad. Tom, Matt)-The Fam. Thanx to all 
the people that made my high school experience a good one. Have a nice life! 

Diana E. Lee 


Fam: thanksforeverything Friends: "the future is no place to place your better days* i love 
you all Remember: 1 1.5yrs-vc-bffl ph-loveu-inmy<3always-412 beinabubble meshing 
mayflow , erthries&prmntnscc99jrpromhomecoming99fredmtrail vanillaiceiwanturlegs 
drivebys epl twins skippy evilknevil wildjasimne showcasecrew polevault nightsw/ 
doug-thanks. i owe you big time babe satellite nick dmb-325143always+4eva tt/kc 
pizzafires analcranialinversion vikings hopelane sdances you'regone-thanks jay 
bestbuddies inncncelost fp trashinwoods 3eb mb20 googoodolls *and i don't want the 
world to see me* bush blink 1 82 kiss 1 6 1 8 1 920 tennis99 have5butcandoin3 John lennon's 
song studysessions mikeconway joeyd jasonbngham riverside ohmyhead eatmopielala 
mbtfs magicaleuc psudostarburst yrbk remedialgym flirtfesl98 hps nacho thephase 
flirtationdevice? A&P pigs "you guys don't understand, i'd do ANYTHING for him!"- 
ks girls: thanks for the memories, i'll never forget you guys. 

Kristin Lee 

Friends to Remember: Kim, Danielle. Laura, Amanda. Tim. Kenny. Sadd. Christina, 
Biggins, Fowle. Cousin Mike, muise. Lauren. Karen. Alicia. Nancy. Laura C. Jr. and 
Landi. Times to Remember: the Washington trip w/chorus and the clip stealer, Rice 
Crispy. Motel 6, Junior Prom. Miss Russcls class. LS, MS, SW, T, RW, LG. DP. KO. CC. 
"Hick" TM, BC, NB. DC. ND, BM, Palty Bell, Camping in Salisbury. Special thanks: to 
Mom, Dad. Rich, Auntie. Uncle Tony, Shawn, Mark, Elsie, Moe. Kim and all my 
teachers-l couldn't have made it without you; and everyone i forgot you'll always be in 
my hearl. 

Francisco A. Leon 

Frank, Burga, Burg 

Remember: Fam Jack Kepe GFunk Dirt pirate Banda Pick JUNIOR Kyle Mallon Ri/ 
Steve McGrund Shep Mickey Marly Mark Darren Katie Scufb Kriasl & Maura 
Colleen Lauren Toole Marlene Tina AND THE REST OF THE CREW Jprom/I i//Bills 
Sleepybendcrs PiralBenders PizanBenders Old School Clancy Benders luniorBenders 
Room Styz Kyle* GsMyCribBirmsMcslugs Kegs 4/15/99 Smokys Floods Booty] 
July499 Prankinw DaBoy/ Kokmmo/ TorpJackup NewYearsEve97 July296 D.W'ks 
BATS Rah RahRah Chili Bomb/ TEmpo Widow blarnyBoot) NZA ["woG" "Everytime 
[Roll Wit Da Burg" ToDInDaWoodsFroshFtbll eprechaun"SeeYaLaterQuigs"PoolShed 
Coll Rooftop BowlingAllc) Screaming kids Good) 1 Made Up I 1/14/98 L*I\ Y.i Bab) 
Forget: Tights w/JackKCEO Homecomings 3/12/98 SSSpinsTTw/ AG/ KPDTGH1 KP 
EnMiCasa 2-31) Jacking LayinglnDirt Undei Fireworks A IB II) I'M Alll.iais lakes and 
Peep/ Who from "WalletOutToHere" 


Alicia R. Longo 


Thankx: Ma Dad Greg Remember: BFF Kuc Jill Sul Mull Sam Jack Sime Aim (nun 
Parsn Cruz Stac Dan luv ya- AM Kll I.M KL DB MO JJ RS LS Pic dork Hobic Bug 
Beerman evrylelse- Bmstd Stv Milr Pukn On Dan 3/4July99 NewYears98 11:30 

Hmcomings artichoke zoobul Ezoo 41 641 FA Torps cottage burp hives slumps lishhd 
prty/ finga Pwdipf rockaid dd2003 What The Crap Saturday Nites JC+JO slripn The Bum 
Qambox SilvaLake w/ EB malibu jrskip hey girls poopmstr NHcrew Bats DepaFires 
hrcleis vb w/ JI dooga SBR siripa shawana Jeep Cauldwell+Renet prtyz DeMlsPrknLt 
scouts irprm+semi w/ DT fling buddy lile him skunks uglyaceshoes bluboma MP w/ 
l.M+CG h2oVball moonez walks vv/ Kuc Hmptn Halners slrpoka w/ JC KK JO 
NvrlnMyl.ife Ernro Frgel: fights snobs cheaters liars tears rumors Bk's2x 8/18/98 5/16/ 
99 9/7/99 postprm WE FINALLY MADE IT 

Sarah Michelle Lund 

Thanks to Mom. Dad. Britt. and the rest of my family for supporting me. Karen S., Jessica 
G., and Jamie C. Best Friends Forever Thanks to them and all my other friends for being 
there for me even when I couldn't always be there for them! " If you have built castles in 
the an. your work need not be lost; that is where they should he. Now put foundations 
under them. " Henry David Thoreau 

Maura Lynch 

Mo, Man 

Kl \ll Aim R Mom Dad John Friskey LEO KOC< \M I A KH KKI. KH AC JCEBDT 
lirst limes Clancy' S FEB. 28/98 vv/ AM KO "The Nighl »t hardly remember but will 
never forget'' thanx AM KO' s good ideas times vv/ Kl. slecpover w/ KO AM sorry Ann 
NYF.cve'JX @ J( "s power hr JC" s collage weCC Kll found it JH SEMI TG JrProm AF 
Wesi w/TGRC KM resort JB MO KO CC TB WFJ ' IHc.mip Revere prank w/kristie E 
N't I ve 99 JM's locked room shol4shot champs "Is she alive?" WTF nil. bsmni till dam 
Kouv porch/ fires late night mems thanx CC KO SFTBLLTYG FH FORGE I lies son v 
111 mistakes light w7 DT rumors comments those who can't forgive 

Allison MacDonald 

Big A l 

Thanx for everything Mom Dad Lauren Grammie always in ni\ heart I 1/16799 JC ms er 
mc ks |g vc si jc jp JC ml gc ak mep lb dl kk si sc ks sg ap pw vg " Turns out not where 
but who you're with reall) matters " ARNF: had habits w/jc geo bb skunks 8/20/94 
creed 3eb dmb hi 82 conerts crvvd surfing homecoming 99 fll season List game 
pboy@445am Fat Jack speaking up liogs bickfords la/v eve SD Ci.i/v l).i\ e&Yabha 
skippy EPI pjs in g kinkvhov gas station guy no name boy leopard BBC niles sleepovers 
Jr Prom 98 bus talks stars A&P bud summer 99 legs smoke detector pig juice Ask me 
do 1 care ' pmp&limpmohlie frosh buddies cv il knev il Friday's slop sign car lire don't dd 
in\ Friend mikeduckj fiizz mack truck lil al Forgets: 10/3/99 cat ride fights pager boy M 
Jr. Prom 1 ) 1 ; spring track Quote: " I've been waiting for the time when I can finally say this 
has all been wonderful but now I'm on my way " 


Nicole L. Maclver 


REMEMBER Matty Mom Dad Rob Ryan Arlene Lindsay MingFam BandaQuigley Russ 
Josh Chooch Jepson Frenchy Howie ML KL DA JR LH AP JCAH RR JI KO MR DK DT 
"Before School" Cemetry 3LeggedDog Tramoline Sleepovers JSO JVorV NewHamp 1 0/ 
30/96 9/27/97 FtBallGames PwdPuff Spanish GymW/KLAF MrP Soccer SftBall FrBBall 
NERS TPnights DCTrips MrsB talksw/Banda DEETS MEETINGS Spanish Videos 
Pinkyw/KKAL OToole Stones FLEET FLORIDA W/JACK Sr Practice Wrestling W/ 
Matt THE ROCK SBbench W/Ballouand Kristie STIRFRY Gifts From Matt OnLinew/ 
JH West Prom FORGET: Fr Party Fr Fling Rpt SBillions DBL Sessions TITANIC 
trawberry Milk Scoofs problems Liars Rumors 

Jarrod MacKenzie 

Jirrd, Jayrod 

People to remember past and present: CM. RS. CC. CB, AS AC, JC. SL, GB. CT. KS, CL, 

BD. AK GB, PF, KC. BM. KB, SN. KN, MS, and anyone else you know who you are. 
Activites: Bread and Roses 4. Student Council 4. Class Vice President 2. Hockey 1. 
Tennis 2. Others to remember: Bas, Russel. Arthur, Lynch. Joyce. Grecoe, Kleponis, 
Mctte, Sophmore English, The Semi. Criminal Justice. Psych. Band, Maggio's Class. To 
forget: 90 '7t of my Sophmore year. Favorite quote: " Those who cannot remember the past 
are condened to repeat it." I don't like the city but live in Copley. Ambitions in life: To 
become very active in Criminal Justice. Mom: Thanks foryour support and love. I know 
Grandma would be proud. 

Robin Mainini 

Brendon John Mallon 

Remember: Mom, Dad, Jay, Regina. Mary. Mike. Vicki. Jen, Joe, Knsten. Thanks to: 
Everyone who has cvei helped me out in any way! Memories: Sitting in my car 1st period 
w/ RP, "See thai dog? Pass it to me!," "taking pictures" w/ MO, "Can I have a fajam 
sandwich 1 " LM. DAFODILS. getting stranded in the middle of nowhere w/ RP & MH. 
J. Brewer at CC . chillin' in lawn chairs during last period, my burnt Blazer! 

Remember: Mom Dad Pal Ryan Lauren Casej Friends: AC MC BK DM AY JC FB JO 
Willi AC'NOMAR" RUNNING FROM Till (OPS I'l \HOI)Y Sll \(,IN \\ \(iON 


Leila Mangiante 

Lola, Red 

Memories- w. Port- semi. Burp Fesl w/ CC, MH, L. Dully- lhanks for all the help. "Can 
you say dan? Oh did I sa\ thai OUI loud", haircuts, "onion". The Ian. "STOP", watch out 
tor fences L. Guy- the douhle date DP. MP. AC. JR- Jr Prom l.G. KB + Baby. SO, TD. 
Bu//. Blakic. Publish & Ins many Tails BIG DY. KT. DC, BG. KR. KL- The ride home 
from Jr Prom. JC. AC- Get off the floor. Depa & his bikini thong. ND- "THE NOTI •." Jcnn 
i driving lessons. DG- B- King. Becca- our rock project. "BUTTPIRATE". Hector P- 
I could hug you and squee/e you and call you George". "ONION". Punte. The comforter, 
slee Ova's. Dan M-keep playing that music "LOUD" Yee- keep those eyes open. "I'll 
always love you" To my parents Mom. Dad. Marie, and Jim- I love you Samatha- I love 
you. To all the people I forgot you were too cool foi me SORRY 

Nick Maselli 

Friends. Jason L, Pat S. Jason T. Paul D, Frong. Monty. Dipa, Ryan M, Eric V, Jon C, 
Andy M. Justin M, Dan K. Jay G. Nick S, Dave I,, and everyone else. The West, backstop 
climbing. J's basement, luckily surviving 4-wheeIing in J's truck. Ml. Anthony, west- 
field-rules football, baskelbrawls. Maselli vs. Gilhs l-V. Pat's PPV parties, dummies. 
"Nice pocketbook pal. "-Munch "It's not a pocketbook. it's a man's carry -all ' 
Murph Forget: waking up before 7am (usually), Russell's 15-page reports, the "evil eye," 
playstation addiction. J's truck. J's furniture repair "workshop," getting lost in New 
Hampshire, and many other things I've already forgotten. Thanks to friends, family, and 
(some) teachers for all the help and memories And thanks for putting up with me. Good 
luck to everyone alter WHS. it's finally over. Later everyone. 

Bryan Mather 

Spike, Puas, Piglet, Geoff' 

Walden Pond, hit any prkd crs'. Boh, 7. 14m . 10 fngrs= I hst, bnw dclnry, hndeffs i 
slkserfs. hrspwr. Jill n ts sd=bbs. whrsh. Citing Attrctns s nl movy. Maine. Momo. 15 
sn//s. PIGLET, endms n tbl. pks in n th stmch vrytm, chcll crrts. Bltn' mr B.S.. ymn it 
U Ind my tirtr. OLGA. mid! som hrder knekmg hds fyp fbstng t, Cake n Face. Blchnlgy. 
Dck Hnt nil/. Senor C treks. Pushups. Jke th Snke. LFTY, Grndm- Ahoo. Murfcy. Sckr? 
Snikn, ss htt. Mgsy. frgt- U.S.A., Fgmtr, Shtpl-Ugslvn tin. Hrnstrs. Run. cm. PwdiPff. 
Helloo, Juanca. PJ t prly. Cat-aplt. Wash: Watch em Thn! convet on grmnym 4.. I mn I, 
Team 2: THANKS: Ferg. Nowak, Dante. Aldrich. DAG. MurphDog, Peters. Tinkerbell. 
Meg. Jake, the King. Bell. Mr.D.. (Satan). Lucifer, Shackey. DepUtJ Dog. WOO. Ross. 
Bavu, Kelp. RHC. Zim. Tom. Office. Guide. FRIENDS: JG JR RR RIIC CM MP PD DL 

Lauren R. McCarthy 

Clyde, Lil Skip 

SOCCerC SoftballC 1-4 Thanks- Dad Mom Bri Une I am DJ Silver Bullet Remember- 
Miclielle Mols \ ' Anywhere Court Muff Chi/ Aim AM. gal Kuc Jim Jow DeCarolNYE 
(, nm.ic e KelB Mil /Skip 'I.C/cruise Tool Belts ALMS LDCRJCSPJM LKMCDKAJ 
MJ M I HI V&M SL BF D AU RP Mary jane 99old buds Sr boys JrDudes Lou Crew Wolf 
Mando Rage- yesClyde l.ydog Callou Hohi Bobm/laiam IS ...SHOOT IT' Nic Cs DMs 
"bashes" -If I was a- I'd 'skag oni French CR/clipa thi/ 10/30/98 parties Ameshuiy 
dances BBC MC/Prom conceits I RIDK:SuperjamMHS FIELD food- icecie. im s.coolatas 
m. chocolate Michaels Place Bertuccisl NA gamelGeena Ms Friendly s WW IDONIVAFU 
Minis Hampton/Mick D's RR 6721/99- roof Riversides PlymouthCC- MB when? 
BRAD fireworks "Greater NE Alps tour" skitnps hottub magicball RW/WPI/BC visits 
Forgets: JEALOUSY DC "friends" RULES West GoldenSails Brownies waves 10/31/98 
@ Sunrise THIS WAS COOL now LET'S GO 


Ann Mclnerney 

Remember: Especially Mom and Dad my sisters and Jeff, friends Nicole. M + M. AC. KC. 
KW, MH. MC. LM. JC. P + S, PW "Cake of Soap" Mic. Nov. 14 concert, Donelan's DM 
NM The Cape "Free for you" stories Maine Forget: the past, fights, trouble Look forward 
to the future, but don't be in too much of a rush to get there. 

Justin T. McManus 

Mcmus, Teddy 

Always remember J Sousa M Mahoney C Osgood J Kane D McCarthy A Yee J Tabor J 
Betts M Jones M Deangleo S Hanson M Jepson B Hafner B Binkoski D Ollia J Orsburn 
M Rapolli M Macneil M Tilsley S Parshly K Chisholm C Downs C Ross A Couto L 
McCarthy L Morse L Hurley B Tate L Daken. Adolphus. Kchis party and teeth. 
SMOOTH, dws, my first night at binks. nights at the north and staford, Fergy's messed 
up house. Wendy's spicy chicken. Peter's gram's, me and kristie's pics. Dan's stereo, every 
Friday at McCarthy's junior year, cool twentys. rubin in the bub. 4 years of art class. Jeffs 
tab, Murray's cottage, port and marty's tatty, opop's, all my absent days, my little 
lamb, CR LD and LH's dress up day, EXOTIC, Stupid cow. YIZ, 5/29/99 DMB. it's not 
like that, SQ and KL. MMEEIT normal kid. right? . chooch. depa's fires, BEATNUTS, 
Betts and Kerns. Plymouth, E, NLG. yogurt, last day of school junior year. 1 8th birthday, 
and all my not so bad after all years at WHS. Forget: ICE 10 1, the month of march. Junior 
prom night, JC's fires. MR. K, axle rod. the black book, being broke, bridges. 

Karen Ruth Medeiros 

Danielle Joy Meegan 

I look back and realize how much life has changed in the past 4 years, not only for me but 
for everyone. I have watched friends makes bonds that can never be broken and enemies 
do things that should be forgotten. I have traveled to France. I have played lots of tennis 
and loved every minute of it. I have fallen up (he stairs because of the one friend who 
understands. Most importantly, I have fallen in love and I have fell my heart break. Rich. 
je t'aime toujours, You are my best friend and my soulmate 9/23/97- 8/28/99 "I was never 
one to patiently pick up broken fragments and glue them together again and tell mysell 
that the mended whole is as good as new. What is broken is broke and I'd rather remember 
it as it was at its best than mend it and see the hn ken places as long as I lived." Thank you 
to everyone who was there and to my loving family, dad mom Doro and Katie I love you 

Activities: field Hockey I . Basketball I. 2; Spring Track 3, 4. Dance I. 2. 3. 4. Foreign 
language Club 2, PRO 3, VP4; Bread and Roses 1 . 2 To Remember. Sunimei '97, "The 
Gang". Water Tower. Hanging out w/Bill and Brian, Rob's Yard Pranks, fiance w/Nikki, 
"Cats", The Sauna, The Res. The Pink Rose. Night Time Astronomy. Hoot Camp '99. 
Victory Forge. I 20. All The Support ToFoi get Sophomore Ycai . English Class. RT. 1 b. 
Changed Friends, future Plans: Go To College For Psychology and fhcologv Make 
a Difference in people's lives, del Married and Have A I -amiK 


Matt Minghella 

Micky, Crazy Legs 

Coley H mm Trampoline LH2 Espanol Mark Udda Budda champs Concerts WWFGoony 

goo-goo German Cpl America Choppa Dumpy Quigs Mneh BullDog Videos BBGun 

Thais What I do Mang Titanic Shogun Force l)i Evil Anim Nowak Pencil Bruce Lee Viaje 

Hba Great Day Clipboards ProngC Complexes Psychos Homer Esleepovers Banana In 
1 1( i ougblin It is the play station thai binds us Randy Malum) Jamal Ryland Injuries 
I rack Slacker Club Lindsay and Digovani 3AM1GOS Arnie Weird Draw mgs I Beat Mark 
In Everything HaltaJet Frenchy Cammarata BigRedMachine KORN lihl Dinners At My 
House Hacman Big Bear Bow ling I'm sexy MikeandMatl Vegas Bermuda Florida Branch 
That Broke Hangin Tree Before School" Gun Fights With Jeff Beating Manns at 
TeKKen3 Hometown Bullet Jello Squares "Awesome" Sculo 

■ ■ 


■ ■'■ a a w 

ii nmmm iiil: 

Andrew Mitzan 

AJ, Mitz, Mitten, Miatzan, Ricky 

Remember: Mom. Dad, Zack. Andy. Jim. Darren. Dan. Peeyat. DB. Rob. Gilhs. Lynn, 
Lindsay, Kuc. Mark. Quiggs. Lrong. James. AM, NM.JC. GM. IK. I'l.JM.I.M. JO. AD. 
AC. Juanca, And All Rest Sorry If I Forgot, Sox/Celts Games, Pingpong/Pool, LaMomia 
Spainl Sara, Disco, W Bill, ocean P [MOM Ben., Scavenger Hunt (WPDi. AM Party, 
JO Parties/ Walk Home, JR Fires. Wrestle-mania. XC Busied By (ops. Blitz P 

i >ome, Indoor Soccer, Prancing Unicorns, Glass Broken, V Soccer, Dick 
light. Soccer Dinners. Fena. Newbury port N-game. Raiting w/Chip and Tom. Raccoon. 
Peeyat All Talk. Ipswich Suspended. STU, "my Way Or The Highway". I papering. 
Snow Kart. JD Crew. Megysey Classes. 2 Yrs RHC. DK VS. RS. DK is JR. 2(DK u 

Me), Piggy Backs. Beat Tewks Last Game MB Fam, KO'Dby DA, ACC, Depas Fires, 

Needham. Deputy D. P PS Car, Soccer Team, West I ootball, Cart DK Around. DA/JR 
pools. Swing Parties (PS. DK, JR AM Shovel Snow/" Track" Injury). XC \s Soccer. 
Forget: She!, (ireat Woods/Slc\c Miller. Matt P. Freshman Yr/St Johns". 2 Yrs JV. 4- 
X-6. Homecomings/Proms/Dances, NHS ADD Ball. Spring frack. Mike Lee, Ricketts 

Greg Monteiro 


Ryan Moroney 

Can't foget the Corolla. All my friends- DB, (ill lis, Frong, Bird, Che I ri Meg, Pi -at 

(Jenmfah). John (Luck) 180) Andy. Mcx. Munch. Sap(W Y S Bag). All my XC Buds. 
Also AJ JR. It) II (Nurnmy), DA. MR. AD. And those who weren't so lucky 
Remember Events at the West Meeting Bobby Heenan. WrestleMania 99. Sunn 
Limp Bizkit Concert, RAW ai tin I leet, TREBOR, RHCP, lew Bduget (you'll see us in 
the future). Amesbury Sports Park. Trip to B U Hockey Game. Last Sports Round-up 
Show. MBPam l.uhash Subaru. Meeting Bret Hart. Jumping on Steve Austin 
Class of 99. lightsabers, old airport, trcc-filly CORN. Porevei Forget Nassau Accident. 
BIX2 concert. Meeting KR I don't want t" torget much, and I won't, and III see all my 
underclass pals in the future Adios. 

The best days ol out lives? You decide' Things to remembci Football, Baseball, 
Wrestling, Track, 5:30AM, Captains. Doubles. Donul Club. Hog Heavi It, Fi 

rurkii li.ickci Inikey Day 9X/99. League Champs, the Vikings. ACL.. Dinners, one 
night, the woods Things to Forget- Pentucket 99. injuries, tresspassing on private 

property, uncomfortable rides borne, work Misc Z> I, Absolute Doggy 

Mi in Wil gton circle, Depa parties, races, 100 mph, sunrise, always 

getting lost Quote: " Ice cream don't have bones " I he Big 


Lindsey Morse 

THANKS- Mom. Dad. My Big Bro Dennis- my second fam. Arthur. Matt, Katie. Kelli. 
(rat_ Eric, Jay. Erik. Dominic. Kenny. Derek. Jess- Remember- Canobie99. Camping99. 
" Stilf", Chris hitting a deer on the highway! Rudolf did exist that night! Me tumbling 
down the dirt hill, Katie, throwing up all night! Hampton "Party" hotel- holding up Ml' 
Bobo from getting hit by cars; by here hair in fact! Southmayd's crazy party night, losing 
my shoe % Getting a ride home in the Stang! Ristucca w/ the E gang. Hiding in Tommy's 
sloset w/rat and 20 of her people! Sophomore Semi'97 '98 Summer North nights, 
Richardsons hangin' out w/ the Bruin Kyle McClaren! Frosh and JV softball- "Live 
Situations"- Jay's Shania obsession. Psycho spider man climbing up the front of my house 
and finally, never regret anything that happens because everything that happens does 
happen for a reason! 

Arlene Moscufo 


LD CR LF CO KH AL JO SQ MS PART: JC JH MD BK who stole the $ dbb sloth gym 
gro mafia deli barb ko puke soc sle taco bar ick- ml poop-truck $30 nh bad god help you 
chain rea danes- ff home99 deb 28 98 depa fires the capt swim red roof ja redsweat pen 
fran christ 98 bigslam dis & naps w/ dd get up you teets goody cream kids chicken 
budellee i kew it puppet eggs shorts w/ lb gals pedro 98 eng dun re wake up call nyc soc 
din 902 lOsil bull liglodd boots bros foil lb w/ jrteeboy you rem me span vid sil plat jeans 
day wed ring mooning if your on the 18... shoot it for: broken heart sneaks ss-after sneak 
out w/ lb car ace w/sp fut: be successful get married and have a fam 

Colleen E. Murphy 

Olga, Jules, Smit 

Cenior. Buck and Pete 9-19-98. Band Camp. Backstreet Boys.Mette Spice. S-canning, 
WOMAN, Penn State, Borris. HBO'. WHOA! Yugo shot-putting. Tink. ooh water! 
Thanksgiving game 1 998. Disney World 1996. Washington 1999. Elephant Shoes. Maria 
Fuentes, Mette's lawn. Look who's winning now Dialysis bag! Dave Matthews 1999. 
DAT not DAKS! The Dent in my ceiling from Bry'shead! Putt Putt Persaud and Murphy, 
SMIT! little lefty, Trumpuleez Stygles. Jenn: are you ok? My George, Maya La Abeja, 
Elmo, Smack downs! 5-2-97, Moo! coh-leen. Picture menus. W're gonna miss Hipper! To 
all my buds: I love you all. Thanks To: Mom. Dad. and Katie for always for being proud 
of me and helping me out, Mrs. Aldrich and Mrs. Nowak for being great teachers. Ms 
Mette for making me proud of all I do, and Maya. Tony, ami Dave lor encouraging me 
to follow my dreams' 

Adam Mutchler 

Munch, Munchie 

1999 Cape Ann League Football Champions. The Team. 1 love you all like brothers. The 
Complex. Eclipse. Sausage. "Gaa Gaa Goo". Coach Caffeine. "Great Day", Stoffa, 
" Aight". Jones, "HBA baby. Do it agaaiin". The Tube. The light Song. Football Camp, 
Ml. Ida. Champions. Double Sessions, 16 100's. Films, Sticker God. Tag at Banda's. 
Depa shot in rear with BB Gun. Frosh Tag Football. The Pit. Hog Heaven, Lifting at 5:30 
am. Depa's Fires. Hate the DL. KoRn with Matt. Jon. and Eric. Malt's Pool Trehhei 
Yecid. The Staining Room. The Three Amigos Frosh Spanish Class. Jr. Spanish ("lass 
with Greg and Ultimate, JT's car doing a 180. Frong and I Cruising the Ghetto, March 
Madness, Sunday River. The Cottage, Golfing with the T's. "Of all the things I've lost, 
I miss m\ mind the most " 


Andrew Myers 

Andy, Tiny, Deputy 

Scott Neville 

lis been a great four years! Aiways remember: Mom. Dad. Juana, Mick, Nick, Max. JM, 
DA x2. LD. LH, AM, PD/DB. JR. DK. PMS. JG, RR, MR. KK. KL. LB, JI, JF. GM. and 
Chip. Aiways remember: swing dancing parties + pool @ AM's. JR's fires + sleepovers. 
wrcstlemania @ PMS' , 36 eggs on PMS's car, soccer dinners, XC and DB busted, STU 
U[swich fiasco). KL @ Pentucket game. MD-fam, SPAIN (disco, flinko, maggie. 
IMOM(DA)), Red Sox game w/JC. indoor soccer, AM-DK fights. DK-JR fight, RS-DK 
fight, t-papers. go-kart in snow night (J-D CREW!), pranks/fights/football at West. 
rafting w/Chip. RHC. PH.RHC-PH fight, spirit day w/JC, Proms. Semis. Homecomings. 
PMS @ Newburyport game, scavenger hunts, battle dome. JC's going away party. 
JennifahQ, DA's fights. Woburn-Prancing Unicorns, blitz parties, graduation parties, 
food fights, yecid corporation, Spanish videos, JC and internet. Forget: Three years JV 
soccer, caolling. Fling, 4-8-6 for soccer, no cable, alien, deputy doog, rashes, broken 
ankle -.enior year. 

The Pentagon. Mike, Mike, Justin fPriz), Chris, Friends. Brad. Johnny. Chris. Hilary. 
Roby. Michele. Nataly. Jen. Alicia. Becca. Chrissy. John. Mike, Jason. Sabrina. Robin. 
Kevin, Janet, Lisa, Del. Cross Country, the ark. The Flash: Track: Band, All Mighty and 
Powerful Drum Major, comp Titanic, AMOGLI: SADD : DECA: Flood pants. Freshman 
Math (Bell). Freckles. Bring Back that Lovin Feeling, DVDA, Frankie Valli. Tum- 
bleweed. Troll, Aux Seo 

Katie Nichols 


Evan O'Neil 


Remember: Hardrock '98, Maine '99, Junior Prom, Guitars, Strings, Yellow paddleboats. 
UNI. concert, "Scoopy", "Hey. Are those my -.hoes 1 ''", decorating lockers, "Trashbags", 
CAD, Mix FEst '99, and "Luego". Forget: Sophomore year. Friends forever: Becca. 
Alexa, Richie, Kelly, Colleen. Katie C. Katie M.. Kim S.. Victoria. Marie, Jarrod. Jen. 
Mike. Anthony, Maya, and Jeff. Personal quote: To my family and friends, thanl^ foi .ill 
your support over the years. 

Remember: Ryland, Little Mexican. Cheerio. Nicole, Bird, Numby, Frong, The T- 
Top, Shift Kit. Dash fire. Long Lake, The Jeep. Casanova. Vermin Supreme. York, 
Billy Bob. Snowboarding with JonCon. Florida trips, golf team, golf state finals. 
Sally, Box truck, Paul's theories. Nick's Concord trip, Jim, Joe. Pick, nine dollar paint 
job. Fling. Tabor being a dog, I'm a spot. Paul's three day relationship, the apple, 
tocio. Rage, the goll course incident, four wheeling. Dinosaur Jr. with Ryland and 
anything else I may have forgotten 


Marlene O'Rourke 


Mom, Dad, Chris, Brian-I love you guys and thanx 4 everything BH, TF, AS, SH, AB, 
FL. MD, KH. CD. JS, BB. JB, CO. Do. MM, MH, MT, KL. KL, CK, DH, JK. Kh, KO. 
CC, LA, LD, ST. John's crew, partying w/Bill n crew. Hey How you doin Bailot, Kuc. 
Longo. Clambox, Adolfus. Wesley. IWPD. Phish, Jeep. 2K. Dave Matthews, The Jellies 
made me do it, Ridin Bikes w/AS & TF, Keer's, RM, Dokies. I wish I was BNB, Kyle 
really broke the piece. Slahs. Fat A, La weavie, ank&Ruthie. Slvr Platter. Honk, Krigs 
Evil Deed, That Sunday Afternoon. The Great Snowball, OP. Southern Darkness. 
Infestation. Fri 1 3th, JB Penny Wars, Sailin w/Captain, Dancepanls, GUane, Dumpster 
Stez SS. EB, Niz, Adam's house, mush. Sublime, Markisl08Lar, The Grind, Lb, Allman 
Bro.. When MD saved me from the beast, SAB, DAB, Food game, photo, New Hamp, 
Martha & Henry, Cheater Cheater Forget: My buddy in Vermont. Pigs, MD&SH never 
ending battle, trashy people, lowell Quote: Not all who wander are lost. 

Kristin O' Toole 

Remember - Mom Dad Pat+Mike Jod+Dean Shane+Leo Maura Coll Arlene Kara Lauren 
Katie Kristie BFF Hick Kell Bill SQ DT JC EB JO JH MD AC BM DK MTPTYS Calncys 
JeffsMartinsJodisBarattasOldgolfcourseBillsKHcookoutJC Cottage w/ACMLCCBK 
Feb28 The night we hardly remember but will never forget ML+AM Reeb Muy TYG 
Sneak Out w/ML+AM Sneaking around not getting caughl Long Stories Late Walks+Talks 
w/KL Flip Made up stories w/ML Picking up a bum w/KL DD rescue w/KL+CC 
LouCrew Budellee..AM+ML at Bickfords 3am at Rouxs w/CC+ML New Years 98+99 
Sorry ML 3Muscas Jr.Prom/Bills Birthday99 That's Baggage Shot4Shot Champs FOF 98 
Boys Kristonathauren Dances Ps+KS Is she alive? Sleepover Crew w/CC Late nights w/ 
CC+ML the Resort w/MLCCAMJBMO Thanks 4 all the memories Forget: Lies Rumors 
believed to be true July7 98 summer from hell Saying: Girls just want to have fun 

1 1 wm 

Jason Osburn 

Ozzy, Ozwalk, Jay 

Remember: Senior year C.A.L. football champs, all the parties, criminal justice class, 
Kel, forget not playing football junior year. Coach Barry "What are you on scholarship?" 
"Doggy Doo" "Great Day" the Vikings, Cutip. Hr. Hog Heaven. Wild Dogs. 1 2th grade 
English class OB and Marty. Baseball with Beckwith. Ms. Russell's calss, Joyce's English 
class 9th grade 

Alicia Paquin 

"Times pass, people change, but memories never die" Vsoccer+Bball FRIENDS-Erin 
Lynn Meghan Pietra Jess AM KB MC-MAC AC JP NM LB RC KK-thanks Remember- 
5/7/99, 10/22/99 CheesePuffs Psych MD Pig Duck mhov "Whaleva Get Ova It" 2.2 Be 
Happy! Datducks-NJ-Hilthead SC-DB Ligtnin, Outcast Antisocial cousin Ppuff BBC 
Extrem Sals Pizza, FuzzyDuckDuckyFuzz? MybfMlke -Vsoccer#7-Sleepovers Dinners 
Applbees Fridays MiniMe IwillSurvive-Accidenls Happcn-Don't Drink& Drive-No 
Smke In Back Seat "Stop" You Pretty-HeyBud!*Glenn. Thanks for being there for me. 
You'll always have a place in my heart! LuvU! Forgei-KL SL JR Psycho Framham Ski 
Trp LatePhoCalls Scamp Sparty Everyotheiday-CantWaitl or-Grad "00" Prom College 
'Thanks Mom Dad Susan+Family For everything you've done for me' II. Y "If you love 
something set it free. If it comes back to you. it's yours, n not. it was never meant to be." 


Darlene Parker 

Jonathan Parker 

Red, Lene 

Activites: Track 1:2, Cheerleading 2 Remember: Lynda Guy. Michelle Ponte. and Kim 
Smith Best Friends Forever. Also remember: BG, LM, NG, KS, NC, MD. VG. BA. KK. 
CB, LD, Lm, BM, RS. NG.No.Andover Bouys, DM. MC, CM. MP, AS. Remember SH 
w/AS. JS. JF. and AP. Favorite Times w/AS, JS, MP. LG, and KS. Places: Hampton, 
Portugal. California, car Trip to North Carolina "I'm Shelby Scott" Florida, Jimmy's 
Garage, Bermuda. Burlington Mall, Star Market. Woburn Center, Monster Jams, Match- 
box 20, Kiss Concert, Sayings: "Cookies?", "Whaaaat", "Could ya snut the phone on' 7 " 
"Sup Dee!" "Nookie" "I smell bacon." "What you got kid" "Chicken Head" "Goose eggs" 
Remember always freshman studies, and all the fun times w/friends. Forget: anybody 
who wasn't my friend, math classes, except for Ms. Peters Geometry Thanks to Mom+Dad. 
Ray. Jonathan, Kira, and Issac 1 love all of you so much. Thanks for all your support. 
Especially to Ray, Kira, and Mrs.Levine you mean the world to me. 

"Do not follow where the path may lead. ..go instead where there is no path and leave a 
trail " RS, SN, MF, CM. KK. BG, EB. VG. LA. VC thanks for the memories. SS-htw 
poles, trips to hospital. The Stoppie, TCC-PW, JB, and AP "Summer 99" APextrem, AM 
mac truck. ER-big red, stop sign. English. CB english, SP m/m. Junior Prom, JM CT 
FERG. JO-Kap, CL-finger, Benz, SATs, AM-PD track Lewis. My best friend SUE I love 
u! BOB. JC-hmpmobile. gym. MP. AZ. MS. CC, ML-hi ' Mom. Dad. Darlene, Ray. Kira. 
thanks for always being there ILU. ISAAC 9/22/99, Shelby Scott, my good friend KIM. 
tube, SL-car trips, DL-whs g/f, CC-dancing, KM, LG, Bermuda-Forbes, dinner bells, 
who let the dogs out? WOOF!!! Mary, EC civil war, MC, LB, 1/d, MC-Old man. CC. 
MSB. court, slurp, therefore, seriously though, he he he he. working w/Nelson. "Times 
pass, people change, but memories never die." 

Sarah Ann Parshley 

"Parsh " 

GTW: Stiner, Aimee, Jill, Longo, Chishol, Kuc, Sam. Muffrat, Jackaroo. Court, Sully- 
Noboyd could ask for better friends, always cherish the memories we've had. FF-The 
Guys-Jeff, Bri, Bink, Hafner, Manus, MO. KH, CO. MR. KT, MT, DK, AD, LM, ND, 
LM, MJ, MP. JR. DF. BM. MM&anylelsei4got NRCrew-JC, EG, MA, JM. MW, PO. 
BM. CW. JC. LT, CB2 Remember: nights ©North, Stafford. SneakyParties@ hafners, 
Depa's *Bomb* Fires, 4amtalks. Jillscampout. Softball (3), Chisholm's party. The Burp, 
PowderPuff, SJ3. Grigs, Homecmng. Hampton. NH96, Voyager, JAK 8/29/98 RIP. My 
sleepover. 9/17/98. Quitters Club, PewPew. Thanx Mallon 4 supplies-Forgets:SophSemi, 
SS2000, 6/19/99. Missing JrProm, BlowoffNites. DubmFights-Jen: You've been like a 
sister 2me, thanx 4 the memories. Jeff: thanx 4 always being by my side. Gags: thanx 4 
being there when you were. Mom. Dad. Andy&Family. you're the best, thanx 4 all you've 
done for me! 

Maya Persaud-Dubey 

Maya la abeja, May-a, Put-Put 

Remember: freshman biology, existence of silicon life forms, freshamn seminars, "Maya 
the Bee," David's poetry. THE notebook, "Where's the other box? ", Gerri Spice, Spike, 
triads. "Don't feed the monkeys." Time machines (get back into the closet). Science fair 
'98. Burlington Mall, Walden Pond. Piglet, trucks, walking, teapots. Senor C. Chaquita 
y Paquita. stories in Anatomy, study hall, Chex Mix. David's letter. Homecoming '99, 
777. trig functions (shifting-find the origin), fruit-flavored lip balm. AP Biology, Boris 
and Buster, "Look who's winning now!", "Larger than Life", "Where's UCONN?" 
"What?" We have to move...!, catapults, Christmas morning, locker room singing "You 
score, you strut". The Town Hall Crew. Thanks to friends, teachers, and family. 
"Whatever you are. be a good one." 


Michelle Ponte 


VG. NG.NS. JC. JT, NG.JL and everyone else you know who you are. Thanks Mom and 
Dad, and everyone else in my life for being there for me. DP and LG remember all the 
good times together. 10/29/99, 3/16/99, Junior Prom, Sophomore Semi, Freshman Fling, 
the homecomings, s.d., sunglasses 99. Bertucci's. limo with HOAGIE sleeping, all the 
rolls, Jimmy's garage, Canobie Lake, all the guys we met. DP remember big socks. 
Portugal. China, chicken, hampton, heaven. LG remember BG's party, the truck, Gary, 
Roberto, Ratcliff, North Andover guys, mall trips. Woburn, party with Chrissy, the guys, 
2PAC. DL remember Spanish class, paco's taco, Nacho. KS remember 4th of July over 
DP's house, doritos in fan, 10/29/99. DP and LG always remember BFF. 

Mark Rappoli 

Remember: Family-Mom. Dad, Ry. Lauren. Maia& Pups -Clancy's Party- "Water" - 
Donna& Amy-Fat A-Chisholmi's-Celebrity-HomeTown-Funbags-J. A- hey, hey, you 
awright?-StevePeru-BIazer-RedSoxGame-ManusisCarRide-TheCaptain- Coughlins- 
triple kiss-Dipa's Fires-Junior Prom-eolorado-SouthCarolina-The North- White Water 
Rafting-CANADA-GoodGuy-SwimAtRedRooflnn-Darren'sHouse-My little parties-My 
Sunday Pats Game- Woburn Soccer-Peters Gram's-Hi Therel-Larry's Gas/Oil-DT- 
ALLAN-Senarian's-TownParkFire-Rourke's Bonfire-Late Night BK- Hafner's House- 
Not only was that not funny. .-Breakfast Drive-Freshman B-Ball- O'Neil's 3K-My 
$2803.60 CarCrash-Whitney's Lot-The chicken-Carlson's House- Running over the 
barrel, Konaxis's House, Puff Daddy Concert-Pew-Laurie's Ride to Freedom- 
Molly' sBackYardChats-Dunkin Donuts PickUp-Crashin at McDonald's-BEST FOUR 

Kimberley Joy Redmond 

Kim, Kimmy 


Rob Rogers 


Football. Winter/Spring track. DK. DA, JR. MT. PS, AM. AM. MR, JC. PD. JG, SQ. MM. 
EB. RH, LB. my girl Kel #16. Fb fam. mom. dad. Depas fires. Corolla crew. 5AM lifts, 
doubles. CAL champs, first touchdown plus the dance. Homecoming weekend 99. gaga 
goo. Tewksbury 98. Vikings, anniversary day practice, bus on Thanksgiving, aight. 
Ldingle. Van Halen#13. Pgame speeches. Doit again, HBA, Chi/7 99, Sheen dog, Pats 
preview w/Maxy. Unicorns, DA. Lewis/Holyfield2. GWO, Canada trip. 7/4/99. a. 
JR fire, Ssstuttering. clipboards, barrels, sticker god. rafting, camel toe, doggy goo. 
Ppuff. WWF. tramping, forget: Pentucket. MB. driving, best D in div 4. the cage, coach 
caffeine, all coaches. Trebor Yecid. RHC. sticker god. Bag of Donuts. Fire, parites. Find 
a way to win. We're having a great day. Are you on scholarship, and THESE ARE THE 


Chrystie Ross 

Love u all: Lynn Layna Barb Katie Ballot Noy Broad Squad Recking Crew Catull Skin 
Kuk Muff ( hizzdogga I'lal&Jcnncfaa Venus Teddy RuxbanMickcy Bemie DoaWon 
Jackie Andy ;( lassies I'ainledSquirrel Cabbage ThcPhone Cahin Reaction Mary»ue PV 
Bird; 1 6 dinners What arockel/Shutup!"; Woods Mobile Italy Dario; Parties; Dcpa Doza 
Kidsplace K( Where the ■»"' ' Is Carlisle/We can't find MC/ Eh Eh, baby, babys)atl 
right. Barbcall 91 1 / 1 doubt it/ God help u';Beata: Snuffy. BBC2000. Success PtalReujVion 
I BOrt riraph Mom loCondo Bonnie I. ingerieDayPNS Naples Ceramic Teiml-ambPuiuVags 
Iwaykiss White WaterRafting- The times I'll always remember Forget: band, skidmarknight 

James Rourke 

Scoonie, Rizourke, Helen, Golden Boy 

Thanks to my parents and friends for the greatest four years ALWAYS remember 
afternoon fights w/gang, scream, NYr 96 at Qs, Sp movies LB AM DA JO-cn 
la call de dawson ; Valenti- Cheerio. Ds summer96; K + KI dam ing contest bird, Janas 
soup, gloves etc! ; following LB w/ AM- did she get it?? ; fire- Venus success w/CR; 
Rafting w/Chip+ Moondog. of Gregory Fox; B&N w/ DA; PRs w/ PD JG AM; Acton, 
JuanCarlos 7/3, last ride DA. AFS letter, juancadonka P&P; /S noi at AMs; Lepi 
MR walking jokefjk) football sprite boat you know what?; Strike I- unicorn DAl 
outburst; Mickey skills- pqol darts etc. LD whats my name?; LB Bl rcc job, lake my 
advice, Ms jump in P; mud fight w/ KK AM(Depuly'), JVsocccr- STL' 1 Ipswich. 2V1 
2V2, JO movie attempts, walk home DA AM PORGE I DKvJR RDI; my KU ability. 
AD not powder puff; Medway.. GOOD LIT K EVERYONE! SORRY I SAY SOKRY 1 

Erin Rowe 


MM. wi i box psych Mb behappy BPMii luck 2-2 

IP&S led Fra D.Dxrew STOP HI ! I b [WPD Don'tDD/ 

SMKNCINBCKST! Carfite BB< Butt«?VI itimi gointoRl VAexiitdugli 

NRp&sKii*G< wdurobclosetcaaerdtip iSPOLYSPIl 

Sbamp shen, i CalmDown WillNotObsesi I IK ssisy BeStrong NHOtawy 

SoBeontheRun blkoul Stu&Du (J smell Like Feet OwnWrstEnmy Smdy Fi i r.yeai 
'i 10/31/98 1/2 4/23 5ft 6/23 7/16 8/23/99 evothrday 1 10 prl CRISPY 

MINE MIS I AKLS i lie into our lives & quickly go. oi In 

into our lives, stay for awhi footprint on our hearts & we'i n ertb. 

tall miss these things when it all tolls hy what a day wanna stay, stay. 

oi "full "i imb iii, inks Mom Dad Matt Ilovi 

R ui mini Summei '99 trip to Maine. Jason's t-lop and jammm with I. B future plans 
include work and college Baseball 9, hockey 9+10, football 10. crosscountry II I'm I 
10.1 1.12 


Michelle Lee Russo 

Karate Chick 

I'll always remember my good times in HS. To my BF Ken. I'll always love u we had so 
much fun over Ihe yrs & I know they'll go on 4-eva, NF 1-24-97 & all our vacations. To 
my BFs Katie Karen Nicole Lyndsey Jamie Sarah Lauren Alicia John Nick Jason Mark 
Joe & Mike, u are the best. I'll never 4-getu. NF snowtubing99&JT's ticket, cheering soph 
year, homecomings, Halloweens, studies frosh year, Jamin concert, Mikes B-day, Let go 
of me, 1 see it, TBB night, 6 flags, Katies fight 1 missed, Salisbury, Mikes teacups running 
from Tom. laser lag. &yes Im American, Bobo Im glad we became friends, NF SCW & 
our record & leaving early 2 go 2 the mall. 2 my family I love u all so much. 4-get all the 
fights and bad days. 2 those I missed good luck. 2everyl. lifes 2 short to worry about the 
small stuff live it 2 the best every day. Im out! 

John Saad 

Karen Sakey 

Stooky Nuti, Slinky 

Nick Saporito 

To: Jess Sarah Jamie Matt Titi Lauren Michelle Katie Alicia John Nick- It's been fun! 
Always remember: Dori Itos Sally Hanson Butthcad the rules & list "Jessica, breathe... 
read, what # ?" Pow-wow's on Sat night INCOMING Mon studies Eat em up! Sharing is 
caring etc. Sophmore year w/ my Matty boy, no -- in my park! Lauren- baseball guys 
Kristen- foods class the rock Taco Bell Irayz L/L camping fun limes w/ Steve- 1st night 
abandoned house just 1 u don't know... Teresa's B-day Monica- dances mall security 
Mike's B-day Busting out notebooks w/ Murph What Iim? Jim Jim. Sum. w/ K & K eng. 
final 4 hp's original crew @ Simards- u know who U arc- dances stick sauce kid Italy/ Eng. 
w/SA- thanks Mr. D- 1 luv u, i will miss the class Grabbing bars w/ KPMSCH and then... 
Thanks mom and dad- i luv u, same to every- 1 else... oh. by the way., never stare and 
always beware... Beware of the Bird, that is! 

Jamie I loveu 1 1 298 C hiinkys 1 21298- About time Funny Dreams Cuffs "The Bag" Elmer 
Oh Woof Popsicle Kickboxing July499 Yellow Socks Bellybutlon Broken Hands on 
Walls and Broken Walls by Hands. Props to John T aka Pathagores Got a Buck 90 I ight 
Saber Devil Dance the Lonar There Goes a Hubcap Handicaps Cones Hand Turkeys 
Polarcrecp Papachulo. Mex-T-Tops Rem Nicks Floor The West Bench Neul Army T- 
Tops Again Just Because Billy Bobs a Pos! Mac-n-Cheesc baking Soda. Paully the 
Middle School Stalker and Piazan Karen Stop! Stupid Swirly Chili Thing? Evans the Cute 
One RedSayssoJay-Bird_yea! Amesbury Sports Park and Parking I ol present on Johns 
window Vaguely remember the Excel Topaz Accent Total The Probe Ha-Ha I won 5(1 
Yard line Breakers Lot- Sorry B Hitten Skniz Bumpy and Red SP Pics got Tree Fitly 
Action Jackson Dicks History Class Love to all Miss cvenone-ciao 


James Sawyer 

Richard Selig 


ACTIVITIES: Band. SADD. Student Council. Peer Leadership. Bread & Roses RE- 
MEMBER: Mom Dad Tracy Auntie Joan Aunt Ev Auntie Linda Uncle Joe Mimi 
Papa Pam Chuck Kelsey Kevin Melissa Chris Chrissy Becca Colleen Mike Kim Cathy 
Marie Victoria Becki and to the rest of my family and friends thanks for everything. 
Band Camp 99 BSB Howie Squeeze Cheese cheesehurgcrs Washington DC 99 
DisneyWorld 96 Sisters Mr Spleen BNL KISS Concerts France 98 Mme Beckwith 
Quebec Montreal Junior Prom Riverside " Hi sorry but ya know last time I checked " the 
blue music stand with the white spot LFO Summer Girls Senior Proms Drama 
MASH French Class senior year Roc Le Roc Proclaimers Forget: college applications & 
essays hallway passports. 

Kimberley R. Smith 

Kimmy, Kimba, Quimica 

To all my family & friends: thanks for everything, I love you all. Quebec, Bermuda. 
Forbes/Dinner Bell. Wildwood, Summer '99. Track. Shotput Pace. Riverside. Jr.Prom, 
Sleepovers, Nebulizer. Going the Distance. Eddie Spaghetti. Amondie&Rossie Joe. 
Busch Gardens. Like a Prayer. Rossie Rider & Billy Bomber, Laser, Ohh! Curb, Rossie 
Rider Noo! English Muffins, Mr.Pilgrim, LA Looks, Sam. Short Term. Sisters. Mr.Spleen, 
Last time I checked, Kimbalaya. Tube, Court, Therefore. Cookies?. Socks, Sup Dee?. 
Pool. Whoa!. Pinocchio. N.America. Earth Day. Food Poisoning. Buddy!, Fruits, 
Glowbowling. No No No. Mane Aluentes. Thanksgiving Dance. S dances. The Note- 
book. Trig Functions, KAC, A&P Skull, Kimmy Wimmy, Shoulders. Goo Goo Dolls. 
BNI.. KUs Concerts. Matchbox20, Monster Jam. Blink 1 82. Suntan Lotion, Yearbook, 
IL( . Accreditation EXCEPT-Manchester by the Sea. Caramel Apple Pops. DC. b-day 
dinners. NKOTB.BEST3 months!, Where's UConn?TrainTracks, 7, NHCottage& Woods, 
Phil. The Biggest Toot in Toozleberg. RJ. Lunging, Albany, WE MADE IT! 

Stefanie Sordillo 

Stef, Sleffie 

Activities: Football Cheering IO-l2*Captain, W&S Track. Remember: Grandma, Fam- 
ily. Glenn, Kristin. Kevin. Jennie, friends, Northie Crew, Ulowell guys. Salem buds. 
Gloucester 97&98. Horn Pond, the Wagon. Silver Lake. Opposum. 10/30/99-Salt games. 
I l/l 0/99* Eric. Curbage. (DMB. Creed. Bboys & BW concerts) Skeletons. Jr Prom 99. 
Homecoming 97&98. TBB night. 8/1/98. Sasquatch, Lexington Drives, summer 97*. 
Dancing Queen. Confederacy. Jr Prom 98. Kanechewa. Sobe boys. Bunghole 
Liquors, Lampshade twins, CALChamps.& Regionals, 6/27 BBC. #41 & SG. 4:45pboyi 
sicknbed (2X1. 11/6/99, Jenn's bday party, skunk, coffee runs Forget: Hypocrites, 
Immaturity, soph yr.. bad habits. "I've had a wonderful time, but this wasn't il"-Groucho 
Marx. "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today. "-James Dean. "I guess 
I |ust wasn't made for these imes"-Brian Wilson 


Jeffrey J. Sousa 

Alexa Stone 

Lex, Lexa 

Remember: AIDS Infected Box Cutter. Osco Soaps, Football, Summer '97, Re-dying my 
hair, Quebec, Eddie Spaghetti, track, Shotput Pace, Regalos, Hee-Hee, Disty Spice, BSB, 
Ar's parties. Bandcamp 96-99, Beamish. Hoo Hoo-oo. Jen fell off the bed. Italy, Summer 
99, Venice, rm and coca-cola, MFA. Salem. Junior Prom, my car breaking down Forget: 
Saturday mornings, track practice 

Patrick Sullivan 

Scouts, Pirhana, Sully, Peeyatt, Pat 

Remember: Mom. Dad, Kat, AM(x2), DK. DA. JR. DB. JG. RR. JF and the rest. 
Wrestling (Spank. Shea. Dcxta. Grillo, Depa) and soccer teams ( the pmpster), 3 yrs JV 
"Who drew #2". STU (Ipswich), indoor, parties© AM's, JR's fires, soccer dinners, XC 
busted, "Is that you Russ?" Wrestlemania party (MB heist), Bad Box. Battle Dome. 
Boxing parties "You want water", hanging out with Juanca, Red Sox. Thermadrene and 
Newburyport, Rafting with Chip. Raccoon, "What's your name son?" MAU trips, 
barreling in the Birdmobile, West Crew, DK's fights with AM. JR. & RS. Blitz parties, 
Trebor Yecid and RHC. Quebec w/Bleu. the MB-fam. Toilet Papering. DAG. All the 
Proms and Dances. AM and Matty Palton. Forget: Lips, Eggs. Everyone from Tewksbury 

Anthony J. Szabo 

George, Szabs, Tony, Zebra 

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them- 
Emerson That which does not kill me makes me stronger-Nietzsche I don't divide the 
world into the weak and the strong, or the successes and the failures, those who make it 
or those who don't. I divide the world into learners and non-lcarnci s-Barher Knowledge 
is power-Bacon He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my 
contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would 
suffice-Einstein If they give you ruled paper, write the other way. Do not suflci the 
coropanj ol fools-Buddha To he nobody but yourself in a world which is Jomr us best 
night and day to make you like everybody else means to fight the hardest battle any human 
being can fight and never stop fighting-c.e cummings Second star to the right and Straight 

on till morning.., 


James Allen Tabor 

Barbara Tate 


To remember: the Fam, Lynn. All the partygoers, "Suzie" and "Russ", Skirts. Roosters, 
Vt, Cape. "Ya know?", Angel, Jr. Prom, the "List", 5/21/99. Triple J Snow Removal. 
"Fieldtrips", Triple Party Nite, Spectrum, Spirit Weeks. Friday nites at Dan's, Jon's beach 
house. Jeep, Corsica, Mr.Scanlon's stories, Mr.Ferguson, Vermin Surpreme To Forget: 
Pajama Day. Getting Beat at Sunrise. "Austin Chris", Martin's house, Will you be my 
friend? April vaca junior yr. Favorite Sayings: Ya think?, I'll Kill you!!! Challenge: 
Being coordinated Future Plans: I don't know what I'm doing in the next five minutes. 

Activites: Cross Country capt Winter track capt Spring track capt Remember: Family, 
Joe, Katie. Bailot, Layna. Christie. Laura, Julie, PM, LG, KH. JJ. KC. BG. DT, KG, JH. 
SJ, JM, doza parties, heavenly walk, Bernies campouts, Skilton lane, 3rd period study, 
the Beata Naked in Deli Bob. Broad Squad. February train, Homecoming 98, Maine. KC 
parties, Bradley run, GI Jane walk, Booger, Cliff, DAB Forget: NIM mad dog snowsuit 

Jason P. Thresher 


Martin F. Tildsley, Jr. 

Marty, Justice, Cornbread 

Remember: fam (Dad, Mom, Boo, Lou. Charisse), friends-Dave, peck. Evan, Sap. 
Nummy. Gillis, Frong, Monty. Cherrio. My van. the West. Peck's house. My buick, MB 
family. Wal-crew, Maine trip. My basketball career, Coolata incident. Pumpkin Caper 
(Gillis, Forsh). Dummy (west), Old Airport, Corolla, Roadrage on Nassau, Nicole's 
house, My brother's car. X-country team , Football games at West, free-labor job, Tewks, 
with Cherrio, Tewks. Vs. Wilm. fight, Sports- soccer 2 years, x-country-2 yrs, basketball 
2 yrs, spring track 4 yrs, J V hoop, practices/game speeches Forget: semi, I st homecoming 

Activities: Basketball-4 years. Baseball-4 years Remember: Family-Dad. Mom, Ryan. 
Friends-Keating, O. G Funk, Pirat, Burg. Na-Na. Pic, Sully. Pierre, MR, JR. KH. CC. 
Arlene, Wrigley's, Barebura, Tool, MO, JS, BH, Kim, Parsh, Kuc, KH. JJ, Kampers, 
Brend, Dirtbag. LA remember: parties, games. 3-pointers. My car, PaPa. 1 2 oz. day I saw 
the barebum. studies in cafi, Benny's Tattoos. Dick's baseball practices, Joyce's English 
classes, Adolphus, Forget: Ditka's practices, gases, north carolinas, cops, no parties. 
driving around, getting beamed by Mcmanus at baseball, Junior Prom, Skags, tardy 
policies. BestH.S moment-Feb.3, 1998-26 points vs Amesbury (ju year) Future: marry 
someone great and have great kids 


John Timulty 

There are many people to thank, because without them I wouldn't have made it through 
high school. Thanks to Katie B., Michelle R„ Jessica C, Sarah L., Karen S., Alicia K, I 
will always be your papechulo. Lauren D. I will always be there to give you fatherly 
advice. Eric V. Surge ! Mbfam. Greg M. Mbfam 1 80. Nick S Lightsaber fights, shagnwagon. 
Jamie C M&M's whipped Nick in a week, Jonathan A to much to say so little room, 
thanks without your help I wouldn'thavemadeit. and I'm sure you will get more midnight 
calls. Mom even though I don't say it I appreciate you a lot for all the things you do for 
me. Thanks love you. Lisa you've given me good advice keep it up. Things to remember 
&leave: Meaghan w/2 more years, fishnets, devil dance, stubby, Mbfam. 190 on 495. 
StarWars, WAAF. 42's musical influence, thanks to the whole Alpert family 4 their love 
and support, Nicole's hot tub, Opp&AekAek. I'm vapor! Later! 

Daniel J. Torpey 


Activites: Hockey 1-4. Ftbl 1-2. Baseball I Remember: Den. Mom, Dad. Kel. Nore, EB, 
JC, JO, BK, FL. AC, BM. RH, KH, CC. ML, LA, KO. KL. KL. AM. KH, NM, DF, MW. 
SQ. JR, DA, MD. RR, KK, Al-641, Dre. Howie, BF, MJ, JF, JV, MV, KD. TC. Negro, 
everyones name I misses It doesn't matter what your name is! Wutang, KK's hives, Greg 
Fox, rafting. DGC party, Depafire. Kepe Cottage, Hursts Cottage, Pauls party, Pirats 
house, Clancy parties, Coughlin party, ML freshman yr? Study at Allaby's? Chislms 
party, Sailin w/Otoole,EllesRm, Mo's party, SOCO. Vermn Supreme. Revere, poolshed. 
pranks, chilibombs. passing out in DE. tempo, bomber, 12-31-98. Smiller. Barnstead, 
Kepe Kq's KB, Hockey Jr. Year-JV. SH, CF, MD. TF thanks. Colt. Delarious, Poonies 
Forget: fights w/ Alicia, family, friends. Ayer. Brnd. pullover, Franksbed, Kokomo.hard 
times. I don't have many regrets! 

Cassandra Leigh Tower 


Clubs: SADD. MCC, FLC, YrBk, B&R, DECA-Secretary Remember: Doritos. Fruits. 
Mary rick&Scott pee-time. No No No, Family-tree, Riverside, Honk&Honk. Chlorinated 
H20, Son trees in bkyrd. $1 $1 roses, Nifty peachykeen. Aloof Kiwis Ceiling-dent, walk 
into closests, cake@brian. Love-Connection, Wheels 3/4/5 Vid-store kid, Spence 3-5hr. 
Glowbowling, Teddy-Rux, krey group tests. 1 1pm physics runs. Suikj-sifaqui, PlumPY. 
GooGoo. BeachBoys, BNL, DMB, Mixfest 98, jr prom, sr homecoming. Raymond 96 
Osco: Outings: OFL, VW. MB. MadCool Eastpack Commercial, Osco-vid D-Creek, Old 
Apartment. Ill Function G-Files rescheduling xmas parties GREGG: ich liebe Sie. Liebe 
erohertalles. Parking lot convos, Allston& mansfield.9hr/convosChillin @ the Brewers 
Saugus sleepover jack&jill 4/3/99 5/1/99 Notting Hill 5/29 5/31 7/12 Last weekend 
summer 8/27-8/29 1 1/28/99 5/31/03-God must have spent 

Eric J. Veator 


I'd like to thank Greg M. John T. John C. Adam M. Jason F. Malt M, and to 
all the others who have helped me get through these years. Meghan, thank you 
for being there for me and showing me that you care I will always remember 
the times that we've shared. You'll always be my princess. MB Fam, WWF sec. 
316. MM concert, my truck, and SURGE! Thanks for the memories, Busier 
loves you Greg! 


Pietra J. Walsh 

Petre, Petredish, Peaches 

"All work and no play makes jack a dull boy"-Taco&Mishi. 1 hope I KIT w. u crazy kids 
for a long time, u both make my life so much easier to live. Thanks to everyone else Ive 
crossed path w/because its people u meet that make u who u r. Ralph-ILY; April 
Remember:LandofAlmostRight-LAMP. India, Okinawa, Chejudo. Lake Tour. SkiTrips, 
HippyDay, DHL, Itaweon, HokrHill, Norebong, Playgroud, Jobs, sk8rs. BBm. BigHead. 
Poland, Bob, Shanuk, Lobes, Potential. DaCapital, HotelCamera, WinterShower. KI6, 
GreenJacket, SquashingGrapes, LoneBench, Shed. Cake Fight, Rebuking Bomb Threat 
Arabs, ChoLaughs, StarWarTape. JohnDoe, UndercoverCop, BkDoor, GuyShoes, 
SquattyPotty, RiotControl, Soju. Air Raid. Fril3, Bush, Tatoo, KOREAHa, CarFire, 
KetchupFeet, MakeoutKnee, Kagolgi. GumyBearCeiling, WPvsKP, FuzyDuck. Butts!, 
Stolentest, YaWanaStep, Harvard, FallingCeiling, IOOwaysgGiveH**d. ArmyRuIz "Don't 
cry because its over, smile because it happened" "Stay Gold" 

Darren H. Arciero 

Remember: Mom, Dad, Jeff, Jim. Lindsay, Keating, Quigs, Mark, John, Rogers, AJ, 
Myers, Piatt. Arlene. Kara. Kristie, Marty. Nicole, DB. KK. AL. KC. Sully, KO, LA. 
ML, JG, BK. MD, Burga, JC, AC. Frong, Pimp, Juanca, JT. JK & everyone else; 
SoccerSr. Year, Last game Vs Tewks. Red Sox game, lnd. Soccer. JRs Fires, Pats Parties, 
Russ Vs Dan, Blitz Tourney, XC Busted, B&N. Thursday Night Phone Call, JO-3K, 
Walkhome, WWRaft. Canada, 97 Soccer-CAL Champs. 98 SoccerD3N Champs, Fling, 
DepaFires, Unicorns, JC 97 eve, Steve Peru. Marks House. Pats game, B-Ball. Dances. 
AM Bash, JD Crew, Shaving Cream Fights, StreamTeam, Marcy. Tree, June 4 99. MD 
Party, Marty's Tattoo, North, KC Party, MC House, Biackbelt. KO Mitzan. URI. TP-ing, 
Good times w/Lindsay; Forget: Medway. 96 Eve. MC 98. Bromley, Newburyport 99- 
29sec, JV 

Michael R. Carlson 

Lisa Carroll 


Meredith A. Cipriani 

Mac, Merry, Macradith 

Thank u Mom Dad Kris +Fam ILU act. vb-ball 1234capt vsoccer 1234capt jvten 1 vten 
23 rem CB LB MCP u guys are the best! 10/30/98 Penelope u owe me $ backpackboy 
(kee-kee| bb 4-eva chomp chew chew gnaw gnaw hair sweep Sean A 2 woo-hoo Ber- 
muda2000 "Your a player" go Brown-nay thats my Pini Badberry BillyB AP ER PW MC 
rem JP thank u MD+LB "Can I have my Picture taken with you?" LB KK AM LM NM 
CR LH JI SL +the gang thanks for 4 great yrs of sleepovers dinners Friday's Applebees 
+shooting rockets KK AP MS LB +b-ball faml will miss u guys your awesome! SS good 
luck Kiddo D Mather's beat the min balls on the rack QD JT JC SL JC NS KK KM AM 
JP CC LD DL CC ILU all Ind Living good luck in your search JH+FL best of luck 11/17/ 
99 movies w/MC+ER thanks DT PH RG FdNt was fun 

Adam Clancy 

Ryan, Princess 

Remember: Mom Dad Eric Ryan Madison Julie and the rest of my family. Arlene Maura 
Colleen Katie Kristie Kara Kristen Lauren Bill Mike (little sniperl Jeff Brenden Dirt 
O'Neil Banda Rappoii Manus Hafner Bink Smooth Quigs and anyone else I forgot. 
Partys at Bill' sO'Neil's Jeff s Depa's fires 3 am rides to Roger William's w/Timmy and 
Tommy Martin's party 97 Camp Rocked Arlene Lindsey and Erin getting caught Canada 
99 Chip Bruce Moondiggy the bull horn Gregory Foxx. CEASEL Forget: WHS 2-faced 
people deaths guest house w/EF Jeff's cottage w/ JM rumors poor decisions and 
everything else worth forgetting Last Quote: "Life is what you make it, Always has been. 
Always will be" 

Joseph W. Kane 

Joe, Shepherd 

Activities: Soccer 9-12. Capt. Remember: Patcat Dad family Barbara Casely's Dan 
Manus Andy Martin Bill K Bill H John B Shane K Frank Adam D Jim T Jim F Bink Jeff 
Mike C Brendan Br Baron Bernie Evan John O Mark R Mark P Mike Mac Kyle Chuck 
OChuck D Mike M Clancy Matt B Tim L Jim C Dan O Dan T Katie Layna Christie Bailot 
Julie Parties at Dan's Depa's Martins Bill K Bill H Peters John's Burgs Window Iron Lung 
UltimatePleaz Beatnuts Cape99 Camping in NH Riding Bikes Saco SunriseFr Sunrise 
on Halloween98 Camp Drnk Homecoming98 Couches Birms Getting Lost at Marsh field 
Fair Fieldtrips Wakefield Arlingtion 1414 3Party Night 3J Snow Removal Spectrum 
Skilton Lane Working On Jeep OJ & Tangery Golf Course In Back of Library Til I get 
behind the wheel Forget: Banda Losing 30s Torpey's Bacon Madory Melon 

James O'Brien 

OB, Jimpa 

Mom. Dad, John. Maureen, Patty. Donna. Moroney, Depa, Fogga. Mikey. Marty. Ozzy. 
Nummy, MW. JG, JW, LD, GG, KW, AM, ND. SP, LA, JO, JT, JS, KS. LV. VB, JC. JR. 
MU. KK. AK. RR. RH. DA, Nick Jr., Wild Dogs. Give me an Eagle. The Hussy 1.2.3. 
ARR. Pirates. Food Fights, Day 2. BK Breakfast, 1 32 Tardies thanks Dick. Ploof. Fires. 
4 am, Jr.Prom at Depa's, Shop Class. Hey Jim. Miss Russclls class. Open the Door yah 
thanks Jackie, Hi Lynse, Tatys with Marty. Benny. The Pink Convertible, Baseball in 
Beckwith's class. Crazy nights. Big Words, and all those good and bad times 


Michael O'Connor 

John O'Neil 

Sean Quigley 

Quigs, Niggz, Randy 

Love You- my family, all grandparents, rest of the lam. Remember- 12/27/%, 1/9, for 
you I will, new hamp. mr. martins ccd class (first time), ear theives, canada(gregoryfox), 
campdrunk. seeya later quigs. barebum. 99footbaII (champs baby), poke, luv with hubb. 
swix. nana's cottage, hursts cottage, hulkamania work-out. capt. sexy /america, KL DA 

Forget- martin's 98, junior year, lies will kill you! I know. Last Words- Peace- Out!!!! 

Joshua Saulnier 


Cathy Mao 

Thanks: mom, dad, myself Remember: Michale F, Katie C. KellyJ, SP RS DB MP Jess. 
Lilla, Fay, KM JO AC CM Suki. Sandy, MF Helen. RL linda, Herlina, SZ ST Joy, AZ TK 
LL ML KN EB TP AL AMZ KS Geno, and whoever I forgot ( u r not little to me) "u'r ugly" 
Boston, Newbury St. first job. fighting for the front seat, '99 Xmas parties, BBC. '99 
summer, Xmas in Disney World. Vegas, nights out with friends, UNO, 1 lOm/h, rally '99, 
Denver guys, "I had enoguh!" Forgets: WHS, quizzes, tests, school pics, everything 
below 60, French class, taking senior pic, speeding ticket, SC dancing, paying bills. WB 
dance '99. 4 years with u know whom, calculus, skip school driving to Manchester, visit 
NYC 3 times a year Activites: SADD. DEC A, student council (never attend) 

Megan Sullivan 

Sully, Rosebud 

Fam Nani Leo Ellen Renee Leah Kuc Den JennaD Alicia Dirt Vic Nancy Murph Tara 
Sean LittleJim C-team(Luv U) Florida Smconcert Barnstead : KucSLR UNH Ok Cool 
A-Team (ColyCatiDepaKntty)5hrPickUp Nova Aftershock 4thJCDeeks91 1 BLBowling 
Homecoming4 JrProm2 Hampton Spirit98 Minime JensApt Lenard LovenTed Tires 
Spider JBJSki A+F Dunkin@ 1 Sleepln Wagon MSLChamps Connw/LD Powder Puff 
Herd AppleJelly WHS Courts Every lOutOfCarNoreaga NewYears@JeffsCarnivalT+S 
Ches swimSL DaveConcert Chisolms ReadyStGo HiltzHaHa 10 mins HoneySmacks 
Monte40'SW/JC Samards Boxw/TY Pukeonshoe DavePartys GoWives Shovelltln Walk4 
Hunger DD2003 Artichokes-Zooble HolyFkinSht WhattheCrap LUCCIS Vblues 
Depafires HalloweentheChas McDonalds @ 3 Cigw/DD Federals! Sbanos25thLongosRM 
RiversideLM State@BU FroshYear ROUXZ DennisParty Mallw/LS Dinners Martins 
Party Peter/Bills RatPk JJHook SophDruts TheBigA Arty Dammit Sunrise KucsMD 
LikeAPray Forgets: Fights w/TI Revere BugL Fling99 TheMin 20 MATH BBC Rats 

Dat Tran 

Activites: Medical Careers, Bread & Roses Remember: All my family, Mom + Dad, 
sister, cousins, friends, freshman year 96 @ MC, "Sugar", CM. Charlestown friends, 
summer school, beeping car horns, people who tried to talk to me, sleeping in classes, 
lockers, teachers, pigs, chemistry class, English 1 0, snow days, PE. field trips, obnoxious 
people, walking in the cold, studies, latin class, e-mailing in the library, "Did you kids 
sign in at your computer'?", people who I forgot to mention, you will always be 
remembered. Forgets: WHS, SATs, double block, passports, sophomore year, college 
applications, morning annoucements, mean people, boring lectures, rallies. DeMoulas. 
changing for gym, snobs. Analysis, "cool people", oral presentationsn. English essays. 
"Live each day as if it were your last" 
















Junior Prom ~ May 7th, 1999 


1 n Ty 

■"*■ i 

Prom Court : (1 to r) Back: Adam DiPasquale, Paul DeGennaro, Mark Rappoli, Eric Banda Front: 
Chrystie Ross, Colleen Murphy, John Timulty, Alexa Stone, Lauren Allaby, Stefanie Sordillo 






^^^^Hf ^^ ^fc 

m ' ' M 


r m 4 

t i 


^ J 




"You're the Inspiration" 






Best Smile 


Frank Leon 

Dan Keating 

and Arlene Moscufo 

and Barbara Tate 

Best Eyes 

Jon Contrada 
and Courtney Gilligan 

Class Couple 

Matt Minghella 
and Nicole Maclver 



wo rocxiS diverge 

\ni 4W ho NJt all «« 

Most Likely To Succeed 

. Anthony Szabo and 
Shannon Cunningham 

Class Flirts 

Russ Hubby 
and Katie Holloway 

Most Artistic 

John Saad 
and Sarah Lund 


Mark Rappoli 
and Layna Dakin 


Best Laugh 

Sean Quigley 
and Katie Hickey 


Dat Tran 
and Erica Bukowski 

Most Gullible 

Darren Arciero 
and Alicia Kilgore 

Best Personality 

Mark Rappoli 
and Kristin OToole 

Class Clowns 

Pat Sullivan 
and Megan Sullivan 

Best All Around 

Jim Rourke 
and Arlene Moscufo 

Best Dressed 

Jonathan Parker 
and Lauren Allaby 

Most Changed Since 
Freshman Year 

Eric Veator and Chrystie Ross 


Best Friends 

Darren Arciero 
and Jim Rourke 

Victoria Glazomitsky 
and Marie Davis 

Most Likely To Be 

Dan Furbush 
and Val Cwiekowski 

Most School Spirit 

Adam DiPasquale 
and Stef Sordillo 


Homecoming 1999 

ourt: Back (L-R)-Lauren Allaby, Jeff Coughlin, Lindsay Bruno, Sean Quigley, Maura Lynch, Dan 
eating; Middle-Mark Rappoli, Darren Arciero, Arlene Moscufo, Jim Rourke, Colleen Campbell, Eric 
anda; Frewf-Chrystie Ross, Kara Langone 





Ms. Beckwith 

Wildcat News 


Ms. Beckwith 

Ms. Bell 

Ms. Shack 





Ms. Nowak 

Ms. Aruri 






Ms. Burke 


Ms. Peters 


Ms. Peters 



Mr. Melhado 




Ms. Rushton 

Drama Club 

Mr. Ferguson 


The Hourglass 

Mr. Murphy 


Ms. F. Boudreau 


Ms. Peters 



Ms. Mette 


Mr. Dilmore 


Mrs. Stolar 


Class Officers 

Senior Class Officers Junior Class Officers 

esident Mark Rappoli, Vice-President Jarrod Mackenzie, Secretary Shannon President Richie Palizzolo, Vice-President Josh Hiltz, Secretary Ann Choi, 
iinningham, Treasurer Colleen Murphy Treasurer Molly Pidgeon (unphotographed) 

Sophomore Class Officers 

resident Chris McHale, Vice-President Julie Cronin, Secretary Colleen 
IcMahan, Treasurer Lisa Antonangeli 

Freshman Class Officers 

President Steve Sperandio. Vice-President Keri Gillespie. Secretary Jenessa 




i a A *m. 

LMIPTOH - ,_. V - 


|8Q^6j|GJ J 

57 — . 

The 1999 season was very successful for the Wilmington High School Varsity 
Football team. The team was led by tri-captains Erica Banda, Matt Minghella, 
and Russ Hubby. The captains were strongly supported by seniors Jeff 
Couglin, Adam DiPasquale, Pat Heffernan, Ryan Moroney, Adam Mutchler, 
Jason Orsburn, Rob Rogers, and Sean Quigley. The Wildcats had the best 
defense in Division Four football and allowed only 44 points to be scored 
against them. The team's pride, hard work, unity, and highly skilled offense 
and defense led them to the Cape Ann League co-championship title. 



The Football Cheerleaders soared to new heights in 1 999. The girls were 
led by senior captain Stefanie Sordillo. The seniors on the team were 
Kelly Cavanaugh, Nicole DeBlois, Sam Jordan, Chrystie Ross, and 
Megan Sullivan. The team exhibited its Wildcat pride and gained titles 
such as Co-Cape Ann League Champs, first place in Division Two Cape 
Ann League competition, and 3rd place in the regionals where they 
qualified for the states. 

Writ ;! 



The 1999 Varsity Soccer team missed qualifying for the states by one point. 
The captains of the team were Lindsay Bruno, Meredith Cipriani, and Lauren 
McCarthy. The rest of the team was led by seniors Lynn Hurley, Jackie 
Ingram, Nicole Maclver, Arlene Moscufo, Alicia Paquin, and Chrystie Ross. 
We would all like to thank our parents for their support through all the year: 
we appreciate it. Remember, if you're on the 18... shoot it! 



After losing 14 seniors from 1998's state-caliber team, the Wilmington 
Wildcats returned only one starter for the '99 season. Led by tri-captains 
Darren Arciero, Joe Kane, and Jim Rourke, and by seniors Andy Myers, A.J. 
Mitzan. Jim Tabor, Pat Sullivan, Dan Keating, and Jason Frongillo the 
Wildcats finished with a record of 4-8-6. The year was highlighted by a season 
finale victory over arch-rival Tewskbury. 



f $ ft 



Even though the Wilmington High School Volleyball team struggled through their 
'99 season, they still made it memorable. The team was led b\ 6 seniors: in -captains 
Erin Rowe, Meghan Cahill, and Alicia Longo: Danielle Bailot. Marlene O'Rourke, 
and Sarah Lund. The season was not as successful as they had hoped, hut they still 
strived to achieve personal success. The team would like to thank Mr. Nee and Mr. 
Stuffier und wish Mr. Nee the best of luck in the future 



Unfortunately, the Field Hockey team just missed the states for the 1999 
season. However, Coach Patty Cushing has much to look forward to 
with some great players returning for the 2000 season. The 1 999 captains 
were Kara Langone and Maura Lynch. Other seniors were Kristie 
Langone, Colleen Campbell, Lauren Allaby, Katie Chisholm, Courtney 
Gilligan, Katie Holloway, Allison MacDonald, Tina Falanga, Katie 
Hickey, and Kristin O'Toole. 



The WHS Golf team had an excellent season this year. They finished with 
a final record of 1 2-4-2. This is the best record ever achieved by Wilmington. 
The team clinched the C. A.L. title and qualified for the states for the fourth 
consecutive year. This year's members were senior Evan O'Neil, juniors 
Brian Velardo and Jay Youngclaus, sophomore Aaron Ungvarsky, and 
freshmen Jordan Ungvarsky and David Velardo. The team placed third in 
the North Sectional finals and finished 6th in the state finals. 



The Girls' Cross Country team had a very successful season. They won 
3 meets. The team was led by Captain Barbara Tate and freshman 
Michelle Brush. Layna Dakin, Meagan Fudge, and Allison Fisher also 
contributed to the team's success. The team finished 18th overall at the 
state meet. 




The Boys' Cross Country team had a great season this year. The team 
was led by captain Jay Gillis, and seniors Paul DeGennaro, Greg 
Monteiro, Scott Neville, Jason Thresher, and Adam Campbell. The 
team placed seventh in the Cape Ann League, with a record of 5-6. Jay 
Gillis performed well and was named a C.A.L. All-Star. The boys 
placed 18th in the state meet. Special thanks to Thorn Bradley and Kara 



The Girls' Basketball Team was led by five Seniors- Lindsay Bruno, 
Meredith Cipriani, Kristen Kacamburas, Alicia Paquin, Megan 
Sullivan, and coach Beth Livermore. The team finished the season 
with a record of 9-5, and was in need of one more win to qualify for 
states. We'd like to thank our parents and our coach for their 
support. "Balls on the rack!" 




M the ma" '" "° ' s> 

The Wilmington High School Boys' Basketball team qualified for 
the state tournament with a 10-6 record. Junior Eric Swizinski and 
Senior Co-Captain Sean Quigley led the Cats down the offensive 
end. Also playing well for the Wildcats were Senior Co-Captain 
Darren Arciero and Juniors Tim Riley, Josh Howlett, and Jim 



The Wilmington High School Hockey Team was led by Seniors Dan 
Fogg, John O'Neil, Mike O'Connor, and captains Jay Gillis, Eric 
Banda, and Dan Torpey. The hockey team won the Cape Ann 
League Championship for the second straight year. They were also 
champions of the Haverhill Christmas Tournament. Their record 
this season was 15-3-4. Thanks for all your support. 



The 1999-2000 wrestling season was the culmination of consistent 
improvement over the past years. Seniors Pat Heffernan, Adam 
DiPasquale, and Pat Sullivan have all enjoyed successful four-year 
careers. Heffernan won his first state championship, which was the 
second title for Wilmington High School's wrestling program. 
Sullivan and DiPasquale placed in the Sectional Tournament and 
extended their seasons to the State Tournament as alternates. Turn- 
around wrestlers Chris Minghella, Dan Tousignant, Justin Strem, 
and Chris Isberg all showed great improvement over the past year. 
Marc Sollazzo and Peter Reitchel exhibited solid performances 
during every match. Rookies included Derek Downs, Matt Gennetti, 
and Derek Hanley. Mike Murphy will be a dominant force next 
season. Overall, the team displayed non-stop intensity in every 
match, and had numerous place finishers in every tournament. 
Heffernan was a tournament chamption twice, while Sollazzo won 
the C.A.L. title. The team's lineup consisted of many underclass- 
men, who should keep the Wildcats' future looking promising. 



The WHS Girls' Track Team finished with a 6-4 record for the 99-00 
season. New head coach Ms. Kane, Senior Captain Barbara Tate, 
and Junior Captains Kim Gillespie and Becky Rufo led the team. 
The Wildcats beat Ipswich, Amesbury, Lynnfield and Triton. The 
young Wildcat squad sent many athletes to the Cape Ann League 
state meet. The girls' 4x400 team of Kim Gillespie, Lynn Hurley, 
Michele Lemos, and Becky Rufo qualified for the state meet. Indi- 
vidual qualifiers were Becky Rufo, Michela Rufo, Michelle Brush, 
Michele Lemos, Ashley Veator, Stefany Quinton, and Kim Gillespie. 
The mix of a new coach and experienced track veterans led the 
Wildcats through the notable Cape Ann League campaign. With 
the amount of young and experienced talent seen during this 
season, the Wildcats look forward to a winning 2000-2001 winter 



The Wilmington High School Winter Track Team enjoyed another 
winning season. The team finished the year with six wins and two 
losses, good enough for third in the Cape Ann League. The team 
was led by Captains, Josh Hiltz, Rob Rogers, and Andy Myers; and 
by Seniors, Paul DeGennaro, Jim Rourke, Bryan Mather, Ryan 
Moroney, Jason Orsborne, Jason Frongillo, and Greg Monteiro. The 
4x400 team, the 4x800 team, and eight other athletes, including 
Mark Jepson, Chris Calway, Dave Graves, and Jeff Cannon were all 
successful at the Class D State meet. The team had high morale due 
to the antics of both Freshman funnyman, Dan Vassallo, and Junior 
speed sensation, Andy Hackett. Once again, the team was flaw- 
lessly managed and expertly coached by the respected trio of Mr. 
Cripps, Dana Sweet, and Adam Campbell. 



The Cheeleading Team seized first place in the Cape Ann League. 
This year's team was led by Seniors Chrystie Ross, Lauren Allaby, 
ArleneMoscufo, and Samantha Jordan. Jessica Jackson recieved the 
honor of All-League Status. The whole team brought their spirit 
from the start of the season to the Cape Ann League meet, where 
they shined like true stars as they captured the championship 



The Girls' Gymnastic Team was led by Captains Karen Sakey (Senior) and Kristin Pelletier (Junior). The two all around 
gymnists were Freshmen Caitlin Nee and Tara Insalaco. The team, consisting of only thirteen members, improved 
greatly this year despite the many injuries and illnesses. Losing only one Senior, Karen Sakey, the team is in good shape 
for next year. 

lL ^ ^^Lm . ..Mm gk ^ ^ 


ki kH 





4a ^ V& ' k 

" ~ ^ ▼^ _^ % 


k«V ^ 









^ 1 

mm Mm\ 



* T ' 'W 

- Mm 
1 1^1 




< II « 



^g" f\ ■ 


■LA ^^^^^^^ 

m. 9 1 % 1 


fit r 

I f4 



Class Will 

I, Jen Anderson, leave my yellow record to Jen Jensen. 

I, Danielle Bailot, leave Julie Cronin and Kristin Sauve "Hey Mickey." 

I, Eric Banda, leave my GQ style to Bobby French. 

I, Erica Bukowski, leave the chemistry notebook to whoever is bored during chemistry. 

I, Meghan Cahill, leave my dirty volleyball shirt # 17 to Colleen Cahill. 

I, Adam Campbell, leave a bizarre sense of humor to Jim Devine. 

I, Jon Contrada, leave my car battery and amplifier to anyone who wants to attempt 

playing the electric bass in the marching band next year. 

I, Aimee Coutu, leave the Righteous Brothers' CD to Brendan Binkoski. 

I, Alicia Cranford, leave any and all Colorguard duties, including choreography to 
present and future Colorguard members. 

I, Shannon Cunningham, leave my huge, blue AP U.S. History folder to Chris 

I, Marie Davis, leave my love to everyone who deserves it. 

I, Martin DeAngelo, leave my hair, some steez and motivation to Kyle Hendricks. 

I, Nicole DeBlois, leave my spot in RR with Mrs. Newell to Shelley. 

I, Tina Falanga, leave having to live up their brothers' names to Dennis DiCenso and 
Nick B. 

I, Michael Firicano, leave my awesome dance moves to my cousins, Jaclyn and Lauren. 

I, Dan Furbush, leave the memory, but not the name of Stu Jenkins to all Future 

I, John Gillis, leave The Instruction Manual to the Band Saw to anyone who was a 
member of The Yecid Corporation. 

I, Victoria Glazomitsky, leave a lifetime supply of canned peaches to Mr. Grecoe. 

I, Muff Hanrahan, leave lick it/stick it for all the dances to Kelly Torpey. 

I, Russell Hubby, leave a certain No Fear shirt and a pound of Bacon to the senior 
offensive line. 

I, Lynn Hurley, leave my best wishes to Lisa and Danny. 

I, Jackie Ingram, leave a pillow, a teddy bear, and sunglasses to John Conley. 

I, Samantha Jordan, leave my wardrobe to the frosh girls so they can cover it up. 

I, Kristen Kacamburas, leave my "whatever" to anyone that cares. 

I, Stephanie Lane, leave a Jr. Prom ticket to Christine Carrozza, and an outstanding bill 
on loans to Diana Lee. 

I, Kristie Langone, leave my Super Ratigan field hockey stick to Kim Gillespie so that 
she may win with the power of the rat. 

I, Diana Lee, leave a bottle of EP1 to Big Al, an unpunched cruise card to Christine 
Carrozza, and lobster legs to Steph Lane. 

I, Frank Leon, leave my word, "NZA", to all future generations who attend this High 

I, Alicia Longo, leave "the finger" to Kelly Torpey. 

I, Allison MacDonald, leave a decent guy in the future to Melody Cabral-Pini. 

I, Nicole Maclver, leave tissues to Stacey Coma. 

I, Jarrod MacKenzie, leave my snare drum and harness to Matt Genetti. 

I, Bryan Mather, leave the sacred spike (Pujas) nickname to whichever student is 

deemed worthy of the name. 

I, Lauren McCarthy, leave the silver bullet for mint chocolate sundaes at Friendly' s on 

Thursday nights to Molly Pidgeon. 

I, Karen Medeiros, leave the joy of driving by herself to school every morning to my 

sister, Katie. 

I, Matt Minghella, leave the Force to Josh Hiltz. 

I, AJ Mitzan, leave 300 dollars to someone so that he can have all the cigarettes he 

I, Arlene Moscufo, leave some clothes to the "strippers." 

I, Colleen Murphy, leave my cheeriness at Saturday morning practices to all the band 


I, Andy Myers, leave the guilt of breaking my ankle to Jason Gustin. 

I, Jason Orsburn, leave The Championship Banner the football team won to next year' s 

I, Sarah Parshley, leave Christina Downs 15 dollars to get her learner's permit. 

I, Maya Persaud-Dubey, leave a big ring to Amanda Gustin. 

I, Rob Rogers, leave #56 and all football equipment to Joe Cavanaugh. 

I, Chrystie Ross, leave my soccer position to a freshman since one already took it. 

I, Jim Rourke, leave my Golden boy status to Josh Hiltz. 

I, Erin Rowe, leave my whatever sticker and "my box" to Alicia Paquin. 

I, Michelle Lee Russo, leave good luck and good times to my younger sister and brother 
to have throughout their lives. 

I, Kim Smith, leave all the Wildwood kids to Colleen McMahon. 

I, Alexa Stone, leave my smile to Beck Gounaris. 

I, Pat Sullivan, leave my unfinished shop projects to Trebor Yecid. 

I. Marty Tildsley, leave all my basketball skills to Kyle Hendrix because he needs some. 

I, John Timulty, leave all my Hooter's shirts to anyone who wants them. 

I, Eric Veator, leave my fishnets and Marilyn Manson CDs to John Timulty. 

I, Pietra Walsh, leave my false ID and clubbing days to Ms. Mette. 

We, Stefanie Sordillo and Jennie Collier, leave our "Breakfast Raids" to any under- 
classman who feels the desperate need as much as we did. 

We, Kristin O'Toole, Colleen Campbell, and Maura Lynch, leave late nights to anyone 
who wants to stay out and Reeb. 

Mrs. Symonds 


Ms. Aldrich 


Ms. Donahue 


Mr. Gallagher 


Mrs. Grecoe 


Mr. Grecoe 


Mr. Joyce 

Mr. Kleponis 

Mr. Murphy 

Mrs. Bell 

Mr. Manchester 

Mrs. Blodgett 







Ms. Jacobson 


Mrs. King 


Ms. Masse 


Ms. Peters 


Mr. Megysey 


Ms. Burke 



Ms. Cozzoli 


Mr. Fardy 


Mr. Ferguson 


Mrs. Fiorilla 


Mr. Kellogg 


Mrs. Martell 


Mr. Wood 


Mr. Cripps 

Social Studies 

Mr. Arthur 

Social Studies 

Mrs. Basmajian 

Social Studies 

Mr. Carr 

Social Studies 

Mrs. Goldman 

Social Studies 

Mr. Lynch 

Social Studies 

Mr. Maggio 

Social Studies 

Ms. Russell 

Social Studies 

Ms. Netten 

Foreign Languages 

Ms. Aruri 

Foreign Languages 

Mrs. Bavuso 

Foreign Languages 


Mrs. Beckwith 

Foreign Language 

Ms. Kane 

Foreign Language 

Ms. Nowak 

Foreign Language 

Mr. Pinette 

Technology Education 

Mrs. St. Onge 

Family Sciences 

Ms. Byrne 


Mrs. Bordieri 

Library Aide 

Mrs. Rushton Mr. Harrison Mr. Pimental 

Nurse Physical Education Physical Education 

Mrs. Wood 

Physical Education 

Mrs. Shack 


Mrs. Durso 


Mrs. Stolar Mrs. Boudreau Mrs. Gershon 

Music Business Business 

Debbie Fitzpatrick Tom McCartney 

Hall Monitor Hall Monitor 


Ms. Ganno 

Hall Monitor 

Mr. Lucia 

Assistant Principal 

Mrs. McManus 


Ms. Tsoukalas 


Mrs. Power 

Office Staff 

Mrs. Athanasia 


Mrs. Bishop 


Mr. DiSarcina 


Mr. Melhado 


Mr. Barry 

Resource Room 

Mrs. Beaudet 

Resource Room 

Mrs. Newell 

Resource Room 

Food Service 

Anne Quinn, Ann Claire, Fern Boudreau, Karen Boudreau, Eileen Costello, Maria Gore, Joyce 
McGowan. Georgia Pane, Jane Willwerth, Loretta Sheridan, Nancy Dorothy 



Class of 2001 

I* Ell ;&*■ 




^0 ffi 

Alosco. Daniel 
Badolalo, Victoria 
Ballou, Meghan 
Bamberg. Jonathan 
Barrett, Jason 
Barry. Amy 
Bavota. Kathrine 

Beaudin. Kelly 
Binkoski. Brendan 
Bunnell. Michael 
Bransfield. Caitlyn 
Brassil. Patrick 
Brown, Erica 
Brown, Heidi 

Brown, Stephen 
Buck, Scott 
Burns, Joseph 
Cahill, Colleen 
Calway, Christopher 
Cammarata, Justin 
Cannon. Jeffrey 

Carlson, Tyler 
Carrozza. Christine 
Carrozza, Dean 
Carter, Hilary 
Carvalho. Cliff 
Catanzano. Kathenne 
Cavanaugh. William 

Choi, Ann 
Clayton, Derek 
Clement, Jennifer 
Coates. Thomas 
Comer, Michael 
Connell, Jennifer 
Connolly. Germaine 

Connolly. Michelle 
Connors, Nicole 
Cotto. Joseph 
Coyne, Andrew 
Craig, Kelley 
Crawford, Allison 
Dalton, Donald 

Decourcey . Dennis 
Desimone. Cri.stina 
Devine, James 
DiPasquale. John 
Dineen. Lisa 
DuLong, Kathryn 
F.llsworth. Michael 

Farrell, Hue 
Fennelly. James 
Fetfatsidjs, Penny 
Figueiras. Sonia 
I tench, Robert 
Gable, Michael 
Gallagher Michael 

( iambardella, Paul 
Garrett, Robert 
Gaudreau, I ri< 
Gauthier, Lauren 
Gillespie. Kimberly 
< . 1 11 1 - . Katie 
Ciiordano. Nicole 


Gounaris, Rebecca 

Graves, Da\ id 

Gustin, Amanda 

Hackett, Andrew 

Hafner. William 

Halas, Michael 

Hanley, David 

Hassey. Jason 

Haubner. Mark 

Hilt?. Joshua 

Hodge. Christie 

Howlett. Joshua 

Hudson, Knsten 

lentile. Dean 

Inglese, Mary Grace 

Jamerson. John 

Jepson. Mark 

Johnson, David 

Jordan, Matthew 

Josaf, Dorote 

Kanter. Robin 

Kelly. Cheryl 

Kennison. Laurie 

Khan. Khalib Adam 

Leet, Kelly 

Lemos. Michele 

Loring. Jason 

Macneil, Michael 

Mahoney. Michael 

Maloney. Michael 

Mara/i. Ryan 

Martin. Jaime 

Martin. Kerry 

Maynard. Melissa 

McCarthy, Sean 

McGowan, Jennifer 

McGrath. Erin 

Mclnnis. Bruce 

McLaughlin. Kelly Ann 

Medeiros. Catherine 

Menezes, Daniel 

Merry, David 

Michaud, Jennifer 

Mondi. Melissa 

Montalto, Michael 

Mutchler, Bethany Lin 

Nadeau, Kimberly Ann 

Newhouse, Felicia 

O'Brien. Jennifer 

O'Dea, Kendal 

OUila, Daniel 

Orso. Shawn 

Osgood, Charles 

Oskar. Colin 

Palizzolo, Richard 

Paris, Melissa 

Parisi. Michael 

Pelletier. Kristen 

Peters. Mark 

Phillips. Maryanna 

Pidgeon. Molly 

Quinton, Alfred 

Ranno. Joseph 

Class of 2001 


Class of 2001 

Reardon, David 
Reardon, Michael 
Riley. Timothy 
Roache, Erin Elizabeth 
Roberts, Brian 
Rubino. Melissa 
Rufo, Rebecca 

Scamman, Kaleena 
Scola, Tara 
Smith, Matthew 
Snow, Kristy 
Sollazzo, Marc 
Souza, Erika 
Souza, Shannon 

Spurr, Marlena 
Stanley, Diana 
Stark, Jason 
Steen, Michelle 
Sughrue. Katelyn 
Swartwout. Julie 
Swiezynski. Eric 

Tavares, Kelly 
Terranova, Keri 
Tildsley, Kellee 
Tobin, Michelle 
Tomasi, Tina 
Trueira, David 
Vachon. Lori 

Velarde Brian 
Vultaggio. Marianne 
Watters, Brian 
Weeden, Kara 
Whitney, Michael 
Williamson, Brian 
Wolfe, Krista 

Youngclaus. Jason 

Photos Not Taken 

Avellino, Tanya 

Bradford, James 

Campbell, Andrew 

Cannon, Sean Paul 

Kot. Tiffany 

Legg, Melissa 

Lucci, Anthony 

Ngo, Joseph 

Reitchel, Peter 

Tousignant, Daniel 


Class of 2002 

Allen. Nicholas 
Antonangeli. I . i -.a 
Aronofsky, David 

Augello. Alyssa 
Banasso, Amanda 

Beyers. Melissa 

Biggins. Ashlej 

Biggins. Stephen 

Bolognese. Lauren 

Borsetti. Lyndsey 

Boyle, Kerry 

Breslin. Lauren 

Brewer. Laurie 

Brown. Darren 

Burns. Kyle 

Butler. Daniel 

Callinan. Daniel 

Casey. Sean 

Cavanaugh, Jillian 

Ciulla. Stephen 

Cleary. Danielle 

Collins. Matthew 

Coniey, John 

Constantino, fared 

Courtois. Brandon 

Cranford. Jason 

Cronin, Julie 

Cunha. Richard 

Cunningham, Chris 

Dacko. Lyndsey 

Deblois. Jillian 

Demango. Chnsiyne 

Dellascio. Diane 

Derian. Christopher 

Didomenico. Charles 

^ Q ft ^j 

Disarra. Carol 


Dorothy. Heather 

t v m 

Elliott, Timothy 

I m 

Farrell. Michael 

m. %. 

Ferguson. Meghan 

• *L 

Ferrari, John 

w m 

Ferreira. Geoffrey 

f J 

Flynn. Christopher 


Forester, Alicia 

' f 

Fowle. Jonathan 

Gallant, Meaghan 


Gauthier. Jeslyn 


Gennetti. Nicholas 


Gillis, Jen 


Godding. George 


Graham, Patrick 


Graham, Ryan 

w ^» 

Gnu m Mary-Kate 

Haepers, Steven 

..ii ah 

Hendricks, Kyle 

^ ^ ^\ 

Herra. Michael 

Her) . Margo 

Higgins. Crystal 

Hodder. Jeffrey 

Hogg. Timothy 

Holden. James 

Holland. Andrew 




Class of 2002 

Holloway. Brent 
Hubbard, Sarah 
Hurley. Lisa 
Jackson, Jessica 
Janeiro, Jacqueline 
Jensen. Adam 
Jordan. James 

Karapatsas, Peter 
Kendall. Jennifer 
Kerrigan. Amanda 
Kilgore. Mark 
Krasnyansky, Mark 
Liberty, Daniel 
Luciano, Joseph 

MacSweeney, Joseph 
Malcs/yk. Michael 
Marden, Ann Marie 
Marden, Cynthia 
Marshall, Kathleen 
Martiniello, Brian 
MeCann. Corey 

McCarthy. Daniel 
McGarry. William 
McGrath. Kelly 
McHale. Christopher 
McKenna. Lindsey 
McMahan, John 
McMahon, Colleen 

Meehan, Tiffany 
Meixler, Eric 
Meiola, Jennifer 
Merry, Denise 
Mills, Ariana 
Minghella. Christopher 
Movnthan. Kerri 

Murphy. Catherine 
Murphy. Michael 
Murphy, William 
Murray. Jill 
Nalen, Matthew 
Natoli, Stephen 
Neville. Kathleen 

Newhouse. Carissa 
Ngo. Sang 
Nocella. Amanda 
O'Dea. Stephen 
Olson, Lauren 
Oskar, Sean 
Paglia, Regina 

Pane. Jenn; 
Pud. Vishal 
Petnllo. Andrew 
Pickett. Megan 
Pilcher. Ryan 
Pizzano, Jennifer 
Pizzotti, Kirslen 

Poller. Matthew 
Ouinton. Stefan) 
Rapp.i, Sarah 
Reynolds, Venessa 
Riley. Jason 
Robarge, Jonathan 
Roberts. Heather 


Class of 2002 

Roberts. Krista 

Robillard. Timothy 

Roman. Jonathan 

Roscillo, Christopher 

Roussopoulos. Charles 

Roux. Anthony 

Rubino, Jacqueline 

Ruggiero. Christophei 

Ruggiero, Jenna 

Sampson. Marie 

Santos. Christopher 

Saponto, Jessica Ann 

Sarich. Carolyn 

Same, Kristin 

Senarian, Michael 

Shukis. David 

Siiva. Nicole 

Soroka, Stacey 

Stairs. Christopher 

Strem. Justin 

Stygles. Christopher 

Sullivan. Katherine 

Surianello. Mariesa 

Thibault. Kimberly 

Thomas. Katelyn 

Thomas, Kimberly 

Thresher. Sheri 

Tohmc. Sheila 

Tomasi, Anthony 

Torpey. Kelly 

Tremblay. Jonathan 

Tuttle, Andrea 

l 'ngvarsky, Aaron 

Wagner. Shana 

Walsh. Kathleen 

Warford. Ann 

Webb. John Oliver 

Weiner. Judith 

Whitfield, Lauren 

Winn. Stephanie 

Yee. Andrew 

Yungailis. I)a\id 

Zimmermann. Sarah ^^^^^k 

Photos Not Taken: 



V • 

Carlson, Jason 

Cormier, Warren 

DeVille, Desiree 


Grillo. Frank 

Harrison. Justin 

Isberg. Christopher 

Lyons. Katelynne 

Maxwell. Brian 

Mazaka. Katelyn 

Moroney. Sean 

O'Connell. Joseph 

Shattuck. Brad 

Southmayd. Thomas 

Tofuri. Jaimelyn 

Tutela. Jenessa 

Tynan. Derek 

VonHermann, Amanda 

Watroba. Jacob 

Weeman. Teresa 

Welch. Jacqueline 


Class of 2003 

Adams, Sarah 
Ames, Marion 
Badolato. Alfredo 
Baker, Jonathan 
Balinski, Jason 
Barrett, Erica 
Bavota, John 

Beek, Jessica 
Benz. Debra 
Bernardo, Keith 
Berry, Stephen 
Bertolino, Taryn 
Binkoski, Tara 
Blackburn, Jami 

Boland, Matthew 
Bozzella, Michael 
Bramantecohen. Cherokee 
Brown, Jacqueline 
Buck, Gregory 
Buldini, Christina 
Busa. Paul 

Butler, Nicholas 
Callinan. Brendan 
Calway, Cory James 
Cammarata, Jordan 
Campbell, Megan 
Cannata, Jessica 
Carney, Erin 

Carter. Meaghan 
Cavanaugh. Joseph 
Cirone. Lindsey 
Comer, Stacey 
Cormier, Danielle 
Corrigan. Ian 
Coughlin. Elizabeth 

Covert, James Jr. 
Craig, Cynthia 
Crampton. Kristie 
Crossley. Corrie 
Crossley, Morgan 
Crowley. Lauren 
Demaggio, Leah 

DiCarlo, Jenna 
DiCenso. Dennis 
DiGregorio. Rachel 
DiPasquale. Andrea 
Diorio. Brittany 
Doane. Nichols 
Doherty. Aileane 

Donovan. Joseph 
Dorothy. Matthew 
Doucette, Danielle 
Doucette. Nicole 
Doyle. Thomas 
Duffy, Thomas 
Duggan. Kristen 

Dunnett. Samantha 
Eaton, Nicholas 
Emcrick. Joanne 
F.nos. Sara 
Esdale, Daniel 
Estremera. Jennifer 
Fennelly. Patricia 


Class of 2003 

Fetfatsidis. Konstantine 

Fish. Jonathan 

Fisher. Adriana 

Fisher. Allison 

Fitzgerald. Shannon 

Fiumara, Julio 

Fleming. Tristan 

Flynn, Holly 

Fraser. Kristen 

Frongillo, Keith 

Fudge, Meghan 

Gennetti, Luke 

Giamherardino, Andrew 

Gibson. Nick 

Gillespie. Brian 

Gillespie, Keri 

Gilligan. Shannon 

Goodland, Stephanie 

Graziano, Amanda 

Grenier. Megan 

Grilo, Malissa 

Gustin, Jason 

Guzinski, Joel 

Haepers, Katie 

Halas. Katie 

Hanley. Derek 

Hardimon, Shelley 

Hardimon. Tara 

Harrington. Ariannah 

Harrison. Michael 

Hassey. Courtney 

Hery. Marianne 

Hiltz. Michael 

Hodder. Mark 

Horan. Douglas 

Hoyt, Trenton 

Hudson, Thomas 

Hunter, Steven 

tnsalaco, Tara 

Irwin. Brittain 

Jensen. Jennifer 

Jordan. Jenna 

Jordan. Michael 

Kanter. Kristin 

Karalekas. Athena 

Kelley. Deirdre 

Kent, Shannon 

Khan. Kalinah 

Kittredge, Christopher 

Lamson, Elizabeth 

Lane. Joseph 

Leccese. Matthew 

Lee, Jennifer 

Lee, John Thomas 

Leone, Jennifer 

Loring. Shannon 

Lucci, Thomas 

Lyons, Douglas 

MacDonald. Lauren 

Maclver. Robert 

Maloney, Emily 

Maloney. Patrick 

Mangano, Valerie 



Class of 2003 

Maravelis. John 
Martin, Jacqueline 
Mauriello. Amanda 
McFeeters, Erin 
Michaud, Catherine 
Miller, Michael 
Minghella, Nicole 

Moffatt, Tracy 
Morello. Christine 
Moro, Jill 
Mounsey, Gary 
Moura, Brian 
Muise. Robert 
Murray, Ryann 

Mutchler, Jenessa 
Mutter, Joseph 
Nee, Caitlin 
Nelson, Kristen 
Ng. Christina 
Nguyen, Martino Huy 
Nichols, Melissa 

Nikodemos, Jaclyn 
Nix, John 
O'Brien, Phillip 
CTConnell, Daniel 
O'Neil. James 
O'Rourke, Brian 
Oliveri. Peter 

Osgood, Craig 
Osgood, Sean 
Paquin. Chad 
Parsons. Ryan 
Patel. Bhavini 
Patel, Christina 
Pellerin, Steven 

Perkins. David 
Powers, Caroline 
Proctor. Cherish 
Raval, Forum 
Reardon. Daniel 
Reardon. Patrick 
Roberts, Devin 

Roberts, Tasha 
Rogers, Jennifer 
Rosa, Lindsay 
Rose, Steven 
Rose, Timothy 
Rufo, Michaela 
Ruggiero. Christopher 

Russo. Danielle 
Schuurman. Michael 
Scifo, Allea 
See. Heather 
Sferraz/a. Paul 
Shukis, Christine 
Sinopoli. William 

Smith. Jared 
Snow. Daniel 
Sperandio. Stephen 
Spry. Danielle 
Steen, Deborah 
Steen. Maryanne 
Sterling, Kellyann 


Class of 2003 W 

Stokes, Juliann 

Storey, Laura 

Sullivan, Daniel 

Sullivan, Danielle 

Sullivan, Kathleen 

Sullivan, Mary 

Swartwout, Jill 

Sylvia, Anthony 

Taylor, Patrick 

Tildsley, Ryan 

Tobin. John 

Todd. Lauren 

Travis, Heather 

Trulli, Dennis 

Tufts, Shaun 

Ungvarsky, Jordan 

Vassallo, Daniel 

Veator, Ashley 

Velardo, David 

Ventre, Chrystal 

Wade. Alexis 

Wade. Robert 

Walsh. Roman 

Weiner, Jordan 

Young. Ashley 

Zammuto, Elizabeth 

Zeppi, Jodi 

Photos Not Taken: 

Batchelder. Paul 

Bell. Patricia 

Boutin. Justin 

Brush. Michelle 

Cotto, Richard 

DeVito. Christian 

Downs. Dereck 

Gennetti. Matthew 

Goldblatt. Mathew 

Graham. Debra 

Greco. Nicole 

Hayes. Robert 

Hodgson. Danielle 

Papadopoulos. Sophia 

Pazd/iorko. Graham 

Roscillo. Robert 

Alexander. Stevenson 

Tutela. Domenic 

Walter. Daniel 

Zammuto. Michelle 


And Special Thanks To: 


Stephanie Lane, Maya Persaud, and Kristen Konieczka 

Assistant Editors: 

Diana Lee and Kim Smith 

Sports Editors: 

Jay Gillis and Paul DeGennaro 


Sarah Lund 


Marlene O'Rourke 

Ad Staff: 

Cassie Tower, Melody Cabral-Pini, and Meredith Cipriani 

And also to: 

Lauren McCarthy, Val Cwiekowski, and 
Colleen Murphy and John Neister for all their help. 

We, the yearbook staff, would also like to thank our 
esteemed leader, Mr. Murphy, for all the time and effort he 
put into the creation of the yearbook, and for his patience 

with us throughout the year. 


Sean Quigley 


We knew from the start 
i/o u were special. 

Thanks for all the great 
memories, it's been real. 

You've always made us 
proud of you and we love 

Mom & Dad 

Christine E. Ross 

We love you 


are very proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, 

Charlie & Kitties 

Arlene Moscufo 


Your zest for life will serve 
you well. May health, 
happiness and success 
always be your companions. 


Mom, Dad, 

Arthur & Annette 

Andrew T. Myers 

Dear Andy, 

From the beginning you have regarded the world with bright 
and curious eyes. Being the parents of such a child has been a 
blessing, a source of pride, and a lot of fun. We love you. 

Mom and Dad 

Justin McManus 


Congratulations on all of 
your accomplishments. 
You have made us very 
proud to he your parents. 
We love you very much! 
Mum and Dad 

Laura Bradrury 

Congratulations Laura! 
We are all proud of you. 

Mom, Dick, Shelia and Jon 

Martin DeAngelo 

For Jeff, Billy, Marty, Frank, John, 

Sean, Joey, Darren, Jimmy, Eric, 

Danny T., Danny K., AJ, Mark 

and "Jackie" 

The very best. 

Lauren Allaby 



Hang on to those dreams- 

they will come true. 

You have made us so 


We love you! 

Mom & Dad 

Stfanie Sordillo 

You will always be our 

"star." We are so very 

proud of you. 

Good luck in all your 

endeavors. We know you 

will "shine." 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad & Nicole 

Sarah Parshley 

We are so proud of you! 

Dad, Mom, Andy 

Stephanie Lane 

To Steph, 

We are so proud of what 
you've accomplished and 
of the person you've 
become. Congratulations. 

Love always, 
Mom and Dad 

Michael Firicano 

From the first moment you 
came into this world, I was 
blessed. You are my 
inspiration, my breath of 
life, there are no words to 
express how proud I am of 
you no matter which path 
you choose. I will always be 
there for you! 

Love, Mom 

Colleen Murphy 


We have watched you grow 

into a young woman who is 

beautiful on both the inside 

and outside. You have made 

us prouder than we could 

ever have imagined. 

Mom, Dad and Katie 

Diana Lee 


Congratulations on all your 
accomplishments. We are 
very proud of you. 

Mom, Dad and Johnny 

Christina Falanga 

We're so proud of 



Mom & Andy 

Kristen Konieczka 


We are so proud of all your 
achievements. Keep up your 
perseverance to achieve your 
goals. We wish you the best 
of luck and happiness. 

Mom, Dad, Todd & Scott 

Kelly, Colleen & Megan 

We are all very proud of your accomplishments. 
Kjtood luck on your future paths! 



Mom, Terry, Billy, J.M., Joey & Kevin 

Mom, Andrew, Jamie 

Mom & Dad, Shawn, Katie, Molly 

Victoria Glazomitsky 


You've achieved so much already! 

You are well equipped to realize your great plans. 

Good luck! 

You are our love, pride, hope and support. 


Mom, Dad, Grandma and Misha 

Katie Hickey 

We have watched you grow 

and felt your excitement for life. 

WJmt an extraordinary person you have become. 

As you continue to grow please remember always how 

very much we love you. 

Mom and Dad 

Katie Chisholm 



We are all very proud of 

you. We wish you success 

and happiness in the 



Mom, Dad, Steve 

Ken, Jill and Scott 


Congratulations on all your 
wonderful accomplishments. 

We are very proud of you 
and know you will always do 
well in the future. 

Mom & Dad 

Lynn Hurley 


Believe in your dreams and they will come true. You have 

made us proud to be your family . 

Love, Mom, Dad, Lisa and Danny 

Maura Lynch 

Yesterday is but today's 

memory and tomorrow is 

today's dream. 

It wasn't long before you 

turned in the ballet slippers 

for cleats! 

We're so proud of you! 

Love, Mom, Dad & John 

Mark Rappoli 


Your kindness and 
enthusiasm inspires us all. 
We know that you will 
always be the genuine, 
caring person that you are 
today. You have worked so 
hard and we are all very 
proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Ryan & Lauren 

Alicia Longo 

Alicia Rose, 
Congratulations to our 
beautiful, fun-loving, kind 
artistic, athletic, intelligent, 
wonderful daughter. 

We are so proud of you. 

Mom and Dad 


Kristen, our little 
bumblebee. We are 
very proud of you. 
We wish you 
happiness and hope 
all of your dreams 
come true. 

Mom & Dad 

Adam DiPasquale 


you have achieved so much. 

you are a credit to your family 

and all who know you. 

Continued success! 

We love you! 
Mom and Dad 

Lindsay Bruno 

To our little athlete who is as beautiful as she is 
talented. You have made us very proud of you. 
We know you will succeed in "whatever" you 
choose to do. We love you! 

Mom and Dad 

Robin Mainini 

You will always be an angel to us. 


We love you! 

Mom & Dad 

Jonathan Contrada 

James P. Rourke 


Congratulations on everything you have accomplished 

even though it's just a start. You have made us very proud 

and we love you with all our heart. 

Dad and Pat 


Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. 

We are both so very proud of you. Keep up the 

good work and follow your dreams. 

We love you. Mom and Dad 

Darlene Parker 

Ttarlene, our very beautiful and loving 
young lady. 

We are all very proud of you and all 
the many steps you have climbed to 

We all know you can accomplish 
many wonderful dreams today and 
tomorrow and look forward to seeing 
all of them. 

Love & Xisses 

"Bad, Mom, 

"Kay, Xira, Jonathan 

and Isaac 

Jonathan Parker 

Jonathan, our very handsome and loinng 
young man. 

You always have a smile and good word 
for all. 

We are very proud of you and all your 

We have "JVo Tear" you wdl succeed in 
everything you attempt in life. 

Love & Xisses 

"Bad, Mom, 

Hay, Xira, 'Varlene 

and Isaac 

Samantha Jordan 


You have worked 
very hard. 

Mom & Dad 

Melissa Hanrahan 

Congratulations on a job 
well done. We are so 
proud of you. Best of luck 
in your future health and 
happiness. You will 
always be our little Besly- 

Love always, 
Mom, Dad and Mike 

Rebecca Allen 

You've made us feel 
the same way! 


We love you, 
Mom, Dad 
and Sarah 

Jason Frongillo 

May all your 
dreams come true! 

Lots of love, 

Mom, Dad, 

Keith and Brian 

Danny Keating 


You're a great 
kid who has 
done a great job. 
You have given 
us a lot of 
moments to be 
proud of. 

Wishing you a happy and successful future. 
Love, Mom & Dad 

Danielle Bailot 

Congratulations on 
your achievements. 

Find you dreams 
wherever they may 
take you. 


Mom, Dad, Jim 

and Amy 

Meredith Cipriani 


You have touched us all 
with your kindness and 
thought fulness. We are so 
proud of all your hard work 
and accomplishments. May 
success follow you wherever 
you may go. 

Mom, Dad & Kristen 

Michelle Ponte 

To our beautiful daughter 

Michelle, our pride and joy! 

Congratulations! May all of 

your dreams come true! We 

wish you the best of luck with 

continued success and 


With all our love, 
Mom and Dad 




May you live each day to its fullest measure, experience the beauty of every moment and 
realize all your dreams. We are very proud of you and your accomplishments. Success, 

happiness and love always, 
Mom, T)ad and Lindsey 

Jarrod Mackenzie 


I'm so proud of all of your accomplishments. 

You have been my greatest joy in life. 

Continue to chase all of your dreams. 

Love, Mom 

Kristie & Kara Langone 


We are so proud of both of you. 

May all your dreams become a reality. 

Love, Mom & Dad 

Melody Cabral-Pini 


You have always made us very proud. Keep 

up the good work and hang on to your 

dreams. We love you! 

Mom, Dad and Lani 

Jennifer Connors 


You have the amazing ability to 
touch the stars most of us can 
only reach for! 

We love you, 
Mom and Dad 

Meghan Cahill 

'Dear Meghan, 

'We thank you from the bottom of our hearts 
jor bringing such joy and pride to us over 
the years. 

'We feel so blessed Raving you for a 

You have been the center of our lives since 
the day you were born. 

We know that your future will continue to 
be filled with much deserved happinesss 
and successs. Just remember to follow your 

Love, Mom and 'Dad 

Richard M. Selig 

1 Richie, 

You have always been my sunshine. Stay the warm 
and caring person that your are. Aim high the end 
result will be worth it. You deserve the best that life 
has to offer. We are so proud of you and wish you 
success and happiness. You are a very special person. 

We love you, Mom and Tracy. 

Alicia Paquin 


On Graduation Day look back to all your memories, 
the proud moments and adversities; place them 
aside, move forward and look toward your dreams. 
Your mother would as be proud of you as I am. 

Love, Dad 

Patrick Sullivan 

Congratulations Patrick! 

We are so very proud of you. 
Remember your future will 
always be bright if you aim 
high and always have a dream. 
Wishing you a future full of 
love, laughter and happiness. 

Love, Mom, Dad & Kate 


to the 

Class of 2000! 

Cassandra Leigh Tower 

Your dreams are out 
there, princess. 

Now all you have to do 
is keep reaching for 


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For over two decades, we have participated 

in the visions and values of this lively community. 

Aleppo Shriners 
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As the Wilmington High School class of 2000 

turns a unique corner, with hopes and aspirations 

for a bright new millennium, so do we all: 

sharing equally in dreams for the future. 



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Class of 2000 



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mom c*actt9AKi 





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accept WIC 











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EgyptAir Flight 990 crashes into the Atlantic 
Ocean on October 31, killing all 217 people 
on board. Although suspicious actions of a 
pilot are under scrutiny by American and 
Egyptian officials, the cause of the crash 
remains a mystery. 

On October 12, the world's official population 
hits 6 billion. The designated 6 billionth human 
is a baby boy born in Sarajevo. 

As part of Rome's continuing restoration, the 
city unveils a plan to create an 18,000-square-yard 
rambling space connecting the Imperial Forums 
with the Roman Forum. 

In September, 
more than 
300,000 Japanese 
are checked 
for radiation 
exposure after 
an inadvertent 
nuclear reaction 
at a uranium 
processing plant. 

n an October coup, the Pakistani army dismisses 
elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and 
his government after Sharif announces the 
removal of his powerful military chief, General 
Pervaiz Musharraf. 

Nearly a million ethnic Albanians flee Yugoslavia 
and thousands are killed after Serbs begin a 
violent ethnic cleansing campaign in 1998. 
Seventy-eight days of NATO bombing bring the 
war to an end in June. An international tribunal 
later charges Yugoslav President Slobodan 
Milosevic with crimes against humanity. 


Britain's Prince Edward marries 
longtime girlfriend Sophie Rhys-Jones 
on June 19. 

Cuban Elian Gonzalez, 6, becomes 
the center of a bitter citizenship 
debate after surviving a November 
boat wreck off the Florida coast in 
which his mother dies. 

In a violent October coup, gunmen storm 
the Armenian Parliament and assassinate 
Prime Minister Vazgen Sarkisian and six 
other top officials. 

A In India, two trains collide head-on in August. 
-^^- killing 285 people and injuring more than 300. 
It is one of the worst train disasters in the 
country's history. 

^^^ Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper" is 
y unveiled in June after 21 years of restoration. 
The centimeter-by-centimeter rehabilitation 

cost $7.7 million and involved 
electronic microscopes. 

_^k. In September, Russia begins a military campaign 
^f against Chechen nationalists to regain control of 
the breakaway republic. More than 200,000 people 
flee the region, but a fierce rebel resistance 
stays to fight for control of the capital, Grozny. 

In June, Thabo Mbeki succeeds President Nelson 
Mandela, South Africa's first democratically 
elected president. 

After almost nine years in power, Russian President 
Boris Yeltsin announces his resignation in January 
2000. Yeltsin names Prime Minister Vladimir Putin 
acting president pending elections in March. 

In September and October, powerful earthquakes 
strike around the globe, killing 15,000 people in 
Turkey, 1,450 in Taiwan and at least 122 in Greece. 

excavate 105 
mummies in a 
Egyptian tomb 
believed to contain 
a total of 10,000 
mummies. The 
necropolis will shed 
new light on the 
Greco-Roman era 
and will allow 
scholars to chart 
demographic data 
and the incidence 
of disease. 


Kenneth Carrett/NfiS linage Collection 

A tropical depression producing heavy 
rain hits Mexico in November. The 
resulting floods kill more than 350 
people and cause 100,000 to evacuate. 

In August, the U.S. pays $4.5 million to 
victims of NATO's accidental bombing 
of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. 
Three Chinese are killed and 27 are 
wounded in the May 1999 bombing. 

On December 31, the U.S. returns control of 
the Panama Canal to Panama. Opened to the 
world in 1914, the canal is considered one of 
the greatest construction achievements in 
American history. 

In December, torrential rains cause Venezuela's 
worst natural disaster of the century. Mudslides 
and flash floods kill up to 30,000 people, while 
damage estimates run into the billions of dollars. 

Cartoonist Charles M. Schulz retires in January 

, bringing an end to PEANUTS, America's 
most popular comic strip for almost 50 years. 
Schulz dies in February, the night before his last 
strip runs in the national newspapers. 

_^L As a way to boost tourism, Chicago displays 
^f 301 life-size, fiberglass cows decorated by local 
artists. The public art exhibit lasts all summer 
until the cows are auctioned for charitv. 

In July, John F. Kennedy Jr., 38, his wife, Carolyn 
Bessette Kennedy, 33, and her sister, Lauren 
Bessette, 34, die in an airplane crash in the 
Atlantic Ocean near Martha's Vineyard. Kennedy, 
a relatively inexperienced pilot, is believed to 
have become disoriented in heavy fog. 

Hurricane Floyd 
strikes the East 
Coast in September, 
killing 51 people and 
destroying over 
4,000 homes. North 
Carolina is hardest 
hit with total damages 
estimated at a record 
$6 billion. 

The drought of 1999 causes severe damage to 
Northeastern and mid-Atlantic farms. Several 
states impose mandatory water use restrictions 
and emergency federal loans are made available 
in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia 
and West Virginia. 

Lewis and Clark's Native 
American guide Sacagawea 
is featured on a new 
gold-colored dollar coin 
released into circulation 
in early \ 

Beginning in 1999, the U.S. Mint 
releases specially designed 
state quarters, the first 
five representing 
Georgia, Delaware, 
Pennsylvania and 
New Jersey. By 'i 
each state will have 
its own quarter. 


In August, a rare tornado strikes 
downtown Salt Lake City. Winds up 
to 112 miles per hour make it Utah's 
second-worst tornado in history. 

In July, Air Force Colonel Eileen 
Collins, 42, becomes the first 
woman to command a U.S. space 
shuttle mission. 

President Clinton announces the removal of 
the American bald eagle from the endangered 
species list. In 1999, there are over 5,800 
breeding pairs, an increase from 417 in 1963. 

In November, a 60-foot log tower collapses at 
Texas A&M University, killing 12 students and 
injuring 27. The tower was to be burned at a 
traditional bonfire pep rally. 

On April 20, 1999, the nation mourns after two 
students go on a shooting rampage at Columbine 
High School in Colorado, wounding 23 and killing 
15, including themselves. Schools across the 
country take extensive security measures to 
ensure the safety of students and staff. 

^_ In an effort to ease the burden on the traditional 
~^" courts, most states now offer teen court for 

juvenile offenders. After determining guilt, a jury of 
teens along with a judge decides the sentence, 
typically community service and financial restitution. 

A In November, protesters at the World Trade 
-^^- Organization (WTO) summit in Seattle provoke a 
show of force by local, state and federal officers. 
Protesters blame the WTO for eroding human 
rights and labor and environmental standards. 

of official denial, 
in December a 
ury finds the 
assassination of 
Reverend Martin 
Luther King Jr. 
was the result 
of a conspiracy, 
not the act of a 
lone gunman. 

_^L An epidemic of rampage 
^^ shootings intensifies America's growing concern 
over gun control. Many state legislatures pass new 
gun-control measures despite nationwide controversy 
over restrictions vs. Second Amendment rights. 

In August, a female panda is born at the San 
Diego Zoo. Hua Mei, which can mean "China USA" 
or "Splendid Beauty," is the first panda born in 
the Western Hemisphere in nearly a decade. 



mv drW i;?I 

In the first such admission by a cigarette 
manufacturer, Philip Morris publicly 
concedes tobacco is addictive and can 
cause serious diseases. 

Hillary Clinton announces her candidacy 
for a U.S. Senate seat from New York. 
As law requires, Clinton establishes New 
York residency in suburban Chappaqua. 


A A bumper sticker invites drivers to call a 
~4p- toll-free number to report reckless driving. 
Officials hope the system will help parents stay 
informed about their teenagers' driving habits. 

In September, Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill dales 
and his wife Melinda announce the creation of the 
Gates Millennium Scholars Program. The Gateses 
will donate $1 billion over the next 20 years to 
finance scholarships for minority college students. 

A The Java Ring contains a computer chip providing 
-^p- electronic access into buildings for students. 

Eventually the ring could be used as a library card, 
digital wallet, electronic ID and authentication for 
students' online homework. 

A The body of a 23,000-year-old woolly mammoth is 
~^^~ discovered in October frozen in the Russian tundra. 
Study of the preserved fur, organs and soft tissue 
could unlock the mystery of why the species died out. 

Cyberonics. Inc 


Researchers announce in July the 
creation of a cancerous human cell by 
genetically altering a normal one. This 
significant breakthrough is an important 
step toward developing drugs that could 
potentially wipe out cancer. 

In December, IBM announces a $100 
million research initiative to build a 
supercomputer 500 times more 
powerful than current models. 

A In August, U.S. surgeons begin using computer- 
tp enhanced robotic technology for heart bypass 
surgery. Because the chest cavity is never 
this technique reduces pain and 
recovery time. 

On August 1 1 , the last total solar eclipse of 
the millennium crosses the globe. Thousands 
of people from Canada to India experience 
daytime darkness during which the moon 
completely covers the sun. 

Parents, with help from their doctor, select 
the gender of their baby using a technique 
called MicroSort, which separates X-bearing 
(female-determining) and Y-bearing 
(male-determining) sperm. The success 
rate is about 92 percent for females and 
69 percent for males. 

A new board game, 

Infection, hits stores in July."" 

Fun and educational, players race around the board 

catching diseases, described in detail, and trying to 

be cured. 

In October, Sea Launch Company, a multi-national 
consortium, launches the first commercial satellite 
into space from a floating platform in the Pacific 
Ocean. Boeing is a major partner in the venture, 
along with companies in Russia, Ukraine and Norway. 

In October, 
biologists isolate 
one of the 
enzymes that 
sets Alzheimer's 
disease in motion. 
This scientific 
discovery will 
lead to new 
treatments and, 
possibly, a cure. 
Over 4 million 
including former 
President Ronald 
Reagan, are living 
with the disease. 


Researchers report they have successfully 
altered the learning and memory behavior of 
mice by inserting a gene into their brains. 
This genetic-engineering breakthrough may be 
helpful in treating human learning disorders 
and Alzheimer's disease. 

In June, scientists announce the 
creation of two new elements. The 
nucleus of new, super-heavy element 
118 decays into element 116 within 
a millisecond. 

Scientists studying Albert Einstein's 
preserved brain report it has unique 
characteristics. The region governing 
mathematical ability and spatial 
reasoning is significantly larger 
than normal. 


To mark the 30th anniversary of the first moon 
landing, astronaut Neil Armstrong's lunar 
footprint is featured on a 1999 postage stamp 





The fashion accessory of 1999 goes by many 
names -power beads, mood beads and prayer 
beads. Many sellers claim the beads boost 
tranquility, energy, creativity and intelligence. 

Airlines begin installing elaborate in-flight 
entertainment systems that allow passengers 
to watch movies, play computer games, listen to 
music, read headlines or browse the Internet. 


Cosmetic companies increasingly use 
entertainment celebrities instead of models for 
their advertisements. Sarah Michelle Cellar, 
Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Lopez and Shania 
Twain are among the celebs who appear in ads. 

With the huge 
increase in cell 
phones, many 
cities enact laws 
restricting their 
use while driving. 
Restaurants and 
theaters are also 
requiring patrons 
to turn phones 
off as a courtesy 



cargo pants trend, 
messenger bags with 
pockets galore hang 
at the hips of teens 

A In August, a Levi Strauss & Co. megastore opens 
~^^~ in San Francisco. The store features a hot tub 
where shoppers can soak in their jeans for the 
perfect fit and a computer-scanning system to 
help customers get the right size. 


In December, Honda introduces Insight, 
a car that combines a conventional 
gasoline engine with a small electric 
motor, decreases ozone and carbon 
dioxide emissions and gets 80 mpg. 

Several companies offer "digital wallets" 
for teens who want to shop online 
but don't have credit cards. Parents 
deposit money into an online account; 
then teens can spend the money at 
designated Web sites. 

A Apple Computer introduces its new iBook laptop 
"€P^ in September. The super-slim, neon-colored 
units follow the highly successful launch of the 
lucent iMac desktop. 

A new line of scented candles called Aromapharmacy 
comes in amber glass containers and looks like 
prescription drug bottles with creative names such 
as Ritalert, Cramprin and Valiumello. 


i ^S 


Wireless Web access becomes a reality in 
September when Sprint PCS announces the 
first nationwide wireless data service. Shortly 
thereafter, several other providers debut similar 
service for hand-held Web phones. 

Magellan, a satellite navigation system for 
motorists, offers complete U.S. mapping data, 
voice and visual instructions in seven languages, 
turn-by-turn directions and a library of points 
of interest. 

A Gap TV 


for vests starts a trend across 

America that has teenagers wearin 

the fashionable sleeveless jackets. 

Several rappers start their own clothing lines 
making hip-hop wear big business. Popular 
artist labels include FUBU, Roc-A-Wear, Phat 
Farm, Wu Wear, Sean John and X-Large. 

Teenagers need an average of nine 
hours and 15 minutes of sleep a night, 
according to research at Brown 
University's Bradley Hospital. The study 
also shows a direct correlation between 
school grades and duration of sleep. 

An influx of dot-com companies 
advertise on television. Ads during the 
Super Bowl sell for an average of $2.2 
million per 30-second commercial. 

A growing number of U.S. school cafeterias offer 
pruneburgers, a healthy low-fat combination 
of hamburger and prune puree. Other prune 
items in the works include hot dogs, pizza sauce, 
barbecue sauce and gingerbread cookies. 


After 19 
Susan Lucci finally 
wins an Emmy 
Award for best 
actress in a 
daytime drama 
series for her role 
as Erica Kane on 
the ABC soap opera 
"All My Children." 


leaves "Party of Five" to star in 
n drama, "Time of Your Life." 
Hewitt's character trying 
■ •) ile searching for her 

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen return as the 
voices of Woody and Buzz Lightyear 
in the animated feature Toy Story 2. 
The sequel breaks box-office records 
during its Thanksgiving release and 
wins a Golden Globe award. 

In a botched stunt, WWF wrestler Owen 
Hart falls from the rafters at Kemper 
Arena and dies in front of 16,300 fans. 


In June, Mike Myers' sequel Austin Powers: The 
Spy Who Shagged Me proves to be a bigger hit 
than the 1997 original. Dr. Evil's alter ego Mini-Me 
is extremely popular even though he has no lines. 


In December, 
actor Jim Carrey 
portrays zany 
comedian Andy 
Kaufman in Man 
on the Moon. 
Carrey wins a 
Golden Globe 
award for his 

^_ American Beauty, starring Kevin Spacey, Annette 
f Bening and Thora Birch, captures the Golden 
Globe Best Drama Award. The dark satire of 
suburbia and family dysfunction receives a total 
of six Golden Globe nominations. 

The new arcade game Guitar Freaks features 
two guitar controllers and a screen to help 
players follow along to popular songs. 

Set in 1980, the critically acclaimed NBC 
show "Freaks and Geeks" follows two groups 
of teens trying to make their way through 
high school. 

The long-awaited prequel Star Wars: Episode I The 
' Phantom Menace hits theaters in May 1999, taking 
in a record-breaking $28.5 million on its opening 
day and going on to gross more than $420 million. 


Medusa, the 
world's first 
floorless roller 
coaster, opens 
in August at Six 
Flags Great 
Adventure in 
New Jersey. 
The 4,000-foot, 
ride has enough 
drops, loops, 
rolls and 
to thrill 
every rider. 

A In September, the New Roc City entertainment 
"^^" center opens in New York. The complex includes 
an amusement park ride on the roof, two skating 
rinks, 19 movie screens, restaurants, an arcade, a 
health club, a supermarket and a hotel. 

Michael J. Fox announces in January 
2000 he will leave the popular ABC 
sitcom "Spin City" at the end of the 
season to promote awareness of 
Parkinson's disease in hopes of 
finding a cure. 

After 10 seasons, Fox cancels the 
hit show "Beverly Hills, 90210." The 
show followed characters through 
high school, college and careers. 


The Talented Mr. Ripley, starring Matt Damon, 
Gwyneth Paltrow, .hide Law and Cate Blanchett, 
opens in December and earns popular and 
critical praise. 

U.S. sales of music by Latin artists shoot up 
48 percent in the first quarter of 1999 thanks 
to artists such as Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, 
Enrique Iglesias and Marc Anthony. 

Superstar Mariah Carey releases Rainbow in 
November and begins a world tour in February 

Carey is named Billboard Music Awards Artist 
of the Decade and is awarded the distinguished 
American Music Award of Achievement. 

Britney Spears' 
album ...Baby 
One More Time is 
the second-best- 
selling album 
of 1999, earning 
Spears the 
Billboard Music 
Awards Female 
and New Artist of 
the Year Awards. 

Saturday Night Live: The 
Musical Performances 
Volumes I and 2 are 
released in September. 
The CDs feature 30 of the 
600 musical acts that have 
appeared on SNL over the 
past 25 years. 

Limp Bizkit leads the way in the resurgence of 
rock music, along with Kid Rock and Korn. In 
September, MTV showcases the trend by airing 
"1999: Return of the Rock," which examines the 
history and future of rock music. 


Sheryl Crow, Eric Clapton and the 
Dixie Chicks are a few musicians 
who rock Central Park in a first-ever 
trimulcast concert seen and heard 
on the radio, television and Internet. 

More than 1 million viewers tune 
in each weekday to vote on their 
favorite videos on MTV's "Total 
Request Live" with host Carson Daly 
and popular musical guests. 

feature big music stars on 
Sheryl Crow contributes her 
now Never Dies soundtrack, 
teeb Turbo Racing and 
to NBA Live 2000. 

Backstreet Boys' Millennium wins the Billboard 
Music Awards Album of the Year and becomes 
the best-selling album of the year with over 10 
million copies sold. 

concert dedicated to relieve hunger 
and poverty, airs live in October on MTV, VH1, 
the BBC, as well as radio stations in 120 
nations, making it the widest-heard musical 
performance in history. 

In a strange twist, Garth Brooks releases the album 
The Life of Chris Gaines in which he pretends to 
be a fictional rock star. Gaines will be the main 
character in a movie called The Lamb, currently 
in development. 

Shania Twain becomes 
the first woman since 
1986 to win the Country 
Music Association's 
Entertainer of the Year 
Award at the 33rd annual 
awards show. 

MP3, technology 

that compresses sound into a very small 
file, becomes a popular alternative to 
the CD. MP3 files are downloaded from 
the Internet onto computers or portable 
player units, making it possible to take 
a personal music selection anywhere. 

AP/Wide World Photos 


VHl's "Concert of the Century" spotlights the 
importance of music education in schools. The 
all-star show includes Lenny Kravitz, Sheryl Crow, Eric 
Clapton and B.B. King, as well as high-profile actors. 


After a successful New Year's Eve 
reunion performance, the Judds 
begin their first tour in almost 10 
years in February 2000. Since 
they disbanded in 1991, Naomi has 
recovered from Hepatitis C. 

Best New Artist Grammy nominee 
Christina Aguilera gives an exciting 
performance during the Super Bowl 
XXXIV halftime show. 

Fiona Apple releases her long-awaited second 
album to rave reviews in November and begins 
a tour in February 2000. The album features a 
90-word title, which is commonly shortened to 
When the Pawn. 


Ricky Martin takes the music industry by storm 
after his show-stopping performance at the 1999 
Grammy Awards show. Martin's first chart-topping 
single. "Livin' la Vida Loca," helps him win the 
Billboard Music Award for Male Artist of the War 

Lance Armstrong wins the 1999 Tour de France 
in July. Armstrong, who survived a three-year 
battle with testicular cancer, becomes the 
second American to win the event. 

The Dallas Stars beat the Buffalo Sabres 2-1 
in triple overtime to win the 1999 Stanley Cup 
championship, four games to two. 

David Cone of the New York Yankees pitches 
a perfect game against the Montreal Expos in 
July. Cone's feat is the 14th perfect game in 
modern baseball history. 

A . Golf 
T champion 

Payne Stewart is 

killed in a bizarre 

airplane accident 

in October. After 

the airplane's 

takeoff from 

Florida, an 

apparent loss of 

cabin pressure 


everyone aboard. 

The aircraft flies 

on autopilot for 

four hours until it 

runs out of fuel 

and crashes in 

South Dakota. 

Rush Jarretl/Allsporl 

Houston Comets earn their third straight 
'•\ championship in September, beating 
York Liberty 59-47 to win in three 

In September, 
tennis phenom 
Serena Williams, 
17, overpowers 
Martina Hingis 
to win the 1999 
U.S. Open title. 

The St. Louis Rams stop the Tennessee Titans 
at the 1-yard line on a final play to save their 
23-16 Super Bowl XXXIV victory. 


Both Detroit Lions running back 
Barry Sanders and German tennis 
star Steffi Graf announce their 
retirement in 1999. 

On February 7, 2000, Tiger Woods 
wins his sixth consecutive PGA Tour 
event, tying Ben Hogan's 1948 
winning record. 

Dale Jarrett wins the 1999 NASCAR Winston Cup 
championship after a four-victory season. 

In the January 
2000 Sugar Bowl, 
No. 1 Florida 
State beats No. 2 
Virginia Tech 
46-29 to capture 
the National 

_^_ Andre Agassi wins the French Open in June 
^^ and becomes the fifth man ever to complete a 

career Grand Slam. Agassi goes on to win the 

U.S. Open in September. 

In July, the U.S. women's soccer team wins the 
1999 World Cup by beating China 5-4 in penalty 
kicks following a 0-0 tie. More than 90,000 fans 
attend at the Rose Bowl and another 40 million 
watch on television. 

_^^_ Travis Pastrana, 15, wins the gold medal in the X 
y^ Games' inaugural Moto X freestyle motocross event. 
The fifth year of this ESPN-sponsored competition 
is held in San Francisco in June and July. 

A The U.S. team beats the European team to win 
~^)- golf's Ryder Cup at Brookline, Massachusetts, in 
September. The American's stirring comeback 
is marred by unruly galleries and a premature 
victory celebration. 

^^ In June, 
"^F the San 
Antonio Spurs win 
their first NBA 
championship by 
defeating the New 
York Knicks four 
games to one. 

The New York Yankees win the 1999 World 
Series in a four-game sweep against the 
Atlanta Braves. 


WW* Wurld F'hnln 

In July, many major league baseball 
umpires announce their resignation as 
a labor protest. The strategy backfires 
when owners accept the resignations 
and in September, 22 umpires lose 
their jobs. 

In January 2000, Michael Jordan returns 
to pro basketball as part owner and 
President for Basketball Operations of 
the NBA's Washington Wizards. 


Twenty-year professional hockey veteran Wayne 
Gretzky announces his retirement in April 1999 
after setting or tying 61 records. Two months 
later. "The Great One" is inducted into the 
Hockey Hall of Fame. 


he collapse of the world's banks, utilities 
i wtation systems, thousands of people 
water, money, ammunition and 
it soon becomes 
rations were unnecessary. 

The public and private sectors spend 
hundreds of millions of dollars to ward 
off the Y2K bug. The world lets out a 
sigh of relief after midnight strikes and 
no major computer malfunctions occur. 

The FBI warns of possible terrorist acts 
on New Year's Eve and stays on national 
alert throughout the celebration. After 
the arrest of one man with bomb-making 

erials, Seattle decides to cancel its 

ce Needle celebration. 

A surprising number of people, appalled by the 
■ exorbitant costs of travel and events, decide to stay 
home on New Year's Eve. Many companies and 
performers drastically slash prices as a last-minute lure. 


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